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16-bottle wine coolers offer wine lovers compact and inexpensive wine storage for home use.

With a 16-bottle wine cooler you’ll always have a nice selection of your favorite wines on hand, chilled to the desired serving temperature. Read the following reviews of the most popular 16-bottle wine cooler refrigerators to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Most of these 16-bottle wine bottle coolers are for freestanding use only but they fit nicely on a kitchen counter or table top.

These appliances are easy to install and do not need much maintenance apart from occasional cleaning.

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Whynter 17 Bottle Wine Fridge

Model: BWR-171DS

The Whynter BWR-171 DS is a slim, dual zone wine chiller that you can build in or place as freestanding.

front view of the Whynter 17 bottle wine fridge. The closed glass door features a thick SS frame and a long metal handle. Has a ventilation grille at the front bottom.
Whynter BWR-171DS


  • Compressor cooling with 2 temp. zones.
  • Stores 17 bottles: 6 in the top, 11 in the lower part.
  • Elegant all-black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed, smoked glass-door. Doesn’t have a lock. Has an alarm that let’s you know if the doot has been left open.
  • Sturdy, slightly arched stainless steel door handle.
  • Door opening is reversible.
  • 5 sliding shelves that boast sleek stainless steel fronts
  • Each shelf accommodates 3 bottles (standard style, 750 ml) and you can place 2 bottles atthe bottom.
  • Subtle, white LED interior light taht has a SHOWCASE mode.

Temperature Control

The wine cooler has two zones for storing various types of wines at their respective temperatures. You can set the temperature individually for the two sections.

  • Upper zone (whites, sparkling wines) – holds 6 standard size bottles (750 ml): 41ºF – 50ºF / 5ºC – 10ºC
  • Lower Zone (reds) – holds 11 standard size bottles (750 ml) : 50ºF – 72ºF //10ºC – 22ºC
  • Temp. display: you can increase and decrease the temperatuer by pressing the +/- buttons. Left side buttons and display are for the UPPER Zone, right side buttons and display are for the LOWER Zone.
  • By pressing the light switch icon you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back.

To view the set temperature at any time, press the UP or DOWN key, the set temperature will temporarily flashin the display for 5 seconds.

Then the display shows the current internal temperature again.


  • Height: 34.5″
  • Width: 12″
  • Depth: 23″ (24.75″ with handle).

Weight: 67 lbs.

Power Usage:

  • 100 Watts

Noise Level:

  • The Whynter 17-bottle wine cooler makes less than 42 dBA. It’s a fairly low-noise appliance.

Nutrichef 15-Bottle Wine Fridge

The Nutrichef PKCWC150 wine chiller can hold and chill up to 15 bottles of wine. It’s moderately priced, basic-looking fridge with compressor cooling.

front view of the Nutrichef 15-bottle wine cooler, slightly angled to the right. The fridge is packed full with wines, that can be seen through the tinted glass door.


  • Temperature range: 41 – 64 °F – can be set by pressing the Up/Down touch buttons located in the top door frame
  • Matte black cabinet with tinted, dual pane glass door that has a recessed handle
  • Automatic door lock – the fridge locks automatically 20 seconds after the a button was pressed
  • 4 removable contoured metal racks + 1 slanted metal rack at the bottom that allows you to store opened bottles in upright position.


  • Width: 13.6″
  • Height: 27.2″
  • Depth: 17.7″

Price: cc. 250 – 300 USD (16,7 – 20 USD per bottle).

Avanti EWC1601B 16-Bottle Wine Cooler


Avanti EWC16B 16-bottle wine cooler

The Avanti EWC1601B wine cooler is a nice small wine refrigerator that’ll take up little space in your home, yet provides proper wine storage conditions for up to 16 bottles of wine.

This model is thermoelectric, meaning that it generates cool air using a state-of-the-art technology instead of traditional compressor cooling.

Thermoelectric cooling is applied in small to mid-sized refrigerators and it has the benefits of silent, vibration-free, and eco-friendly (no CFC or HCFC coolants) operation which is very beneficial when storing wines.

The Avanti EWC16B is a cheap, no-frills wine refrigerator with black cabinet and black-framed glass door.

The door is reversible and tempered for good thermal insulation. It has recessed handle to save space.

With the manual thermostat (a knob mounted in the top right-hand corner inside the cabinet) you can adjust the cooling temperature in the range of 51 – 62 °F.

The knob has three settings: MIN, MED, MAX, and an OFF position.

When you adjust the temperature for the first time set it to MAX, after 2 hours you can set it to MED which is at 55 °F.

The OFF setting stops the cooling cycle but doesn’t shut off the power to the wine cooler.

The 3 slide-out chrome-plated metal shelves are scalloped to better accommodate wine bottles (3 bottles/shelf).

You can also place 4 bottles at the bottom of the cabinet.

Thermoelectric wine coolers aren’t designed to operate in extreme cold or hot conditions.

To ensure that your Avanti 16-bottle thermoelectric cooler operates efficiently and keeps your wine properly chilled place the appliance in a room where ambient temp. is between 72 – 78 °F.

The wine cabinet has interior light that you can turn On/Off by pressing the light switch next to the temperature control knob in the upper right-hand corner of the cabinet. The wine cooler has leveling legs for proper placement.


  • Height: 20 1/4″
  • Width: 17″
  • Depth: 19″

Weight: 32 lbs.

Price of the Avanti 16-bottle Wine Cooler: cc. 100 – 130 USD (6.25 – 8.13 USD per bottle), this is one of the cheapest wine cabinets with 16 bottles capacity.


1 year parts and labor.

Weight: 33 lbs.

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User Reviews on the Avanti EWC1601B

Some users of this model have found the unit noisy due to the fan in the back of the cabinet.

TIP: Make sure you leave some space at the rear of the unit for proper venting.

Whynter SNO WC-16S 16-bottle Wine Cooler

The Whynter 16-bottle wine cooler is another nice, compact home wine cabinet. Similarly to the Avanti 16-bottle model the Whynter SNO WC-16S wine refrigerator is a thermoelectric appliance.

It offers a couple of advantages over the Avanti model:

  • Whynter 16-bottle thermoelectric wine coolerThe door can be locked (2 keys are included) so you can keep your children from accessing your wines,
  • Nice digital temperature read-out and push button controls integrated in the top frame of the cabinet. By presisng the Up/Down buttons you can adjust the temperature between 52 – 64 °F. The digital control ensures more precise temperature control than a mechanic one.
  • It looks more attractive with the shiny platinum-like finish and silver-trimmed glass door.
  • Th door has a tower bar handl for easy grip and opening.
  • The 3 wavy, chrome-plated wire racks can be pulled out or completely removed.
  • There’s interior LED lighting with On and Off switch.


  • Height: 19″
  • Width: 17.1″ (with handle: add 0.25 inch)
  • Depth: 19″ (+.1.6″ with handle)

Weight: 34 lbs.


Freestanding only. Please leave 6″ clearance at the back and on the sides for adequate ventilation.

Price of the Whynter 16-bottle wine cooler: cc. 200 – 300 USD (12.5 – 18.75 USD per bottle).

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Vinotemp 16-bottle Wine Cooler

The Vinotemp VT-16TEDS freestanding wine cooler has black cabinet with stainless steel-trimmed dual-pane glass door.

This model has almost the same features as the Whynter SNO 16-bottle refrigerator reviewed above:

Vinotemp 16-bottleWine Cooler, Model VT-16TEDS
  • Digital temperature control and LED display for adjusting and monitoring the interior temperature.
  • The temperature range of the cooler is 54 – 66 deg. Fahrenheit.
  • 3 scalloped pull-out wire racks, each holding 3 bottles of wine.
  • Sturdy towel bar door handle.

Besides being more friendly to the environment due to lack of hazardous coolants, another benefit of a thermoelectric wine cooler is its fairly low energy consumption, if operated according to the manual.


  • Height: 20.13″
  • Width: 17.13″
  • Depth: 20.75″

Weight: 40 lbs.

Price of the Vinotemp 16-bottle wine cooler: cc. $200 – $290 ($12.5 – $18.13 per bottle).

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