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Low-Cost Electric Home Cellars with Various Storage Capacities

EdgeStar, the manufacturer of small, portable electric household appliances, like air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators/freezers, has added small residential wine cellars to its product palette.

EdgeStar wine cooler refrigerators are thermoelectric storage units with capacities ranging from 12 – 32 bottles (they come out with a compressor-based 46-bottle wine refrigerator). Most small models (6-28 bottles) are sold under the Koldfront brand.

Their wine refrigerators are quite affordable (compared to other similar wine storages) with price tags between approx. US$ 150-700, so wine lovers with smaller budget (and home) can afford one of the several models to provide proper storage for their wines.

The company EdgeStar is located in Texas, USA.

Major Strengths of EdgeStar Wine Coolers

  • compact, space-efficient design,
  • option for wood racks that fit in all models
  • inexpensive – the price of EdgeStar home wine cellars is in the range of $100 – $900
  • silent operation – as a result of thermoelectric cooling there’s no compressor so the appliance generate less noise
  • auto defrost
  • easy to install – you just plug it in a proper outlet and adjust the required cooling temperature


  • Some single-zone EdgStar wine coolers have manual thermostat.
  • Thermoelectric cooling has its limitations: it takes longer to reach the set cooling temperature than with a compressor-run unit – you must allow 24 hours or more for the thermoelectric wine cooler to reach its lowest temperature.
  • Thermoelectric wine fridges are more sensitive to ambient temperature, direct sunlight, and potentially loading conditions- they may not cool to their theoretical minimum temperature if the ambient temperature is too high (max. 82 – 86°F/28 – 30°C).

Koldfront 12-bottle Wine Cooler-Thermoelectric

  • koldfront 12 bottle wine fridgeThis compact countertop wine cellar (Model TWR121SS) can store up to 12 standard size bottles of wine, 9 on the three scalloped chromed wire racks and 3 bottles on the bottom of the cabinet.
  • The cooling technology is thermoelectric, without a compressor and cooling agent.
  • Since the unit generates cool air without a compressor it is said to be fairly silent, operating without vibration.

TIP: Find out more about thermoelectric wine refrigerators.

  • If you don’t like the slide-out wire racks you can replace them with stylish teak wood racks that are designed to fit in each EdgeStar wine cellar model. The wood racks can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website at
  • The manufacturer claims that the noise level of the Edgestar 12-bottle model is less than 25 dB.
  • The only moving part is the fan that circulates the cool air within the cabinet and drives out the heat at the back of the unit.
  • The temperature range is 50 – 65°F which can be a bit warm for lighter white wines and sparkling wine. You can set the desired cooling temperature in this range with a mechanic thermostat which is a dial in the upper right hand corner inside the cabinet.
  • Regarding design, the TWR12SS wine cooler has black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed thermopane glass door that has a bar handle for easy grip.
  • The door glass is slightly tinted to filter out UV rays. The adjustable legs allow you to find the most suitable and spot for placement and helps you level out the unit.


  • Height: 18 1/2″
  • Width: 13 2/5″
  • Depth: 20

Weight: 26.4 pounds.

Consumer Reviews – Koldfront/EdgeStar TWR121SS 12-bottle Wine Cooler

The weakest point of the Koldfront 12-bottle wine refrigerator is the non-readable manual thermostat, that is only a knob which doesn’t show the temperature.

So finding the right cooling temperature is a bit tricky but once you find and set the correct temperature the cooler seems to hold it, according to user reviews.

Some users say it’s a bit noisy although others claim that the unit is so silent that he can barely hear it. One reason for the cooler for being noisy can be that is not level.

The Koldfront TWR121SS model 12-bottle cooler is a slimmer variation (it’s only slightly more than 10″ wide) of the Model TWR125SS described above and it has the same features.

All in all these small capacity wine storage fridges are fairly good-value units, take up little space in your home, operate virtually silently and provide protection for your wines from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Dimensions of the EdgeStar Slim-Fit Freestanding wine refrigerator:

  • Height: 25 1/2″
  • Width: 10 3/8″
  • Depth with handle: 21 1/4″

See other narrow wine cooler models.

Price: approx. $110 – $120 ($9.17 – $10 per bottle).

Warranty: 1 year parts and 90 days labor.

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EdgeStar 28-Bottle Wood-Paneled Wine Refrigerator

28-bottle wood-paneled wine cooler

The EdgeStar 28-bottle wine refrigerator, Model TWR285WD, with dark brown wood panels looks more elegant than the metal cabinets.

This model is also a thermoelectric cooler with the added benefits of:

  • vibration-free,
  • CFC-free,and
  • energy efficient operation
  • The see-through, thermopane glass door has espresso stained wood trim. The door is right-hinged and it has a brushed nickeled knob handle.
  • The six matching espresso stained wood racks can hold 4 bottles of wine each, and you can place 4 more bottles on the bottom shelf.
  • A white interior LED light provides illumination for the interior of the cabinet and better view of your wines.
  • Unfortunately this model has manual temperature control with which you can set the refrigerator to cool between the low 50s and mid 60s deg. Fahrenheit.


  • Height: 33 1/4″
  • Width: 20 1/2″
  • Depth: 22 3/8″

Price: The Edgestar Wood-Paneled wine cooler sells for around US$ 500-600 .

Similar Products:

Edgestar 30-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

This is a slim, 15″ wide single-zone model for built in use. The black cabinet looks really great with the stainless steel framed, tinted glass door and the wood fronted metal shelves.

Read a detailed review on the Edgestar 30-bottle Wine refrigerator.

EdgeStar 32-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator Model TWR320ESS

The EdgeStar TWR320ESS wine cooler can store up to 32 bottles of wine in its two independently controlled zones. This model also uses thermoelectric Peltier technology for cooling: no compressor, so it operates fairly silently.

  • Elegant blue LED display shows the temperatures of both the right- and left hand compartments.
  • 32-bottle double door wine fridgeThe 14 scalloped chrome wire racks can be pulled-out for better view and access of your wine collection. Each shelf can accommodate 2 bottles side by side.
  • Temperature range is mid 40s – mid 60s ºF. You can adjust the temperature for both zones with the digital controls on the control panel mounted on the upper door frames.
  • Press the Up and Down arrows to set the desired temperature.
  • The stainless steel framed French doors have dual pane tempered glass providing nice view of the stored wines inside that can be illuminated with blue interior LED lighting. Both door wings have stainless steel, curved bar handles.
  • This model is designed for freestanding placement only.


  • Height: 32 1/2″
  • Width: 20 2/3″
  • Depth: 20 1/4″

Weight: 69.9 pounds.

The unit is shipped with the leveling legs installed. To adjust the leveling legs: carefully lean the cabinet to one side (make sure the cooler is empty and the door is secured) and unscrew the leveling legs to make them longer. Screw them in tighter to make them shorter.

Note: This unit is not designed to operate with the leveling legs removed.

Price: the EdgeStar 32-bottle 2-Zone wine cellar costs around $400 -$500.

Warranty: 1 year parts and 90 days labor.

EdgeStar 36-Bottle Wine Refrigerator,

Two Zones, Double Door Design, For Built-In Use

open door view of the EdgeStar 36 bottle wine cellar

This is an elegant stainless steel model with lockable French doors, 12 stainless steel-fronted, slide-out wooden shelves that hold 36 standard size bottles (the two shelves on the bottom are smaller, have less depth, then the other 10).

Quality compressor cooling ensures stable temperatures in both compartments, that you can set in the range of 40-65 ºF  with easy-touch digital controls buil-in the top door frame (the two zones can be controlled independently).

Air-filter, leveling legs, blue LED lighting are the other features of this mid-sized cellar that sells for around $900 – $1 300.


  • Height: 34 1/8″
  • Width: 23 1/2″
  • Depth: 243/8″

Weight: 110 pounds.

EdgeStar 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Coolers

This is a fairly new model by EdgeStar (Model No. CWR460DZ), and unlike the other models listed above this one uses compressor cooling.

It has two independently controlled temperature zones for storing reds and chilling whites sand sparkling wine.

Digital controls and display, blue LED lighting and stainless steel trimmed wood shelves make the EdgeStar 46-bottle wine refrigerator an elegant appliance that can be either built in kitchen cabinetry or used as standalone.

The unit sells for around $600 – $700, carrying a 90-day warranty on labor and 1-year on parts.

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