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See a side by side comparison of two mid-capacity, dual-zone models by Marvel and U-Line, manufacturers of higher-end refrigeration appliances.

Both units have advanced compressor cooling technology with automatic defrost and range of other advanced features. Decide which has the most benefits and suits your wine storage needs and budget the best.

Compare Main Features of Marvel and U-line 2-Zone Wine Coolers

Marvel 44-bottle wine cooler, 6SDZE
U-Line 43 bottle wine cellar, 2275ZWCS-01

Brand & Model : Marvel 6SDZE Wine Cooler

Capacity: 44 bottles

Design, look: black cabinet, black interior and black toe kick grille with 3 glass door design options:

  • stainless steel trimmed door (6SDZE-BS-G)
  • black framed door (6SDZE-BB-G)
  • overlay framed door (6SDZE-BD)

Long, stainless steel towel bar handle for easy opening of the door. The door glass is double pane and tinted.

Temperature zones: 2 zones with their own independent temp. controls (24 bottles in upper zone and 20 in the lower zone): use the top compartment for storing reds (requires warmer temp.) and the lower to chill whites

Shelving: 3 wine racks with natural maple wood facings in each zone.

Optional shelf fronts can be selected in stainless steel or in glossy black.

The top 5 racks can be pulled out cc. 14 inches, the bottom shelf can be pulled out 8 inches.

Temperature range: 40 – 65°F (4 – 18°C)

Control Panel & Display: Blue LED dispaly shows the real time temperature of wine in both zones.

Displays temperature either in °F or in °C (press the °F /°C button on the contol panel)

Humidity control

Lighting: low intensity white LED can be used in two modes:

  • in functional mode the opening of the door turns off the light
  • in showcase mode you control when the lights are on (a light icon is illuminated on the display in this mode)

Sabbath Mode: Press and hold the “SET” button while pressing the °F /°C 4 times within 7 seconds to set the cooler to Sabbath mode: it disables lighting, audible alarms, and LED display

Vibration, Noise:

Triple protection of wines against vibration caused by the compressor:

  1. The compressor is isolated from the area where the wines are stored reducing transmission of vibration
  2. compressor is mounted to dampen vibration
  3. each shelf has a vibration dampening mat to provide safe, undisturbed storage for your wines.

Alarm System: Marvel’s uniqe Sentry System™:

  • Door ajar alarm: if you’ve left the door open after 5 minutes a sound warns you and “door ajar’ message is displayed
  • High and Low temp alarm: in case the temperature differs from the set point for 1 hour or longer an audible alarm warns you and Hi/Low Temp Upper” or Hi/Low Temp Lower” messages in red are displayed.
  • Power failure: “power failure” text appears in amber on the display

To reset the alarm press the ON/OFF button for about 1 second.


  • H: 33 3/4″
  • W: 23 7/8″
  • D: 21 1/2″

Warranty: Limited 1 year parts and labor warranty, Additional second through fifth year

limited parts only warrranty

Total Price: $2300 – $2500

Per Bottle Price: $52.3 – $56.8

Brand & Model : U-Line Wine Captain Model 2275

Capacity: 43 bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux style bottles)

Design, look: black cabinet with black interior, black toe-kick grille and dual pane UV filtering glass door with the following options:

  • stainless steel trimmed door
  • wood framed door
  • full wood overlay door

Long, stainless steel towel bar handle (in case of the stainless steel framed door) for easy opening of the door.
Door can be selected to be right-hand– or left-hand-hinged. Optional professional handle is available.

Height of rear legs is adjustable up to 1″ to hel find alevel position.

Temperature zones: two zone with individual controls,

Shelving: black vinyl coated wire racks with natural beech wood front, 3 racks in each zone, + a 3-bottle portable wine case in the bottom compartment for easy carrying of wine bottles.

Temperature range: 34 – 60°F (1.1 – 15.5°C)

Control Panel & Display: dual electronic display to showing the current temp. in the two zones, (upper screen shows upper zone’s, lower screen the lower zone’s temp.). This temperature is a base number used by the controller to maintain the multiple temperature zones in the unit. The factory default set-point for Wine Captain models is 50°F.

Temperature °F/ °C Selection: The display may be adjusted to allow for temperature display in either °F or °C.: Touch and hold LIGHT (5) and simultaneously within five seconds touch and release COOLER (4) three times to change the displays (3 & 6) as needed

Humidity control: cannot be controlled ,but according to the manufacturer U-Line Wine Captain models maintain 50% relative humidity inside the cabinet.

Lighting: recessed, white LED lights turn on automatically when you open the door. You can switch lighting on manually when the door is closed to display the bottles (turns off automatically after 4 hours).

Sabbath Mode: Turns off interior lights, display and alarm for 36 hours. (mode is not Star K certified). To turn the lights and display OFF for a preset 36-hour interval.

  • Press and hold the LIGHT icon (5) for 10 seconds and release(the °F symbol will flash briefly at the end of the ten secondperiod).
  • The interior light and control display will go dark for the next 36hours.
  • NOTE: Although the display will not be visible, the temperature
  • controls in the unit remain active, and preserve the interiortemperature.
  • To exit the Blackout (Sabbath) Mode before the 36-hour period,repeat the first step.

Vibration, Noise: Shelves are vinyl coated to dampen vibration.

Alarm System: Door Ajar Alarm only- sound warns should you left the door open by accident.

Dimensions: H: 34 1/8, W:23 15/16, D: 23 1/4 (25 1/8″ w. handle)

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 years on sealed system

Total Price: $2300 – $2600

Per Bottle Price: $53.5 – $60.5

Note: factors that can cause the internal temperature to fluctuate:

  • Ambient temperature where installed.
  • Installation in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  • The number of door openings and the time the door is open.
  • The time the internal light is illuminated. (This mainly affects bottles on the top rack.)

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Summary of U-line vs. Marvel 2-zone Wine Cooler Comparison

Both Marvel 6SDZE and U-Line 2275DWRW wine cooler models are designed for built-in use with zero-clearance around the sides, on the top and at the back of the units. Both appliances come with sturdy, factory installed leveling legs for easy, level placement.

Regarding technical features Marvel seems to have more cool features like the Sentry System or the 3-layer vibration elimination system.

Also Marvel 2-Zone 6SDZE wine cooler can accommodate 1 bottle more (44-bottle max. capacity) than the U-Line Echelon Wine captain 2-Drawer wine cooler (43 bottle max. capacity).

Marvel wine refrigerators’ lower per-bottle price is also a nice plus regarding that the two appliances have more or less the same technical specifications, storage capacity and both units have equally refined and elegant design and look.

All in all if you’re budget-conscious then go for Marvel’s Dual Zone wine cooler with 44 bottle capacity.

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