Allavino 107-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, CWR270-1BS & CWR271-1BB

Last updated on August 14th, 2021 at 04:10 pm

Single-Zone with Lockable Door, and Air-Filter

Allavino offers a wide choice in home wine storage units starting from 6-8-bottle compact models up to large wine cabinets with 200+ bottle count.

The Allavino 107-bottle wine refrigerator is one of the most affordable models in the 80-100-bottle category models. The cabinet with high-end look provides stable, cool temperaure for the stored bottles in one temperature zone with efficient compressor cooling .

It ventilates at the back so it is only for freestanding placement in a bar area or entertainment room. Comes in two decors with the same technical specifications (model numbers: CWR270-1BS: black cabinet with silver trimmed door, CWR271-1BB: all-black).


  • lockable door
  • looks great
  • solid, roll-out wood racks
  • not too loud
  • costs less than most similar wine cellars]

Detailed Review of the Allavino 107 Bottle Wine Cellars

Look and Style:

The Allavino 107-Bottle refrigerator offers two models with the slight difference in look that Model CWR271-1BB has an all-black decor: the door frame is also black while the other model features silver color trim.


You can store your bottles on eight easy to pull-out unstained wooden shelves, 12 on each, and you can arrange additional 11 bottles on the cabinet floor.

The shelves glide smoothly on the roller assembly and can be pulled all the way out.

You can rearrange shelving to your liking ( to fit in wider bottles) since there are slots for the racks at every 1/2″.

Setting the Temperature:

Cabinet temperature can be set in quite a wide range (one of the widest in the industry according to the manufacturer): from 41°F to 64°F so you can chill whites as well as set the temp. to around 55-56°F to keep reds nicely cool.

The control panel with press buttons is built in the top door frame, it doesn’t look so sophisticated as in other models. Set the desired temp. by pressing the +/- buttons.

The small screen displays the interior temperature. According to owners, the Allavino 107-bottle wine cooler holds set temp. quite well, with a couple of degrees (3 – 4°F) fluctuation from top to bottom.

Air Cleaner – Activated Carbon Filter

All CWR models come with carbon air filter (integrated in the top part of the cabinet interior) to keep the inside air squeaky clean, dust and odor-free. The manufacturer recommends that you change the activated carbon filter every 3-6 months. Price of the carbon filter: cc. $26 – $32.


Both models are for freestanding placement, they cannot be integrated in existing furnishing.

TIP: Leave at least 4-5″ space around the cabinet and the at the top to allow air circulation and proper cooling inside the unit.

Installation tips: before placing the wine cooler and connecting it to a proper power outlet (115V/60Hz, grounded) let it stand upright for approx. 2 hours.

Wipe the inside of the unit using a wet, soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Place the wine fridge on a firm, level floor, in a room where the temperature is between 55 – 80°F.

Features Overview

Models CWR270-1BS & CWR271-1BB)

  • Capacity: 107 bottles (in reality you can fit in 85-90 bottles)
  • Design:
    • Cabinet: polished black with black interior in both models
    • Door: dark tinted, dual pane glass door filled with insulating gas (Argon), direction of door opening cannot be changed, door can be locked in both models
    • model: CWR270-1BS: stainless steel framed with metal bar handle, CWR271-1BB: black framed with black metal bar handle,
    • white LED lamp lighting illuminate the bottle collection
  • Cooling method: silent (less than 40 dBa) compressor cooling with automatic defrost, both models include charcoal air filter
  • Number of zones: one
  • Built-in/Freestanding: ventilates at the rear so it can only be used as stand-alone (ambient temperature for max. cooling efficiency: 55°F – 80°F)
  • Temperature Control & Display:
    • Thermostat (Mechanical/Digital): digital push button controls, white LED display
    • Temperature Range: 41 – 64°F (°C
  • Shelving: adjustable 8 slide-out unstained wood shelves, each capable to hold 12 regular size and shape bottles (see picture). You can place 11 bottles on the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Noise: 40 dBa
  • Electricity consumption: 095 kWh/24 hours (175 Watt compressor motor)
  • Dimensions H: 64 5/8″ x W: 23 1/2″ x D: 24 1/2 (with handle)
  • Weight: 167 lbs.
  • Price: $800 – $1000 ($7.5 – $9.3/bottle)
  • Warranty: 5 year on compressor parts, 1 year on other parts and labor


Wine coolers don’t need much maintenance. Clean it occasionally, paying attention to dust the vent slots. To clean the cabinet, unplug the unit, take out all bottles (and racking if you want to do a very thorough cleaning) then wipe the surface with lukewarm water using a soft sponge or cloth.

User Reviews on the Allavino 107-bottle Wine Cooler


  • bottle size

    great looking unit with high bottle count for price, though you can hardly fit in 107 bottles

  • shelves roll out easily
  • quiet operation, you barely notice when the compressor is on
  • good, solid construction
  • door lock is a great feature (not all wine coolers come with it)
  • an excellent buy compared to similar wine storage models


  • capacity is overestimated

Learn more about the manufacturer, Allavino.


The Allavino 107-Bottle wine cooler is good value for your money especially if you compare it to other similar, 100-Bottle wine fridge cabinets.

Good looking appliance, does well what it was designed for – though you can load in 107 bottles only if you stick to the standard, 750 ml, slim, Bordeaux-style bottles of wine.

Owners are satisfied with the unit highlighting the easy-glide shelving, digital controls, quietness, and the security lock on the door.

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