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User Review

(by Chris)

After about a 18 months the LCD display quit working. After about 24 months it stopped cooling and got extremely hot inside, lost about $150 worth of wine. Then it started cooling again; WTF? So, shame on me, I put more wine in it, and lost that too. Piece of crap. I would never buy another Haier product again. But their stuff does LOOK good in the stores.

Rating: useless

Haier HVUE08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cooler

Haier HVUE08ABS Wine Cooler Review

Features Overview

  • Capacity: 8 bottles (Bordeaux style, 750 ml)


  • Cabinet color: black
  • Door: triple pane tinted glass door with silver frame and curved stainless steel handle

Pros & Cons
(based on consumer reviews)


  • inexpensive
  • easy to use
  • great size


  • early failures, even complete break downs (within a couple of months)
  • inability to cool to the lower end of the temp. range
  • cheaply made
  • poor customer service

Overall Rating (1- 5 stars): 1 star

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