Top 5 Kalamera Wine Coolers

front view of Kalamera 46DZB Wine fridge, with closed see-through door

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 at 02:57 pm

Kalamera wine coolers are affordable fridges designed for storing wines perfectly chilled.

They boast elegant, sleek look that fit well in any modern kitchen, living room or entertainment area.

Read on to learn more about the various models based on

  • number of zones (single-/dual-zone),
  • installation type (built-in/freestanding), and
  • cooling technology (compressor/thermoelectric).

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Furthermore, Kalamera Wine Fridges Are:

  • Easy to set up and use,
  • Work quietly,
  • Energy efficient, and
  • Moderately priced: popular units sell for cc. 500 – 800 USD.

double red arrow pointing to the right About the Brand

The trademark is registered by a Chinese company, ZHONGSHAN MINEA APPLIANCE CO., LTD that has headquarters in California, U.S.

The coolers are sold through:

  • Wayfair,
  • Homedepot,
  • Overstock and some other online stores.

Besides wine refrigerators, they sell beverage coolers and portable coolers.

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front view of thwe 18 bottle Kalamera wine fridge
Kalamera 18-Bottle Wine Fridge

Kalamera wine coolers come in various sizes.

The smallest units can hold 12 and 18 bottles of wine, while the cabinet size model can accommodate up to 157 standard size bottles.

Mid-Size Models Store:

  • 30,
  • 40,
  • 46,
  • 52, and
  • 66 bottles of wine.

Both single zone and dual zone models are available, and most of them can be built-in.

Note: The number of wine bottles refers to typical Bordeaux bottles (750 ml, height: 11.75“ diameter: 2.75”.)

measurements the 5 most popular wine bottle sizes
Wine bottle sizes

Bottle Count – From 12 to 150+ Bottles

Storage capacity is calculated with standard size Bordeaux-style bottles ((750 ml, height: 11.75“ diameter: 2.75”.)

Wines in bigger bottles, magnums, champagnes, or odd-shape bottles reduce loading capacity. In order to safely store big bottles, remove some of the shelves to make room. Obviously you will be able to store less bottles as a result.

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front view of the 30 bottle Kalamera wine fridge, with the door closed
  • 18-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-18SZB
    • Single temp. zone, standalone or built in installation, only 12” wide
    • Price: cc. 470 – 500 USD
  • Read our review of the Kalamera 18-Bottle Wine Cooler!
  • 21-Bottle – KRC-21A-U
    • dual-zone, thermoelectric fridge, freestanding, 14″ wide
    • Price: cc. 130 USD
  • 30-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-30SZB
    • Single-zone, standalone or built in installation, 15″ wide
    • Price: cc. 600 USD
  • 24-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-24SS
    • Single-zone, freestanding only, 16.9″ wide
    • Price: cc. 229 USD
  • 40-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-40DZB
    • Dual-zone, double-door, built-in/freestanding, 24″ wide
    • Price: cc. 900 USD
  • 46-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-46DZB – Read Review:
    • Dual-zone, single-door, built-in/freestanding, 24″ wide
    • Price: cc. 800 USD
  • 52-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-52SZB
    • single-zone, built-in/freestanding, 24″ wide
    • Price: cc. 500 USD
  • 66-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-66DZB
    • dual-zone, double-door, built-in/freestanding, 30″ wide
    • Price: 999 USD

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Single Zone Units

  • 18-bottle – Kalamera KRC-18SZB
  • 30-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-30SZB
  • 24-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-24SS
  • 52-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-52SZB

Dual Zone Wine Fridges

  • 40-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-40DZB
  • 46-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-46DZB
  • 66-Bottle – Kalamera KRC-66DZB

double red arrow pointing to the right Main Features

  • Cooling technology: All Kalamera wine coolers use compressor cooling with ventilation fan to ensure even temperature across the whole cabinet interior.
  • Sleek look: stainless steel trimmed tinted dual pane glass doors come with lock.
  • Natural beech wood roll-out racks that you can pull all the way out.         
  • Storage capacity always refers to standard size, Bordeaux style bottles (750 ml, 2.75” in diameter and 11.75“ in height).
  • Touch screen temperature setting – simple to set the desired cooling temp.
  • Blue LED Digital display – easy to see the set temps
  • Soft interior lighting – showcases the wines nicely.
  • Most models can be built in kitchen cabinetry. their elegant look will enhance the look of of any modern kitchen or living room.
  • Both single zone and dual zone fridges are available with wide temperature range setting: 40 – 66°F.

double red arrow pointing to the right What About Noise and Vibration?

According to the manufacturer Kalamera wine refrigerators – though compressor operated – are not noisy at all.

The compressor is padded to lower vibration and thus noise level. It will still emit a low humming noise.

Most compressor wine fridges generate around 35 – 40 dBa (decibel) noise just like kitchen fridges/freezers that make cc. 37 – 42 decibel noise.

A good-quality dishwasher’s noise level is cc. 45 – 50 dBa.

They are not completely silent of course, since the fan that ensures even temperature distribution and the compressor itself make some low, humming noise similarly to a normal fridge.

To ensure low noise level make sure you place the wine cooler in a room where the ambient temperature is between 41°F – 95°F .

Some owners, however, have noted that their wine fridge was not as silent as advertised

Some even had to move the appliance to a place where the noise coming from the cooler did not bother them.

Warranty – Is 1 Year Enough?

The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty on replacement parts. A longer warranty period would be better, but most other manufacturers offer similar warranty length.

double red arrow pointing to the right What Owners Say? – Complaints Listed By Users

In general Kalamera coolers are of average or better quality based on owners’ reviews and comments.

Are Kalamera Wine Coolers Reliable/Good Quality?

It is a fairly trustworthy brand with units featuring all the technical specs and style a wine lover or budding wine collector is looking for when shopping for a storage and cooling appliance.

double red arrow pointing to the right Conclusion – YES or NO?

If you are looking for a good value wine fridge we recommend the Kalamera 46-bottle dual-zone model.

It is a nice looking, mid-sized cooler with fairly good owner reviews.

Price wise it costs cc. 800 USD which comes to 17.40 USD/bottle if you stick to standard size Bordeaux bottles and manage to fill up the fridge.

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