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The N’FINITY 121-bottle wine cellar is an affordable wine storage cabinet with attractive look and easy to use digital temperature controls. The manufacturer’s – Wine Enthusiast – aim with the N’FINITY line of wine cellars is to offer quality wine storage solutions in various storage capacities for wine lovers. All models use compressor cooling and have digital thermostat with preprogrammed settings for various wine types.

The N’FINITY models currently available include:

  • a 23-bottle two-zone wine cooler
  • a 50-bottle dual-zone model
  • a 100-bottle multiple-zone wine cellar
  • a 170-bottle 2-zone wine cabinet, and
  • a 340-bottle multi-temperature wine cellar

Read review on the N’FINITY 121-bottle wine cabinet to find out about its main technical features and owners’ opinions.

N’FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Cellar, Dual Zone

The N’FINITY 121-bottle wine cellar has two temperature zones that are divided by the control panel in the middle of the cabinet interior.

Control Panel

The digital control panel is built-in in the zone partition. The panel includes the following features:

  • On/Off button: turns on/off the wine cellar,
  • Temp. Set Upper Zone: Adjusts and displays, via LED screen, the set and the current temperature (°F) of the upper zone.
  • Temp. Set Lower Zone: Adjusts and displays, via LED screen, the set and the current temperature (°F) of the lower zone.
  • Light – for turning on or off the interior illumination
  • Red, White, Sparkling,
  • Select (upper or lower) – allows you to select to control either the upper zone or the lower zone.

Setting the Temperature

Note: In order to maintain optimum operation the lower compartment should be set to minimum 4 degrees higher than the upper compartment.

Make sure the cabinet is properly connected to power according to the manual.

Press “On” to turn on the cellar.

Press the “Select” button to choose the Upper or Lower Zone

Set the desired temp. for the upper/lower zone by pressing the + (Up) and – (Down) buttons. The upper zone can be set between 41°F and 60°F (factory preset is 41°F), while the lower zone’s temp. range is 45°F – 64°F (factory preset 45°F).

  • If you set the Upper or Lower zone between 52°F – 64°F, the LED light next to “RED” will light up, indicating that you are within the recommended range for serving Red Wines.
  • If you set the Upper or Lower zone between 44°F – 51°F, the LED light next to “WHITE” will light up, indicating that you are within the recommended range for serving White Wines.
  • If you set the Upper or Lower Zone between 41°F – 43°F, the LED light next to “SPARKLING” will light up, indicating that you are within the recommended range for serving Sparkling Wines.

In case of a power outage, all previous temperature settings will be automatically saved and each compartment will return to the previous temperature setting, a useful feature that many wine refrigerators lack.


11 hardwood shelves gliding on ball bearing assembly hold the wine bottles (each shelf accommodates cc. 11 bottles, max. 55 lbs.).

Interior Light

5 LED lights illuminate the cabinet interior with blue light.

N’FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Cellar Review & Rating

N'FINITY 121-Bottle Wine Cellar, Dual-Zone

Features Overview

  • Capacity: cc. 121 bottles, top zone: 55 bottles, bottom zone: 66 bottles (standard size and shape, 750 ml Bordeaux bottles)
  • Design:
  • Cabinet color: black cabinet with black interior, black front grille
  • Door: stainless steel-trimmed, tempered and tinted glass door with curved stainless steel bar handle, reversible hinging, security lock & key set (2 keys)
  • Cooling method: compressor, auto defrost
  • Number of zones: two temperature zones
  • Built-in/Freestanding: can be used either as freestanding or built-in existing cabinetry
  • Temperature Control:
  • Thermostat (Mechanical/Digital): adjustable digital thermostat
  • Temperature Range:
  • upper zone: 41°F – 60°F (5°C – 15.5°C), – ideal for serving whites and sparkling wine
  • lower zone: 45°F – 64°F (7°C – 17.7°C) (+/- 2°F/) – for
  • Ambient temp. range: 45°F – 80°F (7°C – 27°C)
  • Shelving: 11 glide-out hardwood shelves with ball-bearing roller assembly, spaced to accommodate approx. 120 bottles of Bordeaux (standard) size. Each shelf holds 10-11 bottles.
    • Humidity level: 60%
    • Noise:
    • Electricity consumption: Watt
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 55″ x 23.5″ x 29″ with handle, 27″ without handle)
    • Weight: 196 pounds.
    • Price: US$ 1 300 without shipping (US$ 10.80/bottle).
    • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

    Pros & Cons

    • Pros:
    • affordable good-looking wine storage cabinet
    • easy to set temperature
    • security lock
    • Cons:
    • a bit noisy

    Rating (1- 5 stars):

    four star


The wine cellar ventilates in the front so it can be placed as recessed, built-in existing cabinetry or used as freestanding.

For optimal operation place the N’FINITY 121-bottle wine cellar in a room where ambient temperature range is 45°F – 80°F (7°C – 27°C).

User Reviews – Weaknesses, Complaints Reported by Owners

This model hasn’t got reviews yet but based on the user opinions on the other N’FINITY models (50-bottle, 100-bottle, 170-bottle, and 340-bottle) here are some problems that one might experience:

  • noise (humming sound)
  • early break-downs
  • larger, wider bottles won’t fit in
  • temperature fluctuation

The N’FINITY wine cabinets are however less expensive than Eurocave or other higher-end home cellars. So if you don’t have the money for a few thousand dollar model then the N’FINITY 121-bottle wine cellar is a good choice over storing your wines in a hot, dry room.

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