Newair 46 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – AWR-460DB – Why So Many Bad Reviews?

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Dual Zone Model with Compressor Cooling

Are your a wine enthusiast who regularly buys a couple of the favorite bottles? Do you already have a mid-size collection you don’t know where to store?

The NewAir 46-bottle wine cooler might solve your problem. It comes with lots of great features not to mention the pleasing look and moderate price.

The fridge has quite a few mixed reviews on Amazon and other retail sites. Let’s try and uncover whether it’s worth buying or not!

Quick Overview

NewAir 46-Bottle Wine Cooler

7 out of 10

Capacity: 46 bottles
Cooling Type: Inverter compressor with internal fan circulation
Zones: Dual Temperatures: 40 – 50 °F (5 – 10 °C) in the upper (white wine section), 50 – 66 °F (8 – 18 ºC) in the lower zone (red wines).
Placement: Built-In or Freestanding
Dimensions: H: 33.5″, W: 24.5″, D: 24″
Place Of Manufacture: China
Price: cc. 750 – 900 USD.

Look & Feel (Cabinet/Door/Shelving)
Noise Level
Shelving (Quality/Spacing/Ease Of Use)
Price Per Bottle
Zones (Sizing/Temperature Control & Stability)
Warranty Length


Great price for the size and twin zone feature

Hold temperature well in both zones

Nearly silent (see the part about inverter compressors in the review below)

Fits under a counter but can be placed standalone too

Elegant light inside with two brightness level settings.

Easy to set up and no maintenance.

Energy-saving, inverter-type fridge


Less storage space for white wines – this might be a concern if you prefer whites over reds

Non-standard size, wider bottles will reduce capacity

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If you can find space in your kitchen to slot the cooler in, flush with the cabinetry and other appliances, you can do with this NewAir wine fridge, since it’s front vented.

Moreover, it has two independently controlled temperature zones giving you the freedom of keeping full-bodied reds at 61°F, and chill nice, fruity Rieslings at 43°F.

See our detailed review, and summary of pros and cons mentioned by owners.

Even, Stable Cooling With Minimal Noise & Vibration Using Inverter Compressor

The latest models in the line of NewAir wine fridges apply inverter cooling that has a great number of advantages over non-inverter technology. Let’s see what are these and how inverter compressors work.

Traditional compressors have only one speed and they tend to run cooling cycles frequently to maintain the set temperature inside the fridge.

Whenever the temperature exceeds the programmed value the compressor will kick in to start a cooling cycle. This generates noise and vibration that you will hear and most wine cooler owners usually complain about.

On hot days, if your wine fridge is not in a cool, air-conditioned room, the compressor will work all the time to keep the interior and the contents in it cool, preferably at the set temperature.

On the other hand, in winter when it’s cooler outside and in our homes, the compressor should work at a lower speed to maintain the temperature.

But traditional refrigerators, including wine coolers have a one-speed compressor and they will operate at this same high speed no matter whether it’s needed or not to keep the temperature stable.

This high-speed compressor work requires quite a lot of power and if the compressor has to run often then it will show in the electricity consumption.

Inverter compressor adjust their speed to the level of work needed to maintain the temperature. During the day when it’s hot outside it will run at a higher rate while at night when the air cools down it will operate at a slower speed.

To sum up, the compressor in a conventional fridge has only two settings: On or Off. It will run at the same speed whether it’s needed or not. In contrast, an inverter compressor has variable speed that adapts to the conditions and the required cooling power.

This saves energy, is more quiet and the compressor’s lifespan will be longer.

TIP: See Samsung’s video explaining how inverter compressors work and what are their benefits.

Full Review – NewAir AWR-460DB Built-In Wine Cooler

double red arrow pointing to the right Black Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

front view of the NewAir NWC046BS00 wine cooler model: black cabinet with black toe kick and black framed glass door
NewAir NWC046BS00 wine cellar (all-black)

This stylish NewAir wine fridge comes in two decors:

  • All-black stainless steel with standard black toe kick (Model No.: NWC046BS00)
  • Stainless steel: stainless door frame and stainless standard toe kick Model: AWR-46DB)
  • Stainless steel decor with recessed kickplate (NWC046SS01)

The cabinet has black matte finish with stainless steel or black front grille and black interior.

The stainless steel or black frame of the triple pane, tinted glass door lends a refined, modern appearance that will look stunning in a kitchen or bar area.

The door has a curved stainless steel handle for easy opening. The fridge can be locked with the key that comes with the unit. The lock is on the bottom, in the front exhaust plate.

The unstained wood shelves hold the bottles securely while adding a bit of warmth to the overall sleek look. The interior LED light displays your collection in cool blue.

You can set the light to dim or bright level (most wine coolers only have one setting).

The digital controls and display screen further accentuate the modern design.

Both decors look absolutely elegant and either will be a nice addition to a wine lover’s home.

double red arrow pointing to the right Shelving

The 5 wood shelves slide out smoothly providing easy access to your bottles. Shelves can be pulled all the way out should you want to remove one or two to make room for larger, non-standard shape bottles.

The two racks of the top compartment hold 16 bottles (8-8 on each shelf) while you can fit approx. 30 bottles in the lower zone that contains three shelves.

So you can store almost twice as many red wines in it than whites, since the lower section has the warmer temperature range.

double red arrow pointing to the right Setting The Temperature

Photo of the NewAir 46-Bottle wine cooler showing the 5 wood shelves partially pulled out. Each shelf holds 7 bottles.
Shelves In The NewAir 46-Bottle Fridge

The control panel is in the divider between the two parts. It contains push button digital controls and the temperature display for each zone.

  • The upper zone – ideal for whites/sparkling wine – 16 bottles of them – can be controlled with the Up and Down Arrows on the the left side, in the range of 40 – 50°F,
  • while the right side buttons are for setting the temperature in the lower zone from 50°F  to 66°F. It’s meant for red wine storage. You have space for around 30 bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux-type).

The display screen includes several indicators:

  • actual and set temperatures in both zones,
  • internal light status and a couple of more.

The Control Panel Of The NewAir 46-Bottle Wine Fridge

double red arrow pointing to the right Humidity Control: Is It Important?

Similarly to other wine fridges in the not overly pricey category (less than 2 000 – 3000 USD) this NewAir model has passive humidity control.

A plastic water container is included that you fill with water and place it on a shelf.

The evaporating water will help to get the air’s relative humidity level up to 60 – 70% inside the cabinet. This prevents drying out of the corks that could happen in too dry air (less than 50 % RH) if you would store the wines for several months.

Most wine coolers that are aimed to be used for short term storage and/or as serving cooler (you keep the bottles in it to chill them to drinking temperature) maintain humidity in a passive way: putting water in a container or collecting the condensation in a drip tray that will then evaporate.

In other words, if you will keep your wines in the fridge for only a short period of time (1-2 months) then humidity is not that important.

Features at a Glance

Capacity: 46 standard size and shape bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux style)

Cooling method: Variable-speed compressor (inverter technology) with CFC, HCFC-free coolant

Number of Zones: Two individually controlled temperature zones

Temperature Ranges: Top part (white wines): 40- 50 °F (5 – 10 °C), Bottom Part: (red wines): 50 – 66°F (10 – 18°C)

Temperature Control & Display: Digital thermostat with push button controls, blue LED display

Shelving: 5 roll-out wood shelves (removable): 2 in the top zone, 3 in the bottom zone.

Door Swing: Opens to the right but you can reverse it to open to the left.

Door Lock: Yes, with 2 keys.

Odour Filter: Yes (activated carbon filter)

Power: 140 Watts

Electricity Consumption: 3.36 kW/day (5 hours of running), cc. 260 kW/year

Noise Level: Less than 39 dBA

What’s To Like?

  • Attractive, medium size fridge with two zones
  • Moderate price – compared to similar capacity units
  • Quiet and energy efficient inverter compressor – won’t bother you when having dinner, watching TV etc., talking to family or friends/guests
  • Consistent temperatures in both sections – keeps your wines at ideal temperature.
  • Different decors, each ready for built-in/undercounter installation.

What’s Not To Like?

  • You can store less whites than reds in it.

double red arrow pointing to the right Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 33.5″
  • Width: 24.5″
  • Depth: 24″ (excl. handle: 22.5″)
  • Weight: 104 lbs.

double red arrow pointing to the right Placement Tips

As with any other wine fridge, find a level area with firm flooring that will be able to support the cooler fully loaded.

photo showing the NewAir 46-bottle wine refrigerator built-in under the kitchen counter within white wood cabinetry

Leave the appliance standing upright for 24 hours to allow for the refrigerant to settle. It plugs into a 120v/60Hz outlet – if it’s possible use a dedicated one instead of an extension.

The adjustable front legs are a nice feature that will help you perfectly level the appliance

. Pay attention also to placing the unit away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

The wine fridge ventilates in the front so you can install it as built-in leaving minimal space around the sides (1/2″).

Do not enclose it or cover the exhaust plate though because it would block the ventilation path.

Naturally, you can leave it freestanding if it’s more suitable for you. It will look great either way!

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 750 – 900 USD (16.30 – 19.56 USD per bottle). The price depends on the model and decor finish. The all-black decor with standard/recessed kickplate is pricier.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

As you can see the NewAir 46-bottle cooler has a moderate price per bottle ratio, considering you manage to fill it up to the max.

double red arrow pointing to the right How Does It Comapre To Similar Wine Fridges?

There are a several wine coolers with 46 bottle capacity and dual-zone feature available in stores. Let’s see the similarities and differences when compared to the NewAir model.

TYLZA 46-Bottle Wine Cellar

TYLZA is a relative newcomer in the world of wine cooling and refrigeration. They are based in China. Their 46-bottle unit is very well-made, with appealing stainless steel decor and wood shelves.

Similar Features

  • Twin zone construction with the following temperature band: Top (white wines): 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C), Bottom (red wines): 55 – 65°F (12-18°C).
  • Red wine section is larger than the white wine zone.
  • See-through glass door (dual pane instead of NeWAir’s triple layer of glass, but it still has great insulation) with lock.
  • Low-noise (38dBA), energy saving compressor cooling that guarantees steady temperatures.
  • Digital control that work at the touch of your fingertips.
  • Built-in or freestanding placement
  • Price: cc. 750 – 799 USD (cc. 16.3 – 17.4 USD per bottle) – it’s in the same price range as the NewAir (though the latter sells for nearly 900 USD in some stores, try to get it for 800 USD or less (e.g. Amazon, Wayfair).

What’s Different?

  • The TYLZA 46-Bottle fridge has 6 elegant wood shelves (sliding, removable): 2 in the upper zone 4 in the lower section. Just to remind you, the NewAir model includes 5 wood shelves.
  • The interior LED light’s brightness is not adjustable.
  • Door swing is not reversible.
  • Dimensions: H: 34.3″, W: 23.4″, D: 22.6″ (NewAir: H: 33.5″, W: 24.5″, D: 22.5″)

TIP: See our full review on the TYLZA 46-Bottle 24″ Wine Refrigerator – has an attractive price tag and doesn’t look bad either. Two distinct zones, built-in capability and other great features.

Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Fridge (KRC-46DZB)

Kalamera has a a range of wine coolers with varying bottle count. The 46-bottle model is very similar to the NewAir unit.


  • Two independent temperature zones with digital controls and LED readout: Upper (whites): 40 – 50°F (5 – 10°C), Lower (reds): 50 – 66°F (10 – 18.8°C).
  • Less space for white wines: 16 bottles go in the colder white wine section, 30 in the warmer red wine section.
  • 5 sliding wooden shelves (fully removable): 2 in the top, 3 in the bottom.
  • Reversible glass door with UV-reflecting tint (but allows view of the interior).
  • Built-in or freestanding placement
  • Fairly quiet: 42 dBA
  • Price: cc. 800 USD (17.4 USD per bottle) – you may get the NewAir a bit less.

What’s Different?

  • Dimensions: H: 33″ W: 23.4″ D: 22.4″

TIP: You can find more details on the Kalamera 46-bottle dual-zone wine refrigerator in our review post.

double red arrow pointing to the right Summary – Why Buy (or Not Buy) The NewAir 46-Bottle Wine Cooler?

photo of the NewAir NWC046SS01wine cooler with recesssed stainlesss teel kick plat. it is placed next to a white cabinet.

Buy If:

  • You want to spend less than 1 000 USD on a medium size wine storage cooler to keep your wines at ideal serving temperature.
  • The dual zone feature is a must for you since you love both reds and whites. Keep in mind though that the white wine compartment is smaller than the red.
  • Want to build it in cabinetry
  • You prefer efficient compressor cooling that is not too loud and maintains temperature evenly.
  • You like attractive, flashy looking appliances that your friends/relatives/neighbor don’t have yet.

Don’t Buy If

  • You would like to store more whites than reds in it.

TIP: If you are on the hunt for a capacious wine cellar in which you can store around 100 or more bottles of wine then check out the 116-Bottle Two-Zone Wine Fridge Also By NeWAir. It is a similarly well-constructed unit at great price. NewAir’s 76-bottle wine cooler is also a sensible choice for those who are into wine. Both models are powered by quiet, efficient inverter compressor.

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