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What are dual zone wine cooler refrigerators and why would you consider buying one?

If you’re a serious wine drinker (considering quality not quantity) then you know that red and white wines are perfect for consumption at different temperatures.

If you love both reds and whites then you might need a dual zone wine refrigerator in order to cool them to drinking temperatures most favourable for both wine types.

Most red wines can be enjoyed the best at 50 – 64°F, while the majority of white wines require cooler drinking temperature (41 – 50°F) to fully appreciate their flavour.

A dual temperature zone wine cooler refrigerator is recommended if you want to store reds at around 55°F in one of the two compartments, and to chill whites to serving temperature in the other zone.

Recommended Good-Quality Dual Zone Wine Cellars:

But if you’re looking for a simple wine storage solution then a single zone wine cooler will be a more cheaper and reasonable choice.

Kept at the right temperature your wines will preserve their natural flavour and aroma for a longer period of time.

2-temperature-zone wine coolers have separate temperature controls and displays for each zone.

You simply set the desired temperature for the whites in one of the two compartments and adjust the suitable temperature for reds in the other compartment.

Many wine coolers, however don’t have two distinctive temperature zones so make sure you check this feature when you compare wine coolersEurocave, Viking, Summit, Marvel, U-Line, Vinotemp and other wine refrigerator manufacturers offer quality dual temperature zone wine refrigerators.

A dual zone wine cooler comes handy if you often have guests and you want to have ready-to-serve serve wine at temperature perfect for consumption.

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Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Sunpentown 24-Bottle Wine Cellar, SPT WC-2461H,

  • Thermoelectric, temperature range 45 – 64 °F
  • Stores 12 – 12 bottles on 5 – 5 glide-out wire shelves in each compartment
  • Digital touch button temperature controls, LED display in red (built in the top door frames)
  • Standalone use – max. ambient temperature: 87-89 °F
  • Double door with see-through dual pane glass, and stainless steel trim, curved metal handles

Avanti has a range of wine refrigerators with two temperature zones, other manufacturers like Danby, EdgeStar/Koldfront, Haier, Sunpentown, Vinotemp, Wine Enthusiast also offer 2-zone wine storage units.

N’FINITY Wine Coolers by Wine Enthusiast

The N’FINITY line of wine coolers and wine cabinets by Wine Enthusiast offer good value two temperature zone wine storage units in various sizes.

The smallest model holds up to 23 bottles (price: cc. US$ 699) while the most capacious unit stores 340 bottles of wine (price: cc. US$ 3 299).

Read reviews on the N’FINITY 50-Bottle Wine Cooler – an elegant medium size cabinet also with two independent compartments and hardwood shelving.

46-Bottle, Dual Zone Avanti Wine Cooler

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator, 46 bottles

This medium-capacity wine refrigerator by Avanti can be used as built-in or as freestanding.

The upper temperature zone can hold 32 bottles of red wine while you can chill 14 bottles of white or sparkling wine in the lower compartment on wooden shelves that are fitted with rollerr-assembly for easy pull-out (except for the bottom shelf) and to be able to remove them.

Temperature adjustment for the two zones is simple with the touch-pad digital control panel integrated in the top part of the unit.

Each of the two compartments has its own control buttons: the lower zone’s control is on the right-hand side and you can set temperature for the upper part with the touch buttons on the left.

You can also select temperature to be displayed either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius degrees.

In the upper compartment you’re recommended to store red wines for which you can set the temperature between 55°F – 65°F.

The lower zone is for chillig whites and sparkling wines to serving temperature. Here you can adjust temperature in the 40°F – 55°F range. If you drink mostly whites you can store them in the upper zone.

Price: cc. $700- $800 ($15.22 – $17.4 per bottle).  Read a full review on the Avanti 46-Bottle wine cooler.

Similar Home Wine Cellars

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Medium-Capacity Dual Temp. Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Large-Capacity Two-Zone Wine Refrigerators

Orien Usa 100 Bottle dual zone wine cooler FSW-100

When you grow out your mid-sized home wine cooler and you look for a more capacious wine storage unit (100+ bottles) then it’s best to choose a dual temperature zone wine refrigerator so that you have space and flexible storage solution for a wide variety of wines.

More Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cellars

Thermoelectric Two-Zone Wine Refrigerators

NewAir 32 bottle dual zone wine fridge with two doors

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly 2-zone home wine cellar then consider buying a thermoelectric (also known as Peltrier) unit which doesn’t contain compressor and cooling agent.

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