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A 100-Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator provides enough storage space for a sizeable wine collection and you’ll have a a nice selection of wines cooled to the desired serving temperature on hand all the time.

If you have a tendency to buy your favorite wines or try new ones at every occasion you may quickly grow out a smaller wine cooler.

Recommended, Best-Value Models

That’s way it’s important to think through your wine buying habit and consumption pattern before purchasing a home wine storage unit.

There are some reasonably-priced good-value 100-bottle wine refrigerators made by reliable manufacturers that suit your wine storage needs and nicely complement your home decor.
100-bottle or larger wine coolers are compressor run units to ensure stable cooling temperature for that many bottles of wine.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler, 116 Bottle (Kitchen)

  • 116 Bottle Capacity: The robust 116 bottle storage is perfect for red and white wines.
  • Cooling System: The premier dual zone compressor cooler allows you to set separate temperature controls for the upper zone, which can be adjusted between 40F and 50F, and a lower zone, which can be adjusted between 50F to 66F.
  • Digital Display: Quickly monitor and set temperatures with ease using the push button controls just inside the door.
  • Interior LED Lighting: Premium gold LED lighting and dimming options are provided to allow you to better control how your collection is displayed.Amps: 1.8 amps
  • Fully-Adjustable Wood Shelves: The 11 three-rail sliding beach wood shelves offer a smooth glide and greater extension than similar units, allowing for easier bottle loading when needed and convenient accessibility.

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Popular 100-Bottle Wine Cellars

100-120 Bottle Models by Allavino

Allavino makes some quality 100-120 bottle wine cellars at a very friendly price. Besides the 107-bottle unit listed above (you can read a detailed review on the Allavino 107-Bottle wine refrigerator here) you can choose from the following units:

  • 99-bottle single zone, freestanding (Allavino Vite),YWR-27DZ-BRT (with black-framed glass door), YHWR99-2SRT (with stainless steel trim glass door), the YHWR99-2SRC (stainless steel door trim, SS curved handle) and the YWR-27DZ-BRC (black door trim with black curved handle) cc. $1100
  • 102-Bottle with Two Zones 2X-MWR-541, built-in/freestanding – has two doors, it is basically two 96-bottle models put together, cc. $1500 – $ 600.
  • 112-Bottle (2X-VSWR56 FlexCount series) Double Door, Dual-Zone/Three-Zone and Multi-Zone models, balck cabinet with stainless steel framed lockable, glass door, has 12 innovative gliding metal shelves that are thin but strong to hold maximum number of bottles without sagging, can be built-in or used as freestanding, temperature range: 41-64°F. Price:  cc. $1700 –  $1800.
  • 107-115-Bottle (Allavino Vite, YHWR115 models) – single zone, freestanding only models: black cabinet with either stainless steel or black trimmed door, operating temp.: 41-73°F. Price: $1050 – $1100.
  • 121-Bottle Dual-Zone (VSWR121, FlexCount series) – built-in capability, 11 roll-out metal shelves accommodate 11 bottles, Price: cc. $1750
  • 128-Bottle models (VSWR128, FlexCount series), two-zones, built-in/freestanding, 8 rolling metal shelves hold 10 bottles and the additional 2 shelves hold 20-20 bottles. Price: cc. $1750

Highlights of Allavino 100-128 Bottle Wine Cellars

  • Pleasant looking cabinets featuring black cabinet with either stainless steel or black framed, thermopane, tinted door. Door can be locked in all models.
  • Adjustable legs help you level the cabinet when you install it in your home.
  • Roll-out, natural hardwood or space-saving metal shelves in the FlexCount model, can be removed and rearranged to find the most suitable configuration for your storage needs.
  • Simple-to-use electronic controls and display screen. Temperature can be set from 41°F to 60/64°F in most models. In dual-zone units you can adjust temp. in the top zone from 41°F to 50°F, and from 50°F to 64°F in the bottom part.
  • Low-intensity blue LED lights can be turned on or off to your liking.
  • The manufacturer provides 5 year parts-only warranty on the compressor and, 1 year on other parts and labor.
  • Except for the 99-bottle and the 115-bottle models, all units can be placed as built-in or freestanding.

All in all Allavino makes good quality wine cellars with some great features (lockable door, charcoal air filter) and at reasonable price.

TIP: They have more capacious models with 170-340 bottle count if you are really into collecting wine.

KingsBottle 100-120-Bottle Wine Coolers

KingsBottle wine storage cabinets are very similar to Allavino models in both look and technical details. They are also available in similar price range (or slightly higher), around $1100 – $1700.

  • Currently they have a 100-Bottle single zone model (KBU-100S) and a 120-Bottle Two-Zone model (KBU-120-SS and KBU-120-BP).
  • Both size units have black cabinet with high-insulation, tempered, UV-filtering glass door (either with black or silver decor frame), with lock (2 keys).
  • Elegant, push button thermostat controls (reliable Italian-made LAE controllers are used) and white digital display.
  • Sturdy, sliding hardwood shelves (8 full size and 2 half size display racks in the 100-bottle model, and 11 roll-out shelves in the 120-bottle unit).
  • Front ventilation allows built-in or freestanding placement.
  • Low-noise (less than 52 dBa) and low electricity consumption (0.97 kWh/24 hrs) are two other advantages of KingsBottle Cellars.

A High-End Option

Marvel 108-Bottle Wine Cellar, 66SWC, 2 Temperature Zones

This is a high-end 100-bottle two-zone wine cooler refrigerator made by Marvel, a leader in manufacturing top-quality wine storage units.

Packed with top-of-the-line features (Sentry System, Vibration Elimination System) and highly elegant look the Marvel 66SWCE is for wine lovers who are ready to pay more for a luxurious, well-made home wine cellar that not only provides the required storage conditions for wines but is a fine looking appliance that can be a centerpiece of any kitchen or home bar.

Price of the Marvel Chateau Collection 108-bottle Wine Cooler: cc. $3600 – $4800.

Similar Wine Storage Products: See other models from the Marvel Chateau Collection Wine Cellars. High-End Home Wine Cellars – elegant, expensive wine bottle coolers.

N’FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Cabinet by Wine Enthusiast

The N’FINITY line of wine storage cabinets by Wine Enthusiast include some models with 100 or more bottles storage capacity:

All models have compressor cooling with two temperature zones and glide-out hardwood shelving.

WineKoolR Imperial SlimLine Wine Cabinets 120 Bottle – The Cheapest Choice

Note: Although Vintage Keeper went out of buiseness, their models are still available at some retailers. Rosehillwinecellars has most models with fixed shipping rate to continental US.

If you look for an inexpensive 100-bottle wine refrigerator then the Vintage Keeper VP-110 110 bottle wine cooler is a good choice.

Vintage Keeper wine storage units are cheap wood panel cabinets with simulated wood grain finish and full-length UV-filtering thermopane glass door. The door comes with a lock & key set. This wine refrigerator has 1 temperature zone and cannot be built-in.

Temperature can be set from 50°F to 72°F with a programmable microprocessor-controlled thermostat. The snap-in metal shelving is space-economical. There’s a light mounted on the top part of the cabinet interior. The VP-110 model is available in 3 color finishes: black, maple, and burgundy


  • Height: 71″
  • Width: 24 1/2″
  • Depth: 18″

This is a freestanding cabinet and requires at least 4-5 inches space around the sides and at the back for proper air circulation.

Price of the WineKoolR 120-Bottle Wine Cabinet: cc. US$700.

Consumer Complaints: unfortunately many wine lovers who bought a Vintage Keeper wine cooler haven’t been satisfied with their choice. These underpriced wine storage units won’t last long since cheap materials are used (someone has complained that the bolts that hold the doors start to get loose, and the door lock dislodges easily too.).

The biggest problem is however that several users reported that the cooling unit of the cabinet tends to fail. One user had to replace the cooler part 3 times.

TIP: Read more about the Vintage Keeper VP110 wine cellar and other Vintage Keeper models. Read a detailed review of the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP-500 wine cabinet.

Danby DWC110BLSRH 110-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, Dual-Zone

Danby 110-bottle wine cooler

This attractive wine fridge in the Silhouette Line stores up to 110 standard size wine bottles in its two independently controlled temperature zones. The Danby DWC110BLSRH uses traditional compressor cooling with auto defrost feature.

The black cabinet has all black interior and dual pane, tinted glass door with brushed chrome frame and a towel bar handle. The door has a security lock with key.

The 9 cherry wood shelves glide on roller assembly to allow convenient access to wines. The shelves have stainless steel fronts.

A series of blue LED lights illuminate the interior and the wines nicely.

The control panel is built-in between the two zones. With the control buttons (“Set Upper” for the upper zone, “Set Lower” for the lower zone) you can set the temperature individually for the two compartments in the range of 39°F – 64°F (4°C – 18°C).

The panel also includes the On/Off and Interior light switches. There’s also an indicator light that turns on when the fridge runs a cooling cycle.

The blue digital readout displays the current for each zone. You can view the set temperature by pressing the Set Upper or the Set Lower buttons for a short time. The set temp. will flash for a few seconds before the display screen gets back to showing the current temperature.

You can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius display by pressing the ‘Set Upper’ and ‘Set Lower’ control buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds.


  • Height: 54 10/16″
  • Width: 23 7/16″
  • Depth: 28 7/16″

Weight: 247 lbs.

Price: cc. $1300 – $1600 ($11.8 – $14.5 per bottle). See more Danby Wine Refrigerators.

Avanti 100-Bottle Wine Cellar, Model WC2001

The Avanti WC2001 Wine Cellar is an affordable unit (price. cc. $900) with approximately 100 bottles storage capacity.

It has compressor cooling and easy-to-use digital controls to set and monitor the interior cabinet temperature. The door can be locked.

The manufacturer no longer makes this model but some wine accessory shops still may have a few units available.

Summit 120-Bottle Wine Cooler, Two Zones

The design and features of the Summit SWC1735C wine cellar are similar to that of Vestforst VKG 581’s described above, because the Summit SWC1735C wine cooler is also manufactured for Summit by Vestfrost in Denmark.

The black cabinet has dark brown interior which provides a nice background to the wine bottles. The low-intensity, fluorescent interior light pleasantly showcases the wines.

The Summit SWC1735C is a dual zone wine cellar with two separate compartments each with its own door. It’s UL approved so it’s suitable for commercial use in wine restaurants or bars.

The two zones have their own dual pane, tempered transparent glass doors. The door is slightly tinted to filter out UV rays. The door is reversible.

5 adjustable wood shelves are standard but you can upgrade it to 7 shelves. The shelves are removable.

Although the cooler is compressor-operated it doesn’t contain CFC-s (organic chemicals known partly responsible for the weakening of the protective ozone layer in the upper layers of the atmosphere).

Temperature can be adjusted with a manual control in the range of 4361 °F. The major weakness of this model is that it doesn’t have temperature display. Similarly to the Vestfrost VKG-581 the Summit SWC1735 model also contains vibration dampeners.

There’s also activated carbon filter to provide clean air for the cabinet interior.


  • Height: 72 3/4″
  • Width: 23 5/8″
  • Depth: 24 7/8″

Price of the Summit 120-bottle Two-Zone Wine Cellar: cc. $1700 – $2000 ($14.2 – $16.7 per bottle).

TIP: if you need a wine cellar that holds slightly more than 100 bottles of wine then check out the Sub-Zero WS-30 147-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.

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