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The GE PWR04FANBS 29 bottle wine cooler is a an attractive small wine storage unit for freestanding use.

The manufacturer, General Electric, is known for its high-quality elctronic appliances and the company has extended its product line with wine refrigerators that represent the exceptional quality and performance that characterize GE products.

If you look for a small-size single zone wine cooler that can accommodate up to 29 bottles of wine and keep it perfectly chilled then the GE

PWR04FANBS wine cooler is worth taking a look at.

Features & Benefits

  • The GE PWR04FANBS wine cellar has space for 29 bottles of wine.
  • 5 pull-out chromed wire racks hold the bottles. The capacity is calculated for normal sized wine bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux style).
  • There’s a stationary display shelf that is slightly tilted so that you can place and show off your most precious wines. The dispaly shelf is also great for putting back opened unfinished bottles, keeping the wine chilled and preserving its quality for 1-2 days.
  • Adjustable electronic temperature control – you can set the unit to cool to anywhere in the range of 45 – 65 deg. Fahrenheit. You’ll find pre-set temperature buttons for red wines (pressing it the cooler will maintain 54ºF) and white wines (45ºF).
  • The digital readout indicates the set temperature in ºF only (no option for switching to ºC).
  • Interior light with timer.

Look & Design of the GE 29-bottle Wine Cooler, PWR04FANBS

  • Black cabinet with stainless steel-trimmed, tinted glass door. The door design is contoured and the recessed door handle looks elegant and saves space.
  • The door is reversible so you can change the direction of opening (the unit comes with left-to-right door opening as standard). The manual of the wine cooler includes detailed instructions on how to reverse the door opening.
  • The door has a lock so you can keep your wine collection locked away.

The GE PWR04FANBS is compressor-operated so it is not completely silent. It does make some humming noise during cooling cycle although it isn’t disturbing according to user reviews.


  • Height: 33 1/2″
  • Width: 20 1/8″
  • Depth with handle: 22 3/4″

Weight: 97 pounds.

Price: cc. US$ 395 – 500.


The unit is designed for standalone use, it is not for building in under the counter.

The required clearance for proper air ventilation is : 1 1/2″ at the sides, 2″ at the back and 2″ at the top of the cabinet.



  • good size and reasonable price
  • display shelf is a nice feature, good for storing unfinished bottles
  • holds temperature well
  • attractive unit, will look good in a contemporary kitchen
  • easy to set up, no special maintenance is required


  • a bit noisy (low humming noise when the motor starts during a cooling cycle)
  • temperature display is only in deg. Fahrenheit

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