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Compare three popular low-cost 150-160-bottle wine refrigerators to find an affordable 150+ wine cabinet.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthQuick Links: EdgeStar 166 Bottle (Single Zone)

Compare Popular Models

All three wine coolers compared below cost less than $2000 and provide ample storage space and ideal conditions for 150 or more bottles of wine. Each model has compressor cooling.

Great for a wine collector but wine restaurants or bars can also use one of these large capacity wine storages for
storing their wine supply.

Avanti 149-Bottle Wine Cooler (WCR683DZD)

Bottle Count (max. bottle capacity is for standard 750 ml Bordeaux style bottles): 149-bottle

  • Upper Zone: 74 bottles,
  • Lower Zone: 75 bottles

Number of Zones: 2

Design & Key Features:

  • black cabinet, stainless steel trimmed double-paned tinted glass door with stainless steel towel bar handle
  • lock & key, reversible door, interior light (can be turned on independently in each zone, turns on automatically after 10 minutes)

Temperature Range: Upper Zone: 40-55°F, Lower Zone: 55 – 65°F

Temperature Controls/Display: central digital control panel with digital display (integrated into the top door frame), each zone’s temperature can be individually set (factory setting is 50°F for the upper zone, and 60°F for the lower zone).

Shelving: 15 roll-out natural wood shelves:

  • 6 roll-out shelves for standard bottles,
  • 7 roll-out shelves for Burgundy bottles
  • 1 small roll-out shelf (standard bottles)
  • 1 small stationary shelf (standard bottles)

Placement:(Freestanding/Built-In): freestanding only


  • H: 71″, W: 23 ½”, D: 25 ¼”,
  • Weight: 229 lbs.

Price range:

  • cc. 1400 – 1595 USD
  • Price per Bottle: 9.33 – 10.63 USD:

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 year on compressor

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthPros:

(based on user reviews):

  • large storage capacity for both reds and whites (half-half of the total bottle count)
  • attractive unit with wood shelves
  • fairly silent


(based on user reviews):

  • several complaints on compressor and fan failures,
  • narrow spacing between shelves
  • not a durable unit,
  • bad customer service

EdgeStar 166-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Bottle Count (max. bottle capacity is for standard 750 ml Bordeaux style bottles):  166 bottles

Number of Zones: 1

Design & Key Features:

  • black cabinet, dual pane darkened (black dots) glass door with stainless steel frame and sturdy, curved handle
  • lock & key, reversible door (option of right of left swing), low-intensity blue interior light
  • air filter to keep air inside the cabinet dust and odor-free (needs to be replaced every 3-6 months)

Temperature Range: 40°F – 65°F

Temperature Controls/Display:

  • Touch button digital controls: Up and Down arrows to lower or increase temperature, 
  • Blue LED display: shows both Set Temp. and Current Temp. (option of Fahrenheit or Celsius scale:
  • Press the Up and Down arrows at the same time for around 5 secs to switch between scales)

Shelving: slide-out metal racking with natural wood front

Placement: (Freestanding/Built-In): ventilates in the front so can be built in cabinetry or used as standalone.


  • H: 69 1/2 “, W: 23 7/16 “, D: 26 3/4”,
  • Weight: 231 lbs.

Price range:

  • cc. 1 300 – 1 900 USD.
  • Price per Bottle: 7.8 – 11.44 USD:

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthPros:

  • moderately priced
  • attractive, looks good in any modern apartment
  • stable temperatures (+/- 1-2 degrees)


  • a bit noisy
  • dents, damages caused by delivery

KingsBottle 170-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Bottle Count (max. bottle capacity is for standard 750 ml Bordeaux style bottles):  170 bottles.

Number of Zones: 2

Design & Key Features:

  • all black cabinet, silver (model No.: KBU-170D-SS) or  black trimmed (model No.: KBU-170D-BP)tinted thermopane glass door,
  • security lock (at the bottom door frame), reversible door (option of right of left swing), blue LED interior light
  • two zones for storing reds and whites

Temperature Range:

  • Top Zone. 41°F – 61°F,
  • Bottom Zone: 45°F – 64°F (Temperature in the lower zone should be set  at least  4 degrees higher than in the upper zone.)

Temperature Controls/Display:

  • digital thermostat with push buttons,
  • control board with the blue LED display is integrated across the middle of the cabinet interior between the two zones.
  • The lower zone should be set  min. 4 degrees higher than upper zone.
  • Preset temperatures for red (52°F – 64°F), white (41°F – 51°F) and sparkling wines (41°F – 43°F).
  • Interior temperature may fluctuate depending on ambient temp., and bottle arrangement, whether the interior light is On or Off)

Shelving: sturdy, unstained hardwood shelves that can be pulled out, strong steel ball bearing assembly.

Power consumption: 110 Kwh/24 hrs

Noise level: less than 52 dBa

Placement: (Freestanding/Built-In): ventilation is in the front, requires minimal clearance for built-in installation (at lest 1/2″ at all sides and back), can be used and looks good as a standalone.


  • H:  “, W: 27  “, D: 71.7”,
  • Weight:  286.6 lbs.(130 kg)

Price range:

  • cc. 1 700 – 2 000 USD.
  • Price per Bottle: 10 – 11.8 USD.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor 8can be upgraded to 3 years for $119 or 5 years for $149)

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthPros:

  • reasonably priced
  • sleek, contemporary look


  • cannot hold 170 bottle but close
  • loud when compressor is running
  • shelves are spaced tightly


All 3 units have problems with shelving: common complaint is that bigger, wider bottles are hard to fit in (an option is to remove some of the shelves to make room for non-standard, bigger bottles but it reduces overall capacity).

Quick Tips:

Let the wine fridge stand upright for 24 hours before plugging it in to let compressor oil settle. It has to be connected to a standard, properly grounded power supply (110 V/60Hz).

  • Find a level spot with sturdy flooring – the fridge weighs quite much stocked full with bottles of wine. You can level the unit with the adjustable front legs.
  • The cooler should be placed in a room where temperature does not go below 50°F and above 95°F. Below or above these ambient temps. the compreesor will struggle to keep the set temperature inside the cabinet or stops cooling entirely. protect it from direct sunlight, do not put the unit next to an oven, fireplace or other heat source.
  • Leave some space around the sides (1/5″), at the top (1/5″) and at the back (2/5″)for sufficient air circulation.
  • Set the desired temperature then wait a day before loading the bottles.

Conclusion – Which is the Best 150-160 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Under 2 000 USD?

Shelving needs to be improved (a bit flimsy, larger bottles won’t fit) but overall it is a great budget 150+ wine cooler.

It is not EuroCave or Vinotheque quality but not everyone can afford the money EuroCave wine cellars and other high-end wine cabinets cost (similar Eurocave units cost double than the three models reviewed above).

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