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If you’re looking for affordable wine coolers with two temperature zones check out the Danby dual zone wine coolers reviewed on this page.

Founded in Quebec, Canada in 1947 Danby is one of the largest household appliances marketing company in North America.

Their products, including a wide range of electric wine coolers, are available at many dealers and stores.

True dual zone wine cooler refrigerators have two individually controlled compartments each with its own temperature control and display.

These units are perfect for wine enthusiasts who love both reds and whites.In one compartment you can store your favorite red wines at around 55°F, while you can set the other zone to lower temperature to chill whites and/or sparkling wine in it.

The capacity of Danby dual zone wine refrigerators range from 30 bottles to 166 bottles so you can select the best size that satisfies your wine storage needs.

Danby currently offers two series:

  • Freesteanding models with rear ventilation that require several inches clearance at the sides, top and back for proper air circulation
  • The Silhouette series made for built-in placement (still need to leave some space at the sides, back and top).

The Silhouette Line Includes 5 Models:

  • a slim 27-Bottle unit (DWC276BLS) – single-zone
  • a 34-Bottle model (DWC93BLS)
  • a 51-Bottle model (DWC153BLS), – two zones
  • a 54-Bottle model (DWC2727BLS) – two zones, and a
  • a 146-Bottle full-size cabinet (DWC408BLS) – dual-zone

Danby 38 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This is a nice medium capacity unit that is available in 3 decors:

  • Black cabinet with black trimmed tinted, insulated  glass door, curved, black aluminum grip handle and glide out wire shelves with teak wood facing (DWC040A2BDB),
  • Black cabinet with silver trimmed glass door, stainless steel bar handle (DWC114BLSDD)
  • Black cabinet with silver trimmed glass door, curved stainless steel handle

All three units have the option of reversing the direction of door opening.

Main Features:

Danby 38 bottle wine cooler, dual zone, DWC113BLSDB

The two temperaure zones of this elegant looking 38-bottle wine refrigerator have their own individual controls and displays, so you can set and monitor temperature in the two zones independently. You can set temperature anywhere i the range of 39°F – 64°F (4°C – 18°C)

In the red wine compartment you can place max. 18 bottles while you can fit 20 bottles in the white wine zone (capacity is for bulk storage of standard shape and size 750 ml Bordeaux bottles; wider, larger bottles reduce the max. capacity).

Both temp. zones feature electronic thermostats and LCD displays for accurate and easy setting and monitoring of cooling temperature in the two compartments.

The control panel is located under the 2 top shelves with push buttons for setting the temp. in each zone,  switching on or off the interior light, and temperature display window for both zones.

6  shelves accommodate the wine bottles: 4 in the bottom zone each holding 7 bottles with alternating arrangement, and 2 in the upper chamber each holding 5 bottles (standard size 750 ml bottles).

You can pull out the shelves to conveniently place and acess the bottles.

The two zones have white LED interior lights that turn on automaticlly when the door is opened and turn off when you close the door.

The black cabinet looks stylish with the stainless steel or black trimmed glass door and it blends well in most home decors while providing space-economic wine storage solution for both your reds and whites/sparkling wine.

The glass door is double pane and the door opening can be reversed for more flexibility in placing options. To keep the temperature inside the cooler constant the magnetic door gasket provides tight seal preventing warm air getting inside the unit.

The door glass is slightly tinted to filter out harmful UV rays while still providing great view of your wines. The easy-grip metal  handle is on the top of the door.

The Auto Defrost feature defrosts any possible ice build-up automatically. Water from the defrost ice is channeled into a drain pan from where it evaporates by the heat of the compressor.


  • Height: 33.2″ (84.3 cm)
  • Width: 19.4″ (49.3 cm)
  • Depth: 23.3″ (63.3 cm)
  • Weight: 97 lbs. (44 kg)

Price of the Danby 38-bottle 2 temp. zone wine cooler: cc. $380 – $500 ($10 – $13.16 per bottle) which makes it one of the most affordable units in the dual-zone category.

Customer Opinions

Although Danby wine refrigerators look great and are equipped with modern features, however, many customers complain on poor quality and inefficient customer and repair service.

Often times the customer service staff of Danby didn’t deal with customer’s complaints properly or simply didn’t call back the customer.

Repair service people refused to come out to customers’ homes and deal with the problem many times.

This particular model was shipped damaged and dented to customers.

Danby 51-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The two independently controlled temperature zones allow you to store reds, and keep whites/sparkling wine chilled to their tasting temperature within the same unit ).

The tempered, tinted glass door comes with silver frame that matches the black cabinet and all-black interior nicely.

The semi-flush, sculpted handle on the top frame of the door enhances the clean look of the wine cooler. The door hinge is reversible providing you more choices when finding a place for it in your home.

Danby 51 bottle 2-temp zone wine cooler-shelving

The slide-out, natural beech wood shelves add elegant warm touch to the design.

The smaller upper zone is designed for storing red wines (temperature range of the upper zone is 50 – 64.4°F/10 – 18°C), while in the capacious bottom compartment you can cool whites (temperature range of the lower zone is 41 – 50°F/5 -10°C).

The Danby DWC153BLS 2-zone wine refrigerator is better for those who prefer whites over reds.

The top zone has two shelves, while the lower zone contains 4 shelves.

Both zones have their own plastic containers that you can fill with water and place in the center of top shelves for humidity control.

Danby DWC153BLS two-zone wine refrigerator control panel

The control panel is mounted under the top 2 shelves featuring easily-read blue LED display and push button controls for setting the temperature.

Both compartments are equipped with blue LED lights that can be turned on/off manually or automatically with opening/closing the door.

To operate the lights manually press the light switch on the bottom part of the cooler to “on”.


  • Height: 34 6/16″ (87.3 cm)
  • Width: 23 14/16″ (60.6 cm)
  • Depth: 23 12/16″ (60.3 cm)

This model is designed for built-in installment, under the counter.

See other Built-In Wine Refrigerators.

Price: cc. $925 – $1000 ($18.1 – $19.6 per bottle)

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, 5 years limited only on compressor and sealed system.

Consumer Reviews on the Danby 51-Bottle Two-Zone Wine Cellar

Danby 51 bottle dual zone wine cellar, DWC153BLSST

Similarly to the 30-bottle dual zone Danby wine cooler reviewed above, buyers of the DWC153BLS model have experienced many problems with their wine cooler.

Bad customer and repair service is frequently mentioned again as a major and reoccuring

Other main weakness of this model is that it is very noisy (a customer measured it to be over 53 dBA). The nosie is caused by the fan which also tends to break down the most often.

A user said that the fan broke down within a short period of time after purchasing the unit and it took him 2 months to replace it under the warranty.

Others experienced that the shelves can’t be pulled out smoothly.

Similar Wine Storage Units

Danby DWC518BLS 2-Zone, 51-bottle Wine Cooler

Danby DWC518 BLS 51 bottle wine refrigerator with two zones

This is a good-value two zone wine cabinet in which you can store up to 51 bottles of wine. The 24-inch width makes the wine cooler ideal for built-in use, under the kitchen counter or in a bar area.

Read a detailed review on the Danby DWC518BLS Undercounter Wine Cooler with 51 bottles capacity.

Price of the Danby DWC518BLS: cc. $940 – $1000 ($18.4 – $19.6 per bottle).

TIP: Make sure you buy Danby wine coolers only from authorized Danby dealers because Danby only support warranty services on models purchased from Authorized Dealers.


Danby 110-Bottle Two-Zone Wine Cabinet, DWC110BLSRH

Danby DWC110BLSRH 110 bottle wine cooler with two zones

This 110-Bottle wine cabinet has two individually controlled temperature zones in which you can store up to 110 bottles of wine.

It has compressor cooling with auto defrost and digital controls and display to set and monitor the temperature in each zone.

Black cabinet with black interior and stainless steel fronted wood shelves make make this an elegant wine storage cabinet at affordable price.

See other wine refrigerators with 100 or more bottles load capacity!

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