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If you’re hooked on wine and you started to compile your own collection of wines then you need a proper storage facility, a large capacity wine cooler or an air-conditioned wine cabinet so that you can preserve the quality of wine.

We selected some of the best large wine cooler refrigerators to give you an idea what to look for before you select and buy a wine storage appliance.

The best storage conditions exist in natural wine cellars but many wine lovers neither can afford nor have the space to build a cellar below or next to their homes.

Large wine cooler refrigerators or refrigerated wine cabinets offer solution to this problem.

Budget Category Large Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Let’s start with the cheapest options. Considering the capacity of these wine storage units – they can accommodate from 100 to 400 or more bottles of wine.

The price of these capacious cabinets starts from around 1 000 – 1 500 USD so they aren’t cheap but take into account how much you invested in your wine collection and how much you would lose if the wine gets spoilt due to inadequate storage.

double red arrow pointing to the right Whynter 92/100 Bottle Wine Refrigerators

photo showing the Whynter 100-bottle wine refrigerator with the glass door closed.
Whynter 100-Bottle Wine Fridge, Singele-Zone

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Whynter manufactures small, residential appliances (air purifiers, air-conditioners, ice cream makers, ovens etc., refrigerators, wine coolers). The company is located in California/U.S.

They offer wine cooling units in various sizes, both for built-in and freestanding use. They have a

  • 92-bottle wine fridge with dual climate feature (BWR-0922DZ), and a very similar
  • 100-bottle model with one temperature zone (BBWR-1002SD).

TIP: You can read about the full details of the Whynter 92-Bottle dual-zon ewine fridge in our review.

Here Are The Main Features Of The Two Whynter Wine Coolers

Cooling Method, Number of Zones

Both units apply advanced compressor cooling combined with internal fan air circulation. Furthermore, the refigerant they use – R600a – is an enviromentally friendly, non-toxic agent.

The 92-bottle model has two distinct temperature sections while the 100-bottle unit is single zone. Besides the number of bottles they can accommodate, this is the other main difference between the two wine fridges.

The smaller, two-zone cooler has space for 40 bottles in the upper, colder part and 52 bottles in the lower, warmer one.

You can set the temperature from 40 to 65 Fahrenheit (that’s 5 – 18 Celsius Degree) in both units.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that in case of the BWR-0922DZ (92 bottles) you should set the bottom zone to colder temp. than the top zone.


12 sturdy wire shelves with natural wood front hold the bottles. Both models come with a display rack that goes in the place of the top shelf and has space for less bottles than the normal rack.

The display rack is slightly tilted to better showcase the bottlesbut it holds only 6 bottles. Obviously you want to put your most prescious wines there. But if you wish to maximize bottle capacity don’t use the display shelf.

Bottle Capacity Adds Up Like This (750, ml, Bordeaux-Style)

92-Bottle Model

  • Top shelf: 8 bottles/ 6 bottles if it’s the display rack
  • Shelves 2-10: 8 bottles /shelf
  • Shelf 11 & Bottom Shelf: 6 – 6 bottles

100-Bottle Model

  • Top Shelf: 16 bottles/6 with display shelf
  • Shelves 2-10: 8 bottles/shelf
  • Shelf 11 & Bottom Shelf: 6 – 6 bottles

The shelves glide fairly easily on the roller asembly according to most owners. You can pull them cc. 1/3 way out. Some mentioned that the shelves don’t slide out enough when they place or take out a bottle.

An emergency stopper will prevent you from accidentally pulling the shelf completely out and dropping the bottles.

You can pull each rack all the way out if you want to make room for a large bottle. Just remember to remove all bottles from the shelf before getting it out.


Smoke-tinted double layer glass doors keep the cool air in and the UV rays out. You can lock the door of both models. 2 keys are included in the packaging as well as the slightly curving stainless steel handle.

Pleasant Interior Lighting

A string of 9 low-intensity LED lamps illuminate the bottles if you press the light bulb key on the control panel. To turn the light off you need to press the light bulb icon again.

Placement – Built-In Or Freestanding?

Since both the 92-bottle and the 100- bottle model ventilate in the front you can build them into cabinetry. Just make sure you have at least 1/4″ space around the sides and the back so that the air coming out of the vents can disperse.

One more thing, do not block the ventilation grill at the bottom in the front.

Of course, you can place the units as standalone.


  • Well-made wine coolers that hold quite a large number of bottles.
  • Efficient compressor technology, stable temperatures.
  • Quiet operation – noise level is 45 dBA or less.
  • Low energy consumption (0,329 kWh in case of the 100-bottle cooler, and 0,205 kWh in case of the 92-bottle model)


  • Shelving is a bit tight and do not slide out enough.
  • Warranty period is only 1 year – a longer period would be much nicer.


Whynter 92-Bottle

  • Height: 54.75″
  • Width: 23.5″
  • Depth: 22.25″ (24″ with handle attached)
  • Weight: 159 lbs (72 kg).

Whynter 100-Bottle

  • Height: 55″
  • Width: 23.5″
  • Depth: 22.5″ (24.75″ with handle)
  • Weight: 159 lbs. (72 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Both units are available for around 900 – 1 300 USD at major retailers which a quite nice price for such large capacity wine fridges.
  • Warranty period is 1 year parts and labour.

Vinotemp 149-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Designer Series

This is the largest model in Vinotemp’s new, award-winner Designer Series wine coolers.

Main Features

  • Design: Sleek, all-black cabinet with stainless steel framed see-through glass door. The vacuum-sealed, double pane door ensures very good thermal insulation to help maintain constant temperature inside the cabinet (can be ordered righ- or left hand hinged).
  • Temperture Control: It has two temperature zones: you can adjust the temperature in the upper zone between: 40°F – 54°F (best for whites or sparkling wine), in the bottom zone (ideal for reds): 54°F – 65°F. You can adjust the desired temperature for the two zones independently, by using the digital control panel fitted across the middle of the cabinet interior.
  • You can also set the humidity level.
  • Shelving: elegant metal with black wooden front: 11 slide-out, where you can place regular size (750 ml) bottles, and 2 stationary display shelves. Each shelf can accommodate 13, 750 ml Bordeaux-style bottles. If you buy larger bottles then you’ll be able to store less than the max., around 6-10 bottles per shelf.
  • The charcoal air filter ensures clean air inside the cabinet, protecting your wines from any unpleasant odors.
  • Placement: Front ventilation allows built-in or freestanding installation.


  • Height: 69.45″
  • Width: 23.42 “
  • Depth: 26.77″

Price of the Vinotemp Designer Series 149-bottle wine cooler: cc. $2800 ($18.8 per bottle).

The unit comes with a 1-year warranty on the compressor material and workmanship, a 2-year warranty on the balance of the cooling system and cabinetry starting from the date of sale.

Reviews of other Vinotemp wine refrigerators.

Some Older/Discontinued Models

N’FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Refrigerator by Wine Enthusiast

N'FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Cellar

The N’FINITY line of wine cellars made by Wine Enthusiast offer affordable home wien storage units in various sizes.

The line includes four models that store 100 or more bottles of wine.

The N’FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Refrigerator has two distinctive temperature zones and elegant hardwood shelving.

It sells for around $1300 ($10.8 per bottle).

N’FINITY 170-Bottle Wine Cellar by Wine Enthusiast – Dual Zone

The N’finity 170 is no doubt one of the cheapest wine storage units though the quality leaves much to be desired..

Key Features:

  • Two temp. zones: Upper Zone: 41-60°F (+/- 2°F), Lower Zone: 45-64°F (+/- 2°F).
  • black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed glass door (dual pane, tinted for UV protection),
  • curved metal grip handle
  • security lock & key
  • 15 slide-out hardwood shelves
  • 7 blue LED interior lights
  • built-in or freestanding placement
  • central digital control panel with digital display (middle of the cabinet), temperature can be set independently for each zone.


  • H: 72″
  • W: 23-3/4″
  • D (without handle): 27″

Weight: 287 lbs.

Price: cc. $1800 ($10.6 per bottle). Warranty: 90 Day Parts & Labor In Home Warranty with a Free Upgrade to 1 year on Parts & Labor.

Complaints (from user reviews):

  • The N’Finity 170 ‘s has one major weakness that most similar 150+ bottle wine fridges have: tight shelving: larger, wider bottles are difficult to fit in: you have to remove one or two shelves to make space for large/non-standard shape bottles.
  • Noisy – the fans seems to run constantly.
  • Many have reported leakage of the refrigerant from the evaporator coil.
  • Made cheaply in China (repairman can’t repair of the unit due to non-standard parts).
  • Customer service of the manufacturer (Wine Enthusiast is extermely unhelpful.

N'FINITY 340-Bottle Wine Cabinet by Wien EnthusiastN’FINITY 340-Bottle Wine Cellar

The N’FINITY 340 model is the largest unit in the new wine cellar series by Wine Enthusiast. It consists of two N’FINITY 170 models bolted together at the side.

The double doors are tinted to filter out UV light and can be locked.

Each cabinet side contains 15 slide-out wood shelves each of them designed to hold 11 bottles of wine. You can place 5-5 bottles on the cabinet floor.

Digital controls and readout, soft blue LED interior lighting and affordable price make the N’FINITY 340 a favorite pick by more and more serious wine lovers.

Read a more about the features, pros and cons of the NFINITY 340-Wine Cabinet.

Vinotemp VT-188 Dual-Zone Built-In Wine Cooler – Stores Up to 160 Bottles

This wine refrigerator by Vinotemp has two separate compartments with ample space for separate storage and cooling of red and white wines. The unit can accommodate maximum 160 wine bottles on 15 sliding metal shelves that have natural wooden fronts.

You can set temperature for the lower zone buy pressing the buttons on the digital control panel mounted in the middle section of the cabinet.

Note: you can only adjust the temperature of the lower zone and the upper zone’s temp. will adjust accordingly, the display shows temperature of both zones (right shows upper zone, left shows lower zone).

According to the manufacturer a 5 degree fluctuation in the temperature from top to bottom inside the cabinet is acceptable and it won’t have any harmful impact on the quality of your wines. This fluctuation prevents the unit from starting to cycle too often and therefore using up too much electricity.

Two Decors:

  • Model VT-188 MBSH: black cabinet with brushed silver or black metal trimmed glass door, metal towel bar handle,
  • VT-188 MSW: stainless steel cabinet with brushed metal trimmed glass door with metal towel bar handle.

Both models come with security lock & key set and have interior lighting.


15 full-length metal shelves with natural wood front:

  • 14 full-length pull-out shelves
  • 1 half-length fixed shelf at the bottom


The venting of the Vnotemp VT-188 wine cooler is mounted on the front so that the owner can build the cooler in the existing furnishing elements, but it can be used as freestanding, too.


  • Height: 75 1/4″
  • Width: 25 1/2″
  • Depth: 29 1/2″

Price of the Vinotemp VT-188 wine cooler: cc. $1600 – $2000 ($8.51 – $12.5 per bottle) which is a nice price for such large wine refrigerator. Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Consumer Complaints on the Vinotemp VT-188 Wine Cooler

Unfortunately several owners of this Vinotemp model weren’t satisfied with the unit. Major weaknesses reported in customer reviews include:

  • tight shelving: bigger, wider bottles are hard to fit in (an option is to remove some of the shelves to make room for bigger bottles but it reduces the overall capacity)
  • complaints on early compressor failures,
  • temperature fluctuation,
  • temperature can only be set for the lower zone
  • bad customer service by Vinotemp

TIP: see a side-by-side comparison on the N’Finity 170 Wine, the Vinotemp VT-188 and the Avanti WCR683DZ 149-bottle wine refrigerator.

The Avanti 166-bottle wine cooler is another affordable large capacity wine storage unit.

Best Large Wine Coolers – Medium Price Category

Here is a selection of some best rated large wine cooler refrigerators that cost around US$ 2000 – 3000.

EuroCave Origine V180 Wine Cabinet – Single Temperature Zone

The French company, EuroCave, is reputed for its quality wine cabinets that replicate conditions that of natural wine cellars’. EuroCave has been manufacturing refrigerated wine cellars for home use since 1976 and they are continuously improve the technology and style of their products.

The EuroCave Origine series wine coolers incorporate top-notch technology that is combined with stylish design.

The wine cabinets in the Origine series are the first ones in the world that come with remote controls for setting and displaying the temperature. The remote can be attached to the door of the cellar or you can carry it with you around your home. To be able to operate the remote control you must be within 60 meters of the wine cooler. Temperature can be set between 48 – 57°F (9 – 14°C).

The whole wine cabinet is very well insulated. The insulation equals to 2 meter-thick earth layer.

All EuroCave wine refrigerators are very energy efficient consuming only 0.8 kWh/24hours.

Price of the EuroCave Origine Series V180 wine refrigerator: starts from cc. US$ 2500 – 2700 (solid door), depending on customization price can go up to US$ 3500.

Warranty: standard warranty covers 5 years for the compressor, and 1 year in-home service for parts and labor.

Learn about other features of EuroCave wine refrigerators.

EuroCave Comfort 260-Bottle Digital Wine Refrigerator – Single Zone

In the EuroCave Comfort Wine Cooler you can store up to 170 – 260 bottles of wine.

Top-of-the-line technology combined with French elegance ensure that the unit will not only provide perfect conditions for your wines but will be a a stylish part of your home furnishing for many years.

As standard the shelving consists of 2 adjustable fixed shelves and 3 sliding shelves. The maximum 260 bottle capacity depends on the type and configuration of shelves and the size and style of wine bottles.Additional shelving options include:

  • presentation shelf,
  • adjustable shelf with display, and
  • tasting shelf.
  • The sliding shelves roll smoothly on PVC rollers and each one can hold 12 bottles (Bordeaux style, 750 ml).
  • The fixed shelves are great for bulk storage, on which you can accommodate up to 77 bottles/shelf.

Digital temperature control guarantees accurate temperature regulation in this single zone wine cellar with which you can set temperature down to a 1/10 degree.

On the LCD display you can read the actual temperature inside the cabinet. An alarm warns you if the tempearture is out of the set level.

The black matte cabinet comes with sturdy solid door that has an elegantly arched handle, but you can opt for a double pane, tinted glass door for extra cost. The door is reversible allowing you to find the right placement for the wine cooler in your home.

The cooling unit and the other advanced technical solutions provide for stable temperature level anywhere in the range of 50 – 57°F (10 – 14°C) and 50 – 80 % humidity that is very similar to condition existing in a natural wine cellar. What can be better for wines?

Each EuroCave wine cellar is designed with highly efficient natural ventilation system that includes charcoal filter for cleaning the air. For effective cleaning it’s recommended that you replace the filter once a year, the replacement charcoal filter costs around US$ 40.

The cabinet is well-built and the walls contain 5 cm CQI (Cellular Quality Insulation) insulation that equals to insulation of 2 meter thick soil. The interior of the walls are Stone Relief Aluminium (SRA) ensuring stable humidity level of 50 %.


  • Height: 68 1/2″
  • Width: 26″
  • Depth: 27 1/4″

Price of the EuroCave Comfort 260-bottle Wine Cooler: cc. $2000 – $2500 ($7.69 – $9.61).

Vinotemp 600E-3 Economy 2-Door Wine Cabinet

This large wine cooler offers the sophistication of handcrafted materials. Between the Luan Mahogany exterior and the wooden interior there is high R factor insulation. Added insulation can be requested which is recommended if you’ll place the cabinet in a room where the temperature varies greatly.

The wine cabinet can accommodate up to 440 bottles of wine for which a WineMate cooling system ensures stable storing temperature. The 3 3/4″ racking system can hold most bottle sizes and allows triple depth placement. The number of bottles you can fit into the cabinet depends greatly on the size and style of bottles you plan to store.

The 55°F and the 50 – 70 % humidity level is perfect for experimenting with aging.

In this price category a wide range of customization options are offered to the customer. As standard the Vinotemp 600E-3 wine cooler comes unfinished so that you can select coating that matches your home decor the best.

Other customization options include:

  • interior lights,
  • door glass design,
  • locks, and
  • exhaust placement

The venting of these cabinets is on the back so you have to leave at least 3″ space between the wall and the rear of the cooler for proper air circulation.

Dimensions (make sure you check whether it fits through the door of your home):

  • Height: 88″
  • Width: 51″
  • Depth: 40″

Price of the Vinotemp 600E-3 Economy wine cabinet: depending on the level of customization the model costs around: $2400 – $4500 ($4.45 – $10.23 per bottle).

The Electrolux Icon Designer 160-bottle Wine Cooler is also a good large wine refrigerator in the medium price category (the E24WC160ES model costs around $3200 – $3400 ($20.0 – $21.25 per bottle).

Best Large Wine Coolers – Expensive Models

Here are some top-rated large capacity wine coolers with price tags around $4000 – 5000.

Vinotemp 700 Concord Refrigerated Wooden Wine Cabinet

This attractive refrigerated wine cabinet can accommodate around 440 bottles depending on size and shape of the bottles.

The oak wine cabinet has two glass doors with handmade grape carvings on each door wing. The door comes with two brass lock and key sets. For tight sealing the doors are magnetic.

Just like other high-end Vinotemp wine cabinets the 700 Concord model is designed to have high insulation factor (R12).

As standard the cabinet is unfinished so that you can choose from 16 different coatings to match the finish to the style of your furniture in your home.

This model is also equipped with the Wine Mate self-contained cooling system (1500 BTU) that ensures quality cooling and constant temperature inside the cabinet. The sturdy cooling device ensures reliable operation and durability.

The constant 55°F and the humidity level of 50 – 70 % provide the most favorable storing conditions for your precious wines.

The universal 3 3/4″ redwood-aluminium racking allows you to fit in a variety of bottle sizes.


  • Height: 88″
  • Width: 51″
  • Depth: 29″

For proper ventilation you have to leave 4″-6″ space on the back, 12″ on the sides, and 6-12″ above the unit.

Price of the Vinotemp 700 Concord wine cooler: cc. $3900 – $5700 ($ 8.86 – $12.995 per bottle).

This wine cooler is not only a good-value large wine storage cabinet but a fine piece of furniture that’ll look great in any home.

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