MOOSOO 30-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler cc. 600 USD – YES or NO?

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MOOSOO is best known for its cordless vacuum cleaners. The Chinese brand was founded in 2014. and their appliances have fast become best-sellers on Amazon.

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front view of the MOOSOO wine cooler with the stainless steel framed glass door closed. The natural wood shelves are fully stocked with wines with the bottom facing outwards.
MOOSOO 30-Botle Dual-Zone Cellar

Besides lightweight vacuum cleaners, in the last couple of years they have developed and manufactured other high-quality household appliances, including wine coolers.

Based on owners’ opinions, quality and affordability go hand in hand in case of MOOSOO gadgets.

Let’s find out whether their mid-capacity wine refrigerator – stores max. 30 bottles – is value for money.

Dual-Zone, 30 Bottles, 15-Inch, Built-In Wine Fridge – Is It Worth The Money?

The MOOSOO MG30B has black stainless steel cabinet with thermopane glass door and stainless steel toe kick.

Stainless steel strips frame the lightly tinted dual pane glass door. It also features a solid stainles steel bar handle that ensures a firm grip and smooth opening of the door.

Despite the the slight coloring of the door glass – it blocks UV lights to help conserve the quality of wine – you will get an unobsturced view of the bottles lying on the wood racks.

Furthermore, you can keep your wine collection safe and undisturbed by locking the door. The safety lock is on the bottom of the door.

The two zones have their own controls and display screen. Top part is ideal for whites and sparkling wines since it is cools to lower temps: 41 – 55°F (5 – 13°C).

The bottom zone is ideal for storing red wines between 54 – 64°F (12-18°C).

Elegant beech wood shelves hold the bottles. You can remove them if you wish to make room for champagnes or other large bottles.


  • Great price – at less than 600 USD you get all the bells & whistles
  • Two temperature zones with wide range of temperature (top, smaller section is for reds, bottom section is for whites/sparkling)
  • Silent – makes very little noise when the compressor is working.
  • Lockable, solid glass door – filters UV rays but lets you clearly see the wines inside.
  • Elegant, rolling wood shelves – goes very well with the stainless steel and glass decor.
  • Gift set – who doesn’t love free stuff (see details below)?


  • Some might find the brand name a bit too big on the door glass
  • Red wine lovers may find that the top zone is a bit small for their favourite wines.
  • Warranty period should be longer in this price category.
  • Some reviewers found the shelves to be a bit tight and they were unable to stock it up fully with 30 bottles. TIP: Place bottles cross-wise to maximize space.
  • The instruction manual’s translation could have been better.

Temperature Control & Display

Photo and infograph showingthe MOOSOO 30-bottle wine fridge the glass door slightly open. The dimensions of the appliance are indicated. A smaller image presenting the 6 wood shelves is to the right of the fridge.
MOOSOO MG30 Wine Cellar

A black control panel separates the two zones.

This is where you power on/off the cooler, adjust the temperature for the two sections, and switch on or off the light.

It has touch buttons that are self-explanatory:

double red arrow pointing to the right From Left To Right You’ll Find These Buttons:

  • Cabinet Light Switch – tap it to turn on or off the LED interior light
  • °F/°C Selector – press it to set the cooler to display temperature in the desired unit: Fahrenheit or Celsius Degree.
  • Temperature Icon
  • Bottom Zone Display
  • Upper Zone Display
  • UP
  • DOWN
  • Power Switch – press it to turn on/off the fridge.

The buttons on the right side control the bottom zone while the left side buttons and screen belong to the top zone.

You can distinctly see the numbers in white on the LED readout.

How To Set The Temperature?

double red arrow pointing to the right Temperature Memory – No Need To Reset Cooler

There are occasions when our home experiences sudden power loss.

You know how tedious is to reset digital clocks and some other appliances when the power is back on.

Well, in case of the MOOSOO wine cooler you don’t have to worry about resetting the temperature. It will retain the original settings.

Wood Shelving

photo showing two of the wood shleves partially pulled out. Both shelves hold 4 bottles with white labels on them.

6 neat, unvarnished wood shelves cradle the wine bottles in this MOOSOO wine cellar.

Each shelf holds 5 standard size and style bottles (750 ml).

They’ll roll out smoothly when you put in or remove bottles.

The bottom shelf in the red wine compartment is more spacious than the other 5 shelves. This where you can put wider bottles, champagnes.

Cross Placement of Bottles

Remember to place 3 bottles with the bottom facing outwards, and 2 bottles in between the 3 with the neck facing outwards.

This way you can squeeze in altogether 30 Bordeaux style and size (750 ml) wine bottles.

The shelves are removable.

How Many Bottles Can be Stored In the White & Red Wine Zone?

The two temperature zones have equal storage space. The top section designed to keep red wines in it between 41 – 55°F can accommodate 15 normal size bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux type).

The lower compartment has space for 15 white/sparkling wines . here you can adjust the temperature between 41 – 55°F.

The shelf size differs in this zone: the bottom shelf is larger so you can place bottles in two rows, while the upper shelf is a bit tight due to the closeness of the control panel.

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double red arrow pointing to the right Where & How To Install The Wine Cooler?

You can choose to build in the wine cooler for example under a counter or place it standalone.

MOOSOO MG30 Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

The cabinet width is 15 inches and fits perfectly in the space of a standard trash compactor.

Make sure the floor where the cooler will be stand is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the fully loaded wine fridge.

Furthermore it is also important that the floor is even, doesn’t tilt excessively to any direction. This ensures that the shelves will stay horizontal inside the cabinet holding the bottles securely, without any shaking.

Rotate the adjustable legs to adjust a perfect level positioning.

Leave 2.5 – 3 inches space at the rear to have enough room for plugging in the appliance.

Let the fridge stand upright for at least 24 hours before plugging it in so that the refrigerant can settle

Complimentary Gift Set

You will get a very thoughtful gift set when buying the MOOSOO 30-bottle cellar.

  • A corkscrew and two wine stoppers in an elegant black box.

Keep the box right on top of the fridge. You will have no trouble opening a bottle of wine at dinner when you have the tool at hand.

double red arrow pointing to the right Key Features – MOOSOO MG30B

Capacity: 30 bottles (750 ml, Bordeuax style bottles)

Cooling Method: compressor cooling with air circulation, R600a refrigerant

Number of Zones: dual zone with separate controls & display.

Temperature Range: Upper Zone – for white/sparkling wines: 41 – 55°F (5 – 13°C), Lower Zone – for red wines: 54 – 64°F (12 – 18°C).

Temperature Control: touch pad buttons integrated into the control panel between the two zones.

Display: LED readout

Door: Two-layer, tempered, slightly colored glass to filter out UV rays, has stainllow-ess steel trim

Opening Direction of Door: can be reversed

Safety Lock: yes, safety lock with key

Handles: Sturdy, stainless steel straight bar handles

Temperature Memory: after power outage it resets to the temperatures set before the power failure.

Interior Light: Low-intensity blue LED lighting.

Shelving: 6 quality, beechwood sliding shelves, can be completely pulled out.

Noise Level: cc. 42 dBA

Power: 81 watt.

Electricity Consumption: cc. 0.65 kWh/24hours

Installation: Standalone/built-in under the counter, ventilation is in the front

Clearance Required: leave at least 2.5 inches at the back for the plug.

double red arrow pointing to the right Dimensions

External Size

  • Height: 33.35″
  • Width: 14.97″
  • Depth: 23.04″

Internal Size

  • Height: 33.3″
  • Width: 11″
  • Depth: 23″


  • Weight: 85.1 lbs. (38.6 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 580 – 600 USD (19.3 – 20 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

double red arrow pointing to the right Why Buy the MOOSOO 30-Bottle Wine Cooler?

First and for most it costs less than most other wine fridges with same or similar storage space.

At this price level it sure looks sleek and compact. The cabinet is fully finished so no matter if you build it in or just leave it standing, it will draw the eye. A perfect addition to a home office or wine bar.

Has two well-sized temperature zones with independent controls and display.

You can lock the glass door if you want to keep your wine collection safe from children.

Comes with a gratis wine accessory set: a corkscrew and two bottle stoppers packaged in a tasteful black box.

MOOSOO wine fridges are made in China but they are not cheap quality but rather well-made and dependable.

Of course some units might arrive with defects or even malfunction but with Amazon’s full refund it is worth taking the risk.

All in all, the MOOSOO 30-Bottle wine refrigerator is recommended to every wine enthusiast.

Whether you want to start building up a wine collection or just like to have a 20+ bottles of favorites chilled to perfection at hand, this is a nice, low cost home cellar.

double red arrow pointing to the right About MOOSOO & Its Wine Fridges

MOOSOO is a Chinese brand developed by the Shenzhen Jimo Technology Co., Ltd., a medium-size company based in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province of China

The company started out with making and selling clothes in 2014. In 2017 they switched to manufacturing electronic cigarettes and accessories.

In October 2019 they launched their lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners that have quickly become very popular overseas. Soon they added other home appliances to their product portfolio.

They launched the first series of MOOSOO wine coolers in 2020.

All units apply compressor cooling technology and feature unpainted beechwood shelving.

The company doesn’t have its own R & D (Research & Development) division but they do seem to use advanced technology.

MOOSOO Wine Refrigerator Models in 2021:

  • 18-Bottle Single-Zone Cooler, 12 inches wide – built-in/freestanding (MG18)
  • 30-Bottle Dual-Zone Unit, 15 inches wide – built-in/freestanding (MG30)
  • 51-Bottle Single-Zone Fridge, 24 inches wide – built-in/freestanding (MG51)
  • 75-Bottle Wine & Beverage Cooler – Dual-Zone – built-in/freestanding (MG75)

You can read more about the manufacturer and its products here.

Similar Units

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