Best French Door Wine & Beverage Coolers in 2021 – For All Budgets

Last updated on August 14th, 2021 at 03:54 pm

A French-door wine refrigerator will surely add style to your kitchen or home bar. What’s more, it will have enough storage space to keep plenty of your favorite wines within proper storage conditions.

Several trusted manufacturers offer home wine storage cabinets with two door design. Let’s see which are the best-value models in 2021!

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Why Buy a French Door Wine Cooler?

Stylishness aside, wine coolers with two doors have dual temperature zones. You can store reds in one of the sections while chilling whites, sparkling wine in the other.
Alternatively, the two-compartment design allows you to set both sections to the same temperature.

French Door Wine/Beverage Coolers Under 500 USD

In this price category you will only find freestanding units, meaning they cannot be fitted in with other cabinetry since they ventilate at the back.

double red arrow pointing to the right Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

This is a new model in 2021 by Wine Enthusiast, a U. S. manufacturer with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing wine storage cabinets.

photo of the black Wine Enthusiast 24-bottle French door wine cooler with the glass door slightly open on the right side.
Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Cooler

The two separate compartments – each holding 12 – 12 bottles – have the advantage of really fine-tune the temperature setting.

True Dual Zone

You can programme the two cabinet sides independently between 41 – 64°F (5 – 18°C).

This means that you can keep whites/sparkling wine nicely chilled in one part of the cabinet and aim for long-term storage at 55°F in the other part.

All-Black Decor, Dual Pane See-Through Glass, Steel Handles

The black steel cabinet has black interior and two black trimmed glass doors.

The dual layer, tempered glass doors open by pulling the two solid, stainless steel bar handles.

The glass is slightly tinged to filter UV rays and protect your wines from too much sun exposure. Exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time will spoil the taste and consistency of wine. See more on the subject here.

It takes only 8 hours for the harmful UV radiation to damage wine in a green bottle (3 hours in a clear bottle).

White LED lighting fitted in the top of the cabinet interior illuminates the bottles when you press the bulb symbol on the digital panel.

Shelving: 5 – 5 Curved Metal Racks, All Detachable

The Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Cellar comes with 5 – 5 wavy-shape wire racks. Each compartment has 4 removable racks and one fixed shelf on the bottom for display purposes.

You can reach the maximum 24 bottles storage capacity if you stock only 750 ml standard size, Bordeaux-style bottles.

Each rack can accommodate 2 bottles of wine (typical Bordeaux style). Shelves can bear maximum 25 lbs. weight.

Control Panel

The electric touch controls and display is mounted inside, on the top part of the cabinet.

You will find the following buttons

  • Interior Light Switch
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Selector
  • Display Screen
  • Up/Down Arrows

Placement – Standalone Only

This model ventilates at the top and sides so it is not for built-in installation. Leave at least 4 inches room at top and rear and 2 inches at the sides.

You find the power cord at the bottom left side of the cabinet rear. It’s 62″ long.

Key Features – Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle

Capacity: 24 standard-size & Bordeaux bottles (cc. 11″ tall and 3″ wide), 12 -12 in each side.

Cooling Method: Compressor cooling with fan assisted air ventilation.

Number of Zones: dual temperature zone, with independent controls and display.

Temperature Range: 41 – 64°F (5 – 18°C) on both sides.

Temperature Control & Display: Electric touch buttons to adjust the temp. on both sides. Display is in blue LED numbers on both sides.

Shelving: 5 – 5 chromed, contoured wire racks. 4 sliding racks plus 1 tilted for display on the bottom in each side.

Noise Level: cc. 42 dBA.

Installation: Freestanding only, has adjustable legs.

Clearance Required: 4 inches on the back & top, 2 inches at the sides.

Recommended Ambient Temp.: 61 – 90°F (16 – 32°C).


  • Inexpensive considering the size and functions.
  • True Dual Zone with the divided sections – flexibility in temperature setting and types of wines stored.
  • Space saving, compact design – will not occupy much space yet you can store and cool two-dozens of wines in it.
  • U. S. based technical and customer support.


  • Not for built-in placement – but it is a pretty little fridge that will look great standalone.
  • Warranty length could be longer.

Dimensions & Weight

  • H: 31.4″ W: 20″ D: 19.3″
  • Weight: 62 lbs. (28 kg).

Price & Warranty – Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Fridge

  • Price: cc. 450 USD (18.75 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor, 3 years on sealed system.

TIP: Here you can find information on more wine fridges made by Wine Enthusiast.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthWhy Buy The Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle Wine Fridge?

It is a reasonably priced model in the category of French door wine coolers. Has all the important features that you want in a dedicated wine refrigerator.

Digitally controlled temperature – in both zones. The really big advantage is that you can independently adjust and monitor the temperature in the two sides.

If you stick to Bordeaux-type bottles (750 ml) than you can max out the storage space too. You can keep your favorite whites chilled to perfection in one of the sections while storing reds exclusively in the other.

Otherwise be prepared to having to remove a shelf or two to make room for bigger bottles.

The Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle wine cooler has nice unobtrusive size. Will look great in any kitchen, home office or wine bar.

double red arrow pointing to the right Nutrichef 24-Bottle French Door Wine Cooler (PKCWC24)

front photo of the Nutrichef 24-bottle French door wine cooler. The dimensions of the cabinet are shown.
Nutrichef 24-Bottle Wine Fridge

The Nutrichef PKCWC24 is one of the most inexpensive double-door wine cellars.

Black & Steel Decor with Twin Layer Glass Door

The matte black cabinet comes with two stainless steel framed double glass doors.

It really looks like two of the Nutrichef 12-Bottle models put together and it is similar to the Wine Enthusiast model listed above.

The dual-pane, transparent glass adorned with brushed stainless steel edges.

Two straight stainless steel bar handles attach to the door frame for easy opening.

Compressor cooling with fan-assisted ventilation keep wines at stable temperature.

What’s more, the double compartment design allows for dual zone use. Both sections have their own temperature control, display and light switch.

The only drawback might be that it is for standalone placement only, due to the ventilation being at the back.

Do not enclose it because the cooler will be unable to get rid off the warm air inside and maintain the set temperature!

On the other hand, it looks great placed next to a counter, or on a table though it weighs quite a lot fully loaded..

Key Features – Nutrichef 24-Bottle (PKCWC24)

Capacity: 24 standard-size & style bottles (cc. 11″ tall and 3″ wide).

Cooling Method: Compressor cooling with fan

Number of Zones: Dual temperature zone.

Temperature Range: 41 – 64°F (5 – 18°C) on both sides.

Temperature Control: Digital touch pad controls integrated on top of the cabinet interior in both compartments. Up/Down arrows to set the temp., light switch, Fahrenheit/Celsius selector.

Display: White LED readout – you will clearly see the interior temp. of both sections.

Interior Light: Low-intensity white LED light (switch button is on the control panel).

Shelving: 5 – 5 removable chromed wire shelves, scalloped shape. 1-1 tall rack on the bottom where you can place bottles in upright position.

Noise Level: cc.40 dBA.

Installation: Freestanding only.

Clearance Required: 6 inches at the sides and top, 8 inches at the back.

TIP: The control panel locks automatically after 20 seconds of not touching it. Press the “Light” button for 2 seconds (resembles a small flower head) to unlock it.


  • Affordable yet you can store quite a few bottles of wine in it.
  • Dual-zone: keep whites at constant 55°F for a longer period in one of the parts, and keep whites nicely chilled in the other part.
  • Compact design – despite the quite capacious storage space the cabinet size doesn’t take up much space.
  • Stylish – French doors are chic, no doubt about it.
  • You can store opened bottles on the bottom tall racks.


  • Short warranty period (1 year).
  • Several owners mentioned that the screws provided for the handle are two short. TIP: Use a magnetic screwdriver to help getting the screws all the way in the door.
a bottle of red wine lying on the wire shelf of the Nutrichef PKCWC24. the shelf is removed from the cooler and placed on top of a beige counter.
Shelf – Nutrichef PKCWC24

Dimensions & Weight

  • H: 31.4″
  • W: 20″
  • D: 19.3″
  • Weight: 79.25 lbs (36 kg).

Price & Warranty – Nutrichef PKCWC24 & PKCWC240

  • Price: cc. 400-500 USD (16.6 – 20.8 USD per bottle) – out of the two models the PKCWC24 costs slightly more, but usually available under or for 500 USD.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor. Do get an extended warranty if possible!

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthWhy Buy the Nutrichef 24-Bottle Wine Cooler?

The Nutrichef PKCWC24/PkCWC240 is one of the cheapest options if you wish to buy a wine refrigerator with French doors.

Despite the low price it’s a well-made, elegant cooler intended for freestanding placement.

It has two distinct temperature zones where you can store and cool reds and whites separately at suitable temperatures.

French Door Wine Coolers – Around 1000 USD

If you are ready to spend more on wine storage take a look the following models.

double red arrow pointing to the right Phiestina 20-Bottle Wine & Beverage Cooler

Phiestina French Door Wine & Beverage Fridge

Phiestina makes trendy wine coolers in various sizes. This double door model has space for 20 standard size wine bottles and 78 canned drinks (soda, beer, water).

It costs approximately just 900 – 1000 USD. It is not a small amount of money but it’s not much either compared to similar size and style units.

Look & Style

The matte black cabinet has fully finished back so can be slotted in with other appliances under a counter. Just leave 3 inches room for the electric plug.

The door is dual pane stainless steel framed glass door, slightly tinted against UV rays.

Easy-grip, long stainless steel bar handles help you to open the door smoothly.

The fridge ventilates through the stainless steel front grille attached to the cabinet’s front bottom.

Temperature Control & Display

The Phiestina PH-150BCW3L has two distinct temperature zones. Both zones have their own

  • temperature controls,
  • display and
  • light switch.

Just press the metal knobs integrated in the top panel inside the two sections.

Temperature Range:

  • Wine section (left side): 40 – 66°F (5 – 18°C)
  • Beverage section (right side): 38 – 50°F (3 – 10°C)

In the left side you can chill whites/sparkling wine or cool reds to the correct drinking temperature – the wide range of temperature makes it easy.

The right cabinet side is designed for keeping all sorts of canned beverages at a really cool temperature. Just place in your favorite craft beers or soda drinks, set the temperature and enjoy your beverage.

Display – Nice, Clear Blue LED

The screen shows the interior temperature in sharp blue numbers. No problem to see them even at some distance.

The buttons on the control panel come in the following order:

photo of the Phiestina 20-bottle French door beverage cooler's control panel - on the right side an index finger is pressing the Down button
Temperature Control & Display – Phiestina Beverage Center
  • Power switch – press it for 3 seconds to turn on/off the cooler.
  • Up – press it to increase the temperature by 1 degree
  • Display Screen – shows the cabinet temperature in blue LED numbers (either in Fahrenheit or Celsius degree, you can set the cooler to which you prefer).
  • TIP: Hold the light switch for 3 seconds to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius display. Repeat to change it back.
  • Down – press it once to decrease the cabinet temperature by 1 degree.
  • Interior Light Switch – press it to turn On/Off the light inside the fridge.

Sabbath Mode – Turn Off Light & Control Panel Display Light

If you wish to disable all illumination – inside light and the control panel light then hold the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The fridge will operate normally keeping the set temperatures.

To switch back, press again the UP and DOWN buttons for 3 seconds.

Shelving Phiestina PH-150BCW3L

Shelving – Aluminium Fronted & Black Wire

The wine side includes 7 removable black wire shelves with aluminium front.

The integrated stoppers prevent accidental pulling out of a shelf and the bottles falling down.

You can however pull out an empty shelf to make room for large bottles.

The beverage side has 5 black wire racks that conveniently hold all sorts of beverages: beer, soda, mineral water, juices etc.

Key Features – Phiestina PH-150BCW3L

Capacity: 20 wine bottles (standard style, 750 ml, 2.75″ in diameter, 11.8″ in height), 78 cans (0.33 oz.)

Cooling Method: Compressor with efficient air circulation system ensured by two fans

Number of Zones: Dual temperature zone with independent displays and controls

Temperature Range: wine section: 40 – 66°F (5 – 18°C), 38 – 50°F (3 – 10°C).

Temperature Control: Push buttons in a black control panel located at the top part of the fridge interior on both sides.

Display: Blue LED readout on both sides.

Open Door Alarm: A beeping sound will alert you if the door is not closed within 1 minute of opening or not closed properly.

Shelving: 7 stainless steel fronted for the wines (all of them can be pulled out), 5 black wire shelves on the beverage side (all are removable)

Noise Level: cc.48 dBA

Electricity Consumption: cc. 0.51 Watt per 24 hours.

Installation: Can be built in flush under a counter or used as freestanding.

Leveling Legs: The front 2 legs are adjustable. Rotate them to find a horizontal height.

Clearance Required: Leave at least 3 inches for the electric plug.

Power requirements: The fridge plugs into a 3 prong outlet. The power cord is at the bottom left side (when you face the back side). It’s cc. 3 feet long.


  • Elegant double door design ideal for under the counter installation.
  • Wide temperature range in both zones
  • Holds quite a lot of canned beverages that can be stored at appropriate temperature.
  • Simple to set and monitor the temperature – handy metal touch knobs lets you control the temperature and interior light.
  • Open door alarm – beeping sound and flashing of the screen let you know if the door has been left open.


  • Short warranty – limited 1 year only on replacement parts (can be extended for extra cost).
  • Doors can’t be locked.
  • Perhaps a bit noisier than other similar beverage fridges.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 33.9″, Width: 23.4″, Depth: without handle: 22.4″ with handle: 24.4″
  • Suggested Built-In Dimensions. H: 34.3″, W: 23.8″, D: 22.4″
  • Weight: 135.7 lbs. (62 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 1 000 USD.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthWho Should Buy The Phiestina 20-Bottle/78-Can Wine Fridge?

Due to the short warranty period he Phiestina PH-150BCW3L wine & beverage cooler wouldn’t be our first choice.

But if you come across a really good deal (less than 800 USD) then go ahead and buy it. It has a nice size, especially on the canned beverage side (78 cans, 33 oz.).

With all the other specs and advantages (Open Door Alarm, wide temp. range.) it is not a terribly bad choice.

Furthermore, this Phiestina beverage refrigerator has a sophisticated look with the the double stainless steel and glass door.

double red arrow pointing to the right Zephyr Brisas Series Wine Fridge/21-Bottle Wines/60 Cans

slightly angled photo of the Zephyr brisas 21-bottle wine & beverage cooler, with the 2 doors closed. The left side of the cooler is fully stocked with wines, the right side shows canned drinks stored standing up.
Zephyr Brisas 21-Bottle/64 Can Beverage Center

Zephyr’s new line of wine and beverage coolers offer some really cool features at affordable price.

It has open door alarm, Sabbath mode, Vibration Reduction System, and air filter to keep interior air odorless.

Look & Style

Two stainless steel trimmed glass doors and front exhaust panel complement the black cabinet.

The glass door is double layer with Low-e Argon fill and tinted for UV protection.

The doors open to max. 135 degree and have sturdy stainless steel handles (2).

A beeping alarm warns you if the door is left open for longer than 3 minutes.

photo of a modern kitchen with the Zephyr Brisas 21-Bottle French Door Wine Fridge built under tge grey counter. two green plastic chairs stand at the counter.

Convenient Temperature Setting With Touch Screen Controls

The control interface fitted in the top of the cabinet frame includes the following touch buttons.

  • Power icon,
  • Up/Down Arrows-left side,
  • LED screen for the left and the right side,
  • Up/Down Arrows for the right side,
  • Light switch.

Just press them lightly to adjust the temperature in the two compartments or switch on/off the interior illumination.

Key Features – Zephyr Brisas BWB24C32AG

Capacity: 21 standard size bottles/64 12 oz. cans

Cooling Method: Top-of-the-line compressor technology with dual evaporator: Active Cooling Technology. Uses coolant that is not hazardous to the environment.

Number of Zones: Two temperature zones, both with its own controls/display.

Temperature Range: 38 – 65°F (3 – 18°C) on both sides. Very wide range, lets you nicely chill your wine and soda drinks or beer.

Temperature Memory: In case of power failure the fridge will reset to the set temperatures..

Temperature Control: Touch button controls on both sides.

Display: Clearly visible LED screen windows: left side, right side, “R” light: this is the “Compressor Running” indicator, ºF/ºC Selector.

Door Alarm: Beeping alerts you if the door has been left open for more than 3 minutes. The display will flash 00.

Interior Light: Blue LED light, switch is on the left side of the control panel.

Shelving: Wines: 6 slide-out metal racks with black plastic front, Cans: sliding glass shelves with black plastic front. Shelves are removable.

Noise Level: 40 dBA. Low-noise yet efficient cooling.

Vibration Dampening System: Reduces shaking to minimal, preventing

Installation: Built-in/freestanding – do not block the ventilation grille in the front.

Clearance: Leave 1″ at the back for the electric plug.

Leveling legs: Rotate the legs to adjust level placement.

Carbon Filter Replacement: Z0F-C004.

Filter Replacement Frequency: cc. 3 – 6 months, depending how much odor gets into the interior.


  • Premium features at an unbeatable price. Sabbath mode, Open Door Alert etc., Temperature Alarm, Air Filter
  • Quality compressor cooling technology (twin evaporators and air circulation fan) with temperature alert.
  • Advanced UV filtering and thermal insulation in the door – helps maintain stable temperature inside the fridge.
  • Excellent craftsmanship – beautiful stainless steel decor with practical shelving.
  • Dual-Zone with wide temp. range allows for simultaneous storage of various wines and canned drinks.
  • Nice warranty period: 5 yrs on compressor, 2 yrs on parts, 1 yr on labor.


  • Doesn’t have a door lock – I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity for most people. The cooler has so many innovative features that counterbalance the lack of security door lock.

Dimensions & Weight

  • H: 33.87″ W: 23.87″ D: 23.5″
  • Built-In Dimensions: width. 24″, height: 34″
  • Weight: 130 lbs. (59 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 1 100 USD
  • Warranty: 2 years parts, 5 years compressor, 1 year on labor.

TIP: You can learn more details about the Zephyr Brisas Dual Zone 21-Bottle Wine/beverage Cooler here.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthWhy Buy The Zephyr Brisas 21-Bottle Beverage Center?

If you want a high-end quality wine and beverage storage then this twin door Zephyr unit is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, it is packed with superior features (door alarm, Sabbath mode) and is a great example of high quality make.

Accommodates a handful of bottle sof wine as well as a great number of canned drnks. On top of all these it is available at a very favorable price. Combine this with great warranty period and you have a winner!

double red arrow pointing to the right Kalamera 40-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, KRC-40DZB

slightly angled photo of the Kalamera KRC-40DZB double door wine cooler. The doors are closed, the bottom of wine bottles can be seen lying on the wood racks.
Kalamera 40-Bottle Frech Door Cellar

The Kalamera KRC-40DZB dual-zone wine cellar stores up to 40 bottles of wine in its two compartments, 20 – 20 in each side.

The see-through glass French doors look very chic and allow easy access to the two cabinet parts.

What’s more, you can lock both doors if you do not want anyone to open the fridge and have access to your wines.

It is quite well-priced and comes with all the must-have features you want in a good-quality wine storage unit.

Temperature Control & Display

Both temperature zones have control panel built in the top part of the cabinet interior. It features the following touch buttons

  • Power turn on/off button – press for 3 seconds to switch on or off the appliance.
  • Setting the temperature (Up/Down Arrows) – press once to raise/lower the temp. by 1 degree increments.
  • Display screen- white LED display on the left and right side.
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius display: keep the light switch icon pressed for 3 seconds to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.
  • Light switch – a touch pad icon that looks like the sun. Press it to switch on/shut down the interior illumination.

As you can see it is really straightforward to operate the wine fridge and set the appropriate temperatures..

How To Deactivate Interior Light & Display (Sabbath Mode)?

If you want to turn off the display light and the interior light just hold the UP/DOWN buttons for 3 seconds.

The fridge will operate normally with the compressor and fans running when necessary.

To reactivate the functions press the two buttons again for 3 seconds. The interior light and control panel illumination will switch on.

Shelving & Bottle Configuration – Kalamera KRC-40DZB

photo showing the wooden shelves slightly pulled out on both sides of the Kalamera-KRC40DZB wine cooler
Kalamera 40-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar

Each cabinet side of the Kalamera 40-Bottle wine cellar boasts 7 – 7 natural beech wood racks.

The bottom shelf is not as deep as the other 6 shelves so it has space for 2 standard size bottles.

On the other 6 shelves you can fit in 3 bottles: 2 with the bottom facing outward, and 1 in reverse direction on top of the 2 bottles.

To take out or put in a bottle, you need to pull out a shelf to 3-4 inches.

You can pull out the shelves, just make sure the door is open to 90 degrees.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Without Handle: H: 33″ W: 23.4″ D: 22.4″
  • With Handle: H: 33″ W: 23.4″ D: 24.2″
  • Built-In Dimensions (Suggested by The Manufacturer): H: 33.2″ W: 23.8″ D: 22.4″
  • Net Weight: 106.9 lbs. (48.5 kg).
  • Gross Weight: cc. 116.8 lbs. (53 kg).


  • A sharp looking, compact wine storage with double door design – will look superb either installed under a counter or placed standalone.
  • Dual temperature zones with digital controls and display.
  • Open Door Alarm – won’t let the door stay open for long minutes because the a sound will let you know about it. Also the display screen will gleam.
  • Safety Lock – hexagonal security lock on both sides. Two keys are included.
  • Not noisy – some operation noise can be heard when the cooling cycle is on.


  • Short warranty: only 1 year. This is not really satisfactory in case of a rather costly appliance.

Price & Warranty – Kalamera KRC-40DZB

  • Price: cc. 900 – 1 200 USD (cc. 22.5 – 30 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor. You can pay extra for extension: 89 USD for 2 years at the manufacturer.

Key Features – Kalamera 40-Bottle (KRC-40DZB)

Capacity: 40 standard-size wine bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux-style)

Cooling Method: Compressor technology with air ventilation fans.

Look & Style: Matte black cabinet with stainless-steel framed double doors.

Door: Dual layer, tempered, transparent glass, slightly smokey colored against UV rays, has stainless steel trim.

Open Door Alarm: A beeping alerts you if the door/doors haven’t been closed properly. The display will also flash in warning.

Security Lock: Both doors can be locked. 2 keys are included.

Handles: Stainless steel bar handles.

Number of Zones: Two distinct temperature zones, each stores 20 – 20 bottles.

Temperature Range: 40 – 66°F (5 – 19°C) on both sides. Display can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Just press the light switch icon for 3 seconds.

Temperature Control: Digital press buttons on both sides integrated on the top section of the cabinet interior.

Display: White LED numbers on a blue background.

Interior Light: Blue LED light, switch is on the control panel, just press the icon resembling a sun to turn on/off the lighting.

Water Container: A plastic box is included. You put water in it and place it in the fridge to increase humidity inside.

Noise Level: 42 dBA.

Electricity Consumption: 0,684 kWh/24 hours, cc. 250 watts annually.

Installation: Built-in under a counter or freestanding.

Leveling Legs: Use the screwable legs to adjust horizontal height.

Carbon Filter Replacement: Carbon filter to adsorb any unwanted odors.

Filter Replacement Frequency:

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthWhy Buy The Kalamera 40-Bottle French-Door Wine Cooler?

Well, we can list several reasons why it is a good-value appliance to store your wines in it.

Besides the refined look which the French door design enhances even more, it does what it is was made for:

Keeps your wines at the most suitable temperature, protected form direct sunlight, vibration and unpleasant odors (like cheese etc in an ordinary fridge).

Not to mention the two independent temperature zones which adds the flexibility of storing reds in one of the sections and whites in the other. You have room for 20 – 20 bottles in both sides.

Our only grumble is that the warranty period should be longer. So if this bothers you too either buy warranty extension or pick a different wine fridge

E.g. the Zephyr Brisas model listed above looks excellent in all regards.