Lanbo 44-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler – A Great Investment In Home Wine Storage

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If you’re looking for a good-looking temperature-controlled wine storage with premium features at reasonable price then the Lanbo 44-bottle wine cooler will be an excellent choice.

It has two independent temperature zones where you have space for 44 Bordeaux-shape bottles (750 ml). Front ventilation allows for integrated under-the-counter placement.

See the features, pros and cons in detail in our review below.

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double red arrow pointing to the right Quick Overview

Lanbo 44-Bottle Wine Cooler (LW46D)

7.3 out of 10

Capacity: 44 bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux style)
Model: LW46D
Cooling Type: Advanced compressor with fan-circulated air-cooling
Zones: Dual Temperature Zone: Top ( white wines): 41 – 54 ºF (5 – 12 ºC), Bottom (red wines): 54 – 64 ºF (12 – 18 ºC)
Placement: Built-In/Freestanding
Dimensions: H: 34.4″, W: 23.4″, D (w handle): 25.3″
Place Of Manufacture: China (in accordance with U. S. ETL/UL standards).
Price: cc. 800 – 1150 USD

Look & Feel + Build Quality (Cabinet/Shelving)
Noise Level
Shelving (Quality/Spacing/Ease Of Use)
Price Per Bottle/Value For Money
Zones (Sizing/Temperature Control & Stability)
Warranty Length


Ample storage space in two zones (20+24 bottles)

Neat, elegant design

Low noise level (less than 43 dBA)

Lockable door (2 keys)

Door swing is reversible

Moderate price & operating cost



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double red arrow pointing to the right Attractive 24″Stainless Steel Cabinet With Glass Door

The Lanbo 44-bottle wine cellar has a neat, professional look with the black metal cabinet and stainless steel accents.

The dual layer glass door provides ample view of the bottles inside while the protective tint blocks the sunlight to protect the quality of the wine.

Reversible, Double-Pane Door with UV Protection & Safety Lock

The two-layer tempered glass is framed by thick, brushed stainless steel. The front exhaust grille is also stainless steel.

The door hinge is reversible so you can change the direction of door opening to better suit your preferences and needs. The cabinet height with the door hinge cover is: 34.4″

A streamlined, curved stainless steel handle provides nice, firm grip for opening the door.

You can also lock the door to prevent any unwanted access to your collection. The lock is on the bottom of the door frame. Two keys are included with the appliance.

Gentle, White LED Lighting

The low-heat LED bulbs illuminate the bottles in mellow white creating an understatedely elegant display of your collection.

The light will turn off on its own after 10 minutes of closing the door.

double red arrow pointing to the right Powerful, Low-Noise Compressor Cooling

All Lanborpro wine fridges are equipped with state-of-the-art compressor cooling that ensure stable, vibration-free environment for your wines.

The compressor runs only when it’s necessary and it perfectly adapts to slight changes in the ambient temperature.

double red arrow pointing to the right Dual Climate For 24 + 20 Bottles Of Wine

Two fans circulate the cool air inside the cabinet for even temperature distribution in both zones. You can customize the temperature in the range of

  • 41 °F – 54 °F in the top section (ideal for chilling whites, sparkling, champagne) and
  • 54 °F – 64 °F in the bottom one (suitable for red wine cooling and storage).

The top zone accommodates 24 standard size and shape bottles (whites/sparkling)while you can place maximum 20 bottles in the bottom zone (red wines).

The efficient, smooth operation of the compressor also saves you on the electricity bill: the estimated electricity consumption of the Lanbo 44-bottle wine cooler is 230 kWh a year.

Quiet, Vibration-Free Storage

Vibration dampeners reduce noise and shaking to a minimal level. According to independent measurements, the Lanbo LW46D fridge generates less than 43 dBA noise.

double red arrow pointing to the right Low Power Consumption – 28 USD Operating Cost/Year

Furthermore, the Lanbo 44-bottle cellar won’t add too much to your electricity bill. According to tests carried out by the manufacturer, the fridge uses approximately 220 kWh a year which translates to 28 USD cost annually.

This is a huge plus considering that the unit will likely run 24h/365 days to keep your prized bottles at the correct temperature.

Without excess vibration and annoying noise. All these for a price of a good bottle of wine.

65% Humidity, Odor-Free Interior

The wine fridge maintains around 65% passive humidity, meaning that You cannot adjust humidity in this model, but it isn’t necessary either since 65% relative humidity is most ideal for storing wine.

The Lanbo

double red arrow pointing to the right Digital Touch Controls & Elegant LED Screen

Control Panel- Lanbo 44-Bottle Wine Cooler

The wine cooler has two temperature sections allowing you to tailor-made the storage conditions according to your preferences.

You can opt to set both parts to the same setting, let’s say 54°F for long term storage or chill whites, sparkling wine in the upper zone and keep reds at a lower temp. in the bottom one.

The top zone with the colder settings (41 °F – 54 °F) stores up to 20 wine bottles, the warmer bottom zone has space for 24 bottles (54 °F – 64 °F).

We are talking about standard size and shape bottles (Bordeaux style: 11.8″ long, 3″ wide). Anything else will reduce the overall storage capacity but this is the case with most other wine coolers.

How To Set The Temperature?

The touch pad control on the top of the cabinet interior has the following buttons. They’re basically the same controls as that of the Lanbo 28-bottle model.

drawing of the Lanbo 28-bottle and the Lanbopro 44-bottle cooler's control panel
  • Set (gear symbol) – Press it to adjust the temperature in the Lower Zone
  • Lower Chamber display screen – shows temperature in the Lower Zone (in °C or °F)
  • Upper Chamber display screen – shows temperature in the Upper Zone (in °C or °F)
  • Set – Tap it to customize temperature in the Upper Zone
  • Light – Press it to turn on/off the interior light
  • °C/°F – Select Celsius or Fahrenheit – the display screen will show the temperature in the selected measurement
  • On/Off – Powers on /off the wine fridge.

It’s rather self-explanatory. So you power on the fridge by pressing the On/Off button. Then press the Set (gear symbol) next to the Upper or Lower display screen, then proceed to set the the desired temperature by pressing the Set button.

double red arrow pointing to the right 4 Full + 2 Half-Shelves

6 quality beech wood shelves with stainless steel front hold the bottles. 4 of them are full depth while 2 are half shelves.

Full Shelf Size – Holds 8 Bottles

  • Width: 19.1″, Depth: 18.1″, Height: 0.8″

Half-Shelf Size – Holds 6 Bottles

  • Width: 19.1″, Depth: 12.6″, Height: 0.8″

You can remove all 6 shelves. They also glide out smoothly to 3/4 of the way. The door opens to 180° giving you enough room to slide out a shelf and comfortably access the bottles.

Built-In Or Freestanding Placement

The Lanbo LW46W wine cellar comes with front heat exhaust so it is fit to integrated, built-in installation. The cabinet is fully finished so you can opt to leave it freestanding too.

The unit stands on 4 adjustable feet – these will help you to attune a perfect horizontal position. Which is necessary to prevent moving of the shelves and thus disturbing the sediments in wine.

What’s To Like?

  • High-end compressor cooling ensures stable, correct temperatures in the two zones.
  • Silent operation with minimal vibration – won’t bother you with annoying sounds and will keep your wines undisturbed by shaking.
  • White wine and red wine storage space is almost the same size (24 + 20 bottles)
  • Safety door lock
  • Reversible door hinge – gives you more flexibility when choosing where to place.
  • Appealing, premium look – a good-looking , stainless steel appliance with digital controls will always be in fashion.
  • Favorable operating cost due to low electricity consumption

What’s Not To Like?

  • The 0.8″ spacing between the racks is not enough for bigger/wider bottles – on the other hand most other wine fridges in this price range have the same shortcoming.

double red arrow pointing to the right Dimensions & Weight

photo of the Lanbopro 44 bottle wine cooler with the dimensions (height, width, depth) displayed
  • Height: 34.4″ (includes the door hinge cover)
  • Width: 23.4″
  • Depth: 25.3″
  • Weight: 113.5 lbs. (51.5 kg)

Suggested Installation Sizes

  • Height: 35.6″
  • Width: 25.8″
  • Depth: 27.3″

Price & Warranty

  • The Lanbo 44-bottle home cellar’s price starts form around 760 USD (Amazon). This comes to cc. 17.3 USD per bottle which is a very nice price for the premium features and good size. Some retailers sell it for around 800 – 830 USD or even more.

The warranty period is 3 years on parts and compressor and 1 year on labor.

double red arrow pointing to the right How About Similar Wine Fridges? Compare!

You will find that wine coolers with 44-46 bottles capacity are very popular and there is a wide choice in this size. Let’s see some good-value alternatives!

NewAir 46-Bottle Wine Refrigerator


  • Size: has space for 46 Bordeaux style bottles (750 ml)
  • Two independently controlled zones with digital touch buttons and LED display
  • Door with lock and reversible swing
  • Built-in/Freestanding installation
  • Quiet operation: max. 39 dBA
  • Price: 750 – 900 USD range

What’s Different?

  • Temperature range: upper compartment: 40 – 50°F (store 16 bottles), lower part: 50°F – 66°F (stores 30 bottles)
  • Accommodates considerably less bottles of white wine (16 bottles) than reds (30 bottles)
  • 5 removable, all-wood shelves
  • NewAir offers shorter warranty: 1 year on parts and labor.
  • Cabinet size. H: 33.5″, W: 24.5″, D (w handle): 24″

TIP: Here you can read more about the specifics of the NewAir 46-Bottle wine cooler!

TYLZA 46-Bottle Wine Cellar

TYLZA is relatively a newbie in the world of wine coolers and refrigerators. According to reviews however they make excellent quality and dependable units.

So you may want to take a look at what wine fridge units they offer and for how much.


  • Size: you can place 46 bottles in the TYLZA 24″ wide model.
  • Dual climate with touch controls: top zone: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C), bottom zone: 55 – 65°F (12 – 18°C)
  • Silent – 38 dBA noise level
  • Safety lock
  • 4 leveling legs
  • Built-in/Freestanding placement – the front exhaust plate has a unique design!
  • Price: cc. 750 – 800 USD

What’s Different?

  • Direction of door swing is one way only (no option to change hinging)
  • Has temperature memory feature (after a power outage it automatically restores the set temps)

TIP: Find out more about TYLZA wine refrigerators, including the 46-bottle model.

Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Cooler

TIP: Lanbo also has a smaller wine fridge model with 28 bottle capacity and dual climate feature.


Lanbo 44-Bottle Wine Cooler

One of the best things about Lanbo’s 44-bottle unit is that the two zones are of almost equal size so you can keep a good number of both whites/sparkling and red wines.

The powerful compressor together with the air ventilation fans maintain steady temperatures while not making too much sound.

The cabinet is built-in ready so you can slide it in uner a kitchen counter. The door swing is reversible and can be locked if you want to keep yor collection safe.

The stainless steel fronted wood shelves go nicely with the stainless steel edged glass door. The whole appearance of the cellar exudes elegance making it a pride of any wine lover’s home.

Winecooler Expert Team

Look & Feel/Build-Quality
Shelving (Quality/Spacing/Ease Of Use)
Temperature Control & Stability
Noise Level
Price Per Bottle/Value For Money

Who Is It Best For?

We think this wine fridge is a perfect fit for those who love both white and red wines.

The two climate sections hold almost the same number of bottles so you can chill your whites in the top part while store reds at a nice 54+ºF temperature in the bottom compartment.

The fridge works with minimal noise and can be built-in for a space-saving, streamlined look. If these are important features don’t hesitate to get the Lanbo 44-bottle wine cooler.

Overall Rating


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