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The Marvel Chateau Collection wine cellars reperesent the ultimate in highly advanced home wine storage appliances. As one of the leaders in manufacturing sophisticated wine cooler refrigerators designed to keep wine in prime quality by ensuring the required storage conditions Marvel offers a wide choice of models depending on size and look.

part from the top-of-the-line technical features the Marvel Chateau Collection wine cellars (which is one of the two wine refrigerator series offered by Marvel) exude professional and elegant look that can be a highlight of any wine connoisseur’s home.

This article reviews the most popular Marvel Chateau Collection wine cooler refrigerators to help you compare and choose a model that suits your needs the best.

Main Features & Benefits of Marvel Chateau Collection Wine Cellars

Sentry System – The Chateau Collection wine cooler models are equipped with this unique and patented refrigeration monitor system that operates real time. Unlike wine coolers that monitor the air temprature inside the cabinet and cycle on and off accordingly, Marvel’s Sentry System intuitively predicts the temperature of wine inside the bottles and regulates the cooler to adjust the temperature. This temperature regulation system ensures a more stable wine storage environment emulating conditions existing in natural cellars.

Further Benefits of the Sentry System:

  • audible and visual alarms signify if the temperature exceeds or goes below the adjusted value, power failure or if the door is not closed properly
  • the alarms can be disabled if you wish not to be disturbed by the beeping sound
  • easy user-friendly temperature setting
  • the display shows the actual temperature of wine
  • includes Sabbath mode that can be activated or turned off by the user
Vibration Neutralization System in Marvel Chateau Collection wine cellars

Vibration Neutralization System – apart from optimum temperature the vibration-safe environment is the other most important factor in proper wine storage.

All Marvel wine cellars contain a 3-element vibration eliminating system to prevent vibration caused by the compressor from transfering to the wine bottles.

Find out more about Marvel’s Vibration Neutralization System.

  • Hidden Control Panel Inside the Cabinet – Although some may appreciate a clearly visible control panel on an appliance because it looks techie and modern but some may prefer Marvel wine cellars’ discreetly located control panels that suggest refined elegance.
  • Full-extension slide-out racks – allow convenient stocking up and access of wines. The racks are designed to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes. The shelves have natural maple fronts that can be custom finished to your preference or you can choose one of Marvel’s 3 pre-finished wood facings.
  • 3 choices of colour finishes: To help you choose a model that matches with your home decor the best Marvel Chateau Collection wine refrigerators are available in black, white and stainless steel finishes.

The Marvel Chateau Collection wine refrigerator models are available in 3 width sizes:

  • 15″ wide units
  • 24″ wide, and
  • 30″ wide Marvel Chateau wine cellars,

Racking Accommodates All Types of Wine Bottles

All models in the collection come with unfinished maple shelf fronts as standard but you can opt for Marvel’s pre-finished shelf facings which are offered in:

  • gloss black,
  • gloss white and
  • stainless steel.

No need to do the finishing yourself just choose a facing that suits your home decor. All shelf facings come in sets of 6 for wine refrigerators and sets of 4 for beverage coolers.

The space between the two door glass panels is filled with Argon gas to ensure maximum thermal insulation. For further customization you can order your Marvel Chateau wine cellar with a door that accepts custom frame overlay.

You can have an elegant wood frame made and installed by a cabinet manufacturer. Make sure you download the manual titled The Custom Wood Frame Designer Door Instructions from Marvel’s website. You can also opt for custom overlay solid door but in this case you cannot admire your wine collection.

Note that the Overlay Solid doors are not available for models 15iM, 8SWCE, 8SBARE, 80RF, 29AF and 29AFF.

All Marvel wine coolers are auto-defrost.

Review of the Marvel 68-Bottle Wine Cellar, Model 8SWCE

Marvel 8SWCE Chateau Collection Wine Cellar, 68-bottle

Marvel’s 68-bottle wine cooler in the Chateau Series is one of the largest capacity undercounter wine coolers available on the market. Due to the generous 68 bottle capacity the unit is quite wide (30 inches) but it do provides room for an extensive collection of wines.

The 6 full-extension slide-out racks accommodate all types of wine bottles including:

  • wide Bordeaux type bottles,
  • magnums,
  • half-sized bottles or
  • long-necked German wine bottles.

No need to be restricted to standard size bottles when going shopping for wine.

Note that the less expensive wine cooler refrigerator models are designed to store wines in standard-size and shape bottles. In addition to the slide-out shelves there’s one stationary shelf on the bottom

The racks have natural maple wood fronts enhancing the refined elegance of the cabinet which is available in 3 decors:

Shelving of Marvel Cahteau Collection 68-bottle wine cooler
  • monochromatic black with black interior,
  • monochromatic white with white interior,
  • or black cabinet with stainless steel framed glass door and black interior

The unfinished maple fronts can be easily custom finished to ensure that the unit fits in your kitchen cabinetry.

or you can spare the trouble and use Marvel’s pre-finished shelf facings which are offered in 3 colors:

  • gloss black,
  • gloss white and
  • stainless steel.

The pre-finished facings come in sets of 6 for wine refrigerators and sets of 4 for beverage coolers. Models 66SWCE, 66SWBE and 66SBWE need 2 sets of facings. Replacements for the natural maple fronts are also available.

The door glass is double-paned and filled with Argon gas for maximum thermal insulation. The glass is slightly tinted to provide UV protection. The door is reversible and requires only 90° opening to be able to pull out the shelves.

You can order the Marvel 8SWCE wine cellar model with a door that accepts custom frame overlay. The custom overlay solid door is not available for the 8SWCE model.

Hidden Control Panel – Fine Elegance

The temperature can be set between 40°F – 65 °F with the touch button controls integrated inside the cabinet. The soft interior lighting can be set to continuous illumination. The blue LED display screen shows the actual temperature of the wine not that of the cabinet interiror.

Price of the Marvel Chateau Collection 8SWCE Wine Cooler: cc. US$ 2200-2500.

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Further Marvel Chateau Collection Wine Cellar Models

There are 12 models in the Chateau Series including two-zone models, and an 18-bottle Champagne Cellar.

The Marvel Chateau 108-Bottle Wine Cellar, 66SWCE is a capacious dual temperature zone unit.

The Marvel Chateau 66SWBE is a 2-Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler with two separate compartments:

  • the upper one can store 54 bottles of wine while
  • the lower zone has storage space for 114 canned beverages and 14 wine bottles.

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