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Note: Amcor is no longer in business. Parts and service for units already bought are hard to come by.

Amcor, a manufacturer of indoor home appliances like portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers etc., has launched its wine vault line. Amcor has been in business for more than 50 years manufacturing quality appliances to improve the indoor environment of homes.

Amcor wine Cooler refrigerators offer 3 modern-design wine cooler models with capacities between 35-100 bottles of wine.

All 3 models can be used either as freestanding or you can built them in your kitchen cabinetry under the counter.

The stylish wine coolers by Amcor are good-value wine storage units offering some great features and exclusive look at affordable price (they cost around US$ 500-1200). Amcor wine coolers have 2 independent temperature zones so that you can store reds and whites separately at their required serving temperature.

Read reviews of the 3 Amcor wine refrigerators below.

Amcor WV-50 Wine Cooler Refrigerator – 35 Bottle Capacity

The smallest of the Amcor wine vault line can accommodate around 35 bottles of wine, however the max. capacity can be less (25 bottles) or more (up to 50 botles) depending on bottle size and racking configuration.

Amcor WV 50 wine refrigerator

The Amcor WV-50 wine cooler has a sturdy, black cabinet with a see-through glass door that has a brushed chromed metal frame.

The door has an aluminium bar handle for easy grip and it includes a security lock & key set so that you can keep the cooler locked (recommended if you have kids and don’t want them to access your wines).

There’s an interior light providing soft illumination inside the cabinet and highlighting the nicely arranged bottles.

This is a dual zone wine cooler with two independent temperature zones with their own digital thermostats for storing red wines and chilling whites. The upper zone’s temp. range is 54ºF – 72ºF while you can set the temperature for the lower zone between 41ºF – 54ºF. The lowest temperatures in both zones can only be reached in case the ambient temperature is less than 90ºF.

The control panel of the Amcor 50-bottle wine refrigerator is integrated in the upper part of the cabinet below the top plate.

Set tempr. for lower zone by pressing the +/- buttonsLeft digital display showing temp. in the lower zoneSet tempr. for upper zone by pressing the +/- buttonsRight digital display showing temp. in the upper zoneCompressor indication LED-comes on while the compressor is operatingON/OFF Key

Certain codes will appear on the display to indicate various malfunctions of the cooler. E. g. if E2 appears in case the fault of the upper compartment’s temperature sensor (it’s E3 if the lower zone’s temp. sensor is faulty). E9 is for superheating protection: when the sensor of the upper zones detects that the temperature inside the cabinet is 77 ºF or more an alarm will tweet in every 2 seconds. All codes are explained in the manual.

Amcor WV-50 wine cooler-shelving

Out of the 3 redwood front shelves 2 can be pulled out, 1 is fixed. The pull-out shelves glide smoothly on ball bears and are equipped with safety notches to prevent shelf from rolling out of track. Despite this safety mechanism do not pull the shelves with excessive force as this may cause the shelf to jump out of the track.

Most wine coolers have the problem of not being able to accommodate larger or odd shape bottles.

Amcor wine refrigerators were designed to be flexible with various shelf configurations that are described in the manual of every unit.

Some stocking tips:

  • Arrange the bottles as evenly as possible over the shelves so that weight is not concentrated in one point.
  • Never try to pull out more than one sliding shelf at a time.
  • Do not stack bottles on a sliding shelf.

The wine cabinet is equipped with activated charcoal filter to eliminate odors from the intake air (useful if you’re going to install the wine cooler in the kitchen where frequent cooking produces odors that won’t do good to stored wines). Filter replacement is recommended once a year.


  • Height: 33″
  • Width: 23 1/2″
  • Depth: 23 1/2″

Weight: 105.82 lbs.

Power supply: 115 V/60Hz

All models are UL approved (tested by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, a nationally recognized nonprofit safety-testing agency for the US).

Price of the Amcor WV-50 wine cooler: retailers offer this model for around US$ 500-600 (US$ 14.29-17.14 per bottle calculated with an average 35 bottle capacity).

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

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Amcor WV-100 Wine Refrigerator – 70 Bottle Capacity

Amcor WV-100 70-bottle wine cabinet

The Amcor WV-100 wine cooler can accommodate around 70 bottles of wine (this may vary depending on bottle size and shelving configuration) on 5 cedar wood shelves (ball-bearing slide out shelves).

This is a fine medium capacity wine refrigerator with two separate cooling compartments with their own digital temperature controlls to store and chill both red and white wines. The temperature range for the 2 zones are: 60ºF – 65ºF in the upper zone (recommended for storing reds), and 50ºF – 59ºF in the lower zone for chilling whites and sparkling wine.

The control panel and the digital readouts are mounted in the top part of the cabinet.

You can use he Amcor WV 100 wine cooler model as a stand-alone unit as it vents in the front or you can fit the unit in your kitchen furnishing.

Just like the other 2 Amcor wine vaults, the WV-100 model includes a charcoal filter to provide clean, odor-free air for the inside of the cabinet.

The black cabinet with the silver framed glass door and aluminum door pull exudes toned down elegance that will match any modern home’s interior design. Lock and key set is included.

This is also a UL approved appliance.


  • Height: 48 3/4″
  • Width: 23 1/2″
  • Depth: 23 1/2″

Weight: 134.2 lbs.

Power supply: 115 V/60Hz

Price of Amcor WV-100 wine cooler: cc. $800 – $900 ($11.43 – $12.86 per bottle calculated with 70 bottle capacity).

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

This Amcor wine bottle cooler is great for commercial use in restaurants, wine bars that want to keep some of their wines in an attractive cabinet to entice patrons to have wines with their meals. See other commercial wine refrigerators.

Amcor WV-150 Wine Vault – 100 Bottle Capacity

The WV-150 wine refrigerator is the most capacious model in the Amcor wine vault line with storage capacity of 100 bottles of wine.

Price of the Amcor WV-100 wine cellar: cc. $1000 – $1200 ($10 – $12 per bottle).

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

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Installation of Amcor Wine Refrigerators:

The wine cooler shouldn’t be plugged in for 48 hours to ensure that the refrigerant has settled properly after shiping.

Place the wine cooler in the coolest area of your home away from heat producing appliances and direct sunlight to prevent it from runing cooling cycles too often and to save on electriicty.

Since the top plate is removable and the ventillation is in the front of the cabinet Amcor wine cellars can be built in existing cabinetry.