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Overview of Main Models

If you’re looking for an inexpensive 2-zone wine refrigerator then read the following reviews of Avanti dual zone wine coolers to see whether they suit your preferences and budget.

Avanti is a manufacturer of affordable appliances both for home and commercial use.

They’re known for their wide range of compact refrigerators and apartment-sized refrigerator units.

The company also has a line of beer and wine coolers including single zone and dual temperature wine refrigerators, providing great solution for wine storage at home.

Avanti dual zone wine coolers range from a 18-bottle small model to a 149-bottle full-size, two zone wine cabinet.

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Coolers – Small Models

The smallest dual zone models hold 18 bottles. The older model, Avanti EWC18DZ, features an all-black decor, while the newer model, EWC18N2PD has an attractive dual pane curved door with silver trims on the two sides.

Avanti 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Coolers (EWC1801DZ and EWC18N2PD)

Both units are thermoelectric coolers that utilize the so-called Peltier-effect/superconductor technology for generating cool air.

Avanti EWC18DZ 18 bottle wine fridge, closed door

This cooling technique doesn’t require compressor nor cooling agent ensuring silent, eco-friendly operation.

The lack of coolant (CFC-s or HCFC-s, carbo-hydrogens containing chlorine or fluorine, in traditional compressor-run fridges that need to be diposed of at end of the appliance’s life cycle) make thermoelectric wine refrigerators more friendly to the environment.

The two independently controlled zones allow you to keep more than one type of wine perfectly chilled: 6 in the upper, 12 in the lower zone.

Both models have black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed glass door. The glass is tempered and slightly tinted to protect your wines from UV light. The door is reversible allowing you more flexibility in placement.

Look & Style

The door of the Avanti EWC1801DZ has a curved handle while the EWC18N2PD has a recessed handle. Each of the 4 chromed slide-out shelves (1 in the top zone, 3 in the lowe r zonw) can hold 3 bottles of wine and you can place additional bottles at the bottom of the cabinet and on the fixed shelve in the middle..

The control panel is integrated in the top frame of the door.

You can set the digital thermostat with the push buttons to cool to the desired temperature in both zones.The blue LED screen indicates the interior temperature. It can be set to show temprature either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

Temperature ranges:

  • top zone: 45°F – 54°F (7°C – 12°C)
  • bottom zone: 54°F – 64°F (12°C – 18°C)

There’s an interior light in the upper right hand side part of the cabinet interior, with On/Off switch that provides soft illumination for the stored wines. The see-trough glass door, together with the interior lighting, let you display your wines to your friends and family.


  • Height: 26 1/4″
  • Width: 13.75″
  • Depth: 19.5″

Placement: For freestanding use only, in a place where ambient temperature is between 72°F – 78°F/23°C – 26°C.

Weight: 36 lbs.

Price of the Avanti 18-bottle dual zone wine cooler: cc. $200 – $270 ($11.1 – $15 per bottle).

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

User Reviews on the Avanti 18-bottle Models

Several owners have reported early failures, complete break downs, often a few days after the 1 year warranty period.

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Avanti Dual Zone 27-bottle Wine Cooler


The Avanti EWC2700DZ is a nice small-medium sized wine refrigerator with two individual temperature zones and for freestanding placement.

This model has black cabinet with brushed chromeed door frames.

Bottle Storage

The upper part accommodates 9 bottles, the lower 18 bottles.

3-4 bottles can be placed upright in the wire holder attached to the insid eof the door, handy if you have unfinished bottles of wine.

The door glass is double paned for max. thermal insulation. The opening direction of the door can be reversed. Similarly to the 18-bottle model, the Avanti 27-bottle wine fridge features recessed handle.

The digital controls are in the upper frame of the cabinet.

There’re preset temperature settings for reds, whites and sparkling wine for both compartments that you can select by simply pressing the one-touch buttons.

You can store up to 18 bottles in the lower zone (this chamber is meant for storing whites) and 9 bottles in the top zone (for red wines). These are only approximate capacities and will vary according to bottle size and shape.

Only the lower zone has interior lighting that you can turn on by pressing the Light On/Off button on the control panel. The light shuts down automatically after 10 minutes.

The digital readout displays both the set and the current interior temperature for both zones in red.

You can set the cooler to display the temperatures either in deg. Fahrenheit or in deg. Celsius, just press the appropriate buttons. Temperature range is 46 – 64º F.

A cool part of the cabinet is the removable serving tray on the top of the cabinet. Just pick a wine from the wine cooler, place it on the tray and you’re ready to serve wine for your guests.

The unit comes with 5 slide-out scalloped chromed racks and a wire basket to be placed at the bottom of the cabinet is included for additional storage space. The basket comes handy if you buy exceptionally long bottles of wine.

Setting the temperature:

The appliance is set to 55 °F at the factory so the display will show this value.

  • To change the setting press the SET button once on the control panel.
  • The LED indicator on the upper display will flash.
  • Press the Up and Down arrows to select the desired cooling temperature for the upper zone.
  • Press the SET button again to adjust the temperature of the lower zone.

Recommended temperatures for storing various types of wines:

  • Red wines: 60-65 °F
  • White wines (dry): 50-59 °F
  • Sparkling wines: 45-49 °F
  • Rose wines: 49-51 °F.

Note: The wine cooler has been equipped with an “automatic” control panel lock that will activate 12 seconds after the last time a button has been touched. Push the and button simultaneously for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel.

You will hear a “BEEP” sound to alert you that the control panel is now active.


  • Height: 39.25″
  • Width: 13.5″
  • Depth: 22.75″

Weight: 53 lbs. The unit is for standalone placement only, it requires min. 5 inches clearance around the sides and the back forproper ventilation.

Consumer Reviews – Avanti 27-Bottle with Two Zones

According to users it keeps bottles cooled at the set temperature. The unit is able to go down to the low temperatures (45 °F) and keeps it stable.

The Avanti EWC2700DZ operates silently and doesn’t consume much electricity.

Price: cc. $300 – $350 ($11.1 – $13 per bottle).

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Mid-Capacity Avanti Two-Zone Wine Refrigerators

Avanti has a mid-sized wine cooler with 46 bottle capacity in 2 temperature zones.

Read review of the Avanti 46-bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.

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Large Capacity Models-Avanti WCR683DZD

The most capacious dual zone wine cabinet by Avanti is the Model WCR683DZD with storage space for approx. 149 bottles (74 in the upper zone, 75 in the lower zone).

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cabinet, 150 bottles

Split in the middle it offers right storage space for both red wines (77 bottles in the upper zone, 11 bottles on each shelf), and for whites (78 bottles in the lower compartment, 11 bottles on each large shelf and 6 bottles on the two small shelves).

The black cabinet comes with stainless steel framed double pane glass door which can be locked. The door hinge can be reversed.

The attractive wooden shelves can be pulled out for convenient selection and retrieval of wines.

Pull the shelves approx. 1/3 out to easily access bottles. The shelves can be removed if you want to make room for wider bottles.

You can adjust the tempearture with the digital controls mounted in the upper frame of the cabinet. The factory-set temp. is 50 °F in the upper zone and 60 °F in the lower compartment.

The temperature range of the upper zone is 40-55 °F, and 55-65 °F for the bottom zone.

Both zones are equipped with interior lighting that you can turn on/off individually by pressing the appropriate button on the control panel.

According to users the Avanti WCR683DZD wine cabinet doesn’t make much noise (generates approx. as much noise as a kitchen fridge).


  • Height: 71″
  • Width: 23.5″
  • Depth (with handle): 28.75″

Weight: 230 lbs.

Price of the Avanti 155-bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar: $1400 – $1700 ($9.3 – $11.4 per bottle)

The Avanti WCR683DZD is an elegant two-zone wine cabinet that maintains the set temperature well, keeping your wines cool, away from direct sunlight. This model is designed for free-standing use only.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 years on compressor.

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