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The Magic Chef 44-bottle dual zone wine cooler is an affordable wine storage unit with two independently controlled temperature zones for red and white wines. It is also ideal for storing and chilling canned beverages (soda, beer).

Read the full review below to find out whether the Magic Chef MCWC44DZ dual zone wine cooler suits your needs and budget and to learn about its pros and cons. Summary of user reviews including the most frequent complaints are also included.

Review of the Magic Chef 44-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, Model MCWC44DZ

The Magic Chef 44-bottle two-zone wine cooler holds 44 bottles of wine in two individually sealed compartments. The top zone accommodates 16 bottles, the bottom zone has space for 28 bottles.

The black cabinet has black interior and stainless steel trimmed, tempered glass door with stainless steel bar handle. It has a black, removable toe kick plate.

The cooler has digital thermostat that you can set between 39°F and 61°F (4°C – 16°C) with one-touch button controls integrated in the door glass. The digital readout displays the temperature in clear numbers in blue that can be easily seen through the door glass.

The two zones are separated with a partition. Each zone has its own temperature control, display and interior lighting.

Upper Zone – stores 16 bottles on two full-depth pull-out wire shelves (each shelf holds 8 bottles with the bottle necks alternating front to back). The two-level bottom rack accommodates 6-6 bottles of wine with bottle necks facing the front.

Lower Zone – stores 28 bottles, it also has two full-depth wire shelves each holding 8 bottles with the bottle necks alternating front to back.

Interior Light

Each zone has its own interior light: low-intensity, long-life LED lights for energy efficiency. To turn on/off the light press the light indicator on the control pad.

Setting the Thermostat

Under normal conditions the temperature display indicates the current temperature of the corresponding zone.

The thermostat in each zone can be set to the desired temperature by pressing the Up and Down arrows that will increase or lower the setting by 1 degree increments.

Once you have adjusted the upper or lower zone to the desired temperature, release the temperature pad. At this time the temperature display will flash for approximately 3 seconds to confirm the selected temperature. Once the display stops flashing the temperature display will indicate the current temperature of that zone.

Magic Chef MCWC44DZ Wine Cooler Review & Rating
Features Overview

  • Capacity: 44 bottles, top zone: 16, bottom zone: 28
  • Design:
    • Cabinet color: black cabinet with black interior, black front grille
    • Door: stainless steel-framed, thermopane glass door with stainless steel bar handle, reversible
  • Cooling method: compressor, auto defrost
  • Number of zones: two
  • Built-in/Freestanding: both, front ventilation
  • Temperature Control:
    • Thermostat (Mechanical/Digital): adjustable digital thermostat for each zone
    • Temperature Range: 39°F – 61°F (4°C – 16°C).
  • Shelving:
  • Noise: a bit loud according to some users
  • Electricity consumption: no information
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.4″ x 23.4″ x 24.4″)
  • Weight: 104.0 lbs.
  • Price range: US$ 350 – 400 (US$ 7.6 – 8.7/bottle).
  • Warranty: 5 year on compressor, 1 year on parts and labor

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: 2 independent zones to keep reds and whites at their recommended drinking temperature, aesthetic design, easy-to-use touch-pad controls, digital display, moderately-priced
  • Cons: a bit loud, the compressor cycles often when set below 55°F

Rating (1- 5 stars): 3 and half star

The temperature display can be switched from Fahrenhiet to Celsius and vice versa by simultaneously pressing the Up and Down arrows for the upper zone for approx. 3 seconds.

Note: The temperature may fluctuate +/-5°F (+/-3°C) from cabinet bottom to top depending on ambient temperature and load.

The control pads can be locked (by pressing the “lock” button) to prevent the settings from being adjusted accidentally. To unlock the control pads press the “lock” pad for approx. 3 secs. Once the unit is unlocked an audible beep will be heard and the “lock” indicator light will go out.


The Magic Chef 44-bottle dual zone wine cooler can be used either as a standalone unit or you can build it in existing cabinetry.

User Reviews, Complaints

Apart from the cons mentioned in the review box above several owners of the Magic Chef MCWC44DZ wine cooler have reproted that their unit failed to work shortly after 1 year when the wararnty expired.

The evaporator fan motors tend to break down early. The manufacturer’s customer service isn’t efficient, lack of repair centers is also mentioned.

User Review on the MagiChef 44-Bottle 2-Zone Wine Cooler

Review (by Rob Thurmond): Worked great for a year then developed a coolant leak that could not be repair. Closed coil system prevents patching leaks.

Rating: two star rating – Poor

Summary – Who Should Buy the Magic Chef 44-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler?

The Magic Chef MCWC44DZ wine refrigerator is not for those who want to store wine in it for a longer period of time and it is not for those who look to have a reliable long-lasting unit. It is ideal for occasional wine drinkers who would like to have both reds and whites on hand, perfectly cooled to serving temperature, but don’t want to spend too much on it.

There’s a chance that the compressor or the fan motor might break very early, on the other hand the unit might work well and that well worth its price. Think through your wine storage needs and choose a brand and model that suits both your preferences and budget.

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