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Ideal Accompaniments for Excursions

Going on a picnic means carrying a lot of food stuff. Of course, how can you forget a delectable bottle of wine, without which your picnic would not be as pleasant as you desire.

Do not to worry about carrying your wine, the specially designed picnic wine coolers and wine totes are there to take care of your needs.

These wine coolers are definitely an asset when you are planning to go on an outing.

Picnic wine coolers are one of its kinds, allowing enough space to carry almost anything you need to carry – foods, cheese and wine.

Designed to meet the needs of picnicking groups, picnic wine cooler totes are one of the most useful picnic accessories.

Being lightweight, these coolers are simply great for carrying food and wine. Most of the models come with wheels and handle, which makes transportation quite easy.

However, these coolers are not the kind of things, which you could take on wild goose chase. Having said that, you can always make use of them during large family picnics or barbecues.

Some of the picnic wine bags even offer large food storage areas, glasses, plates and other necessities for a picnic.

There are also simple wine coolers exclusively meant for transporting wine bottles, which can carry as many as six bottles of wine.

Picnic Wine Cooler Totes

Most of the picnic wine coolers are made of polyester ensuring longer durability. If you’d like a picnic wine cooler made from more natural materials then buy a willow wine cooler & carrier basket.

Vineyard Willow Dark Wine Cooler Basket

There are some ideal coolers, which serve as picnic backpacks and come with detachable wine pouches.

Use them as picnic wine coolers.

These are perfect for carrying wine and cheese service for two or four.

Apart from picnics, you can carry these wine coolers for dinner in a friend’s house.

Picnic Wine Coolers of Different Sizes

There are picnic bags for 2, picnic backpacks for 4, as well as rolling picnicbags, great for transporting a lot of wine and beverages.

The medium or large picnic coolers are ideal for 2 to 6 people.

Spacious picnic baskets can carry extra utensils for more people.

Price of Picnic Wine Coolers, Wine Totes

Picnic Wine Cooler Tote-4 bottles

For a simple single or two bottle picnic cooler expect to pay US$ 20 – 30, while for an exclusive picnic backpack cooler you have to pay US$ 50 – 150 depending on the brand and additional features or accessories offered.

Perhaps the cheapest portable wine cooler (cc. US$ 8) is the Pop Up Inflatable wine cooler by Beveragefactory.

You simply inflate the transparent plastic bag, fill it with ice and place 1 or 2 bottles to chill.

Recommneded Picnic Wine Coolers, Wine Totes

Here are a couple of good-value picnic wine coolers and wine carriers from various manufacturers.

Picnic-at-Ascot bahamas Wine Cooler Tote-2-bottle

Picnic-at-Ascot is a renowned brand specializing in picnic accessories including portable wine coolers and totes. They offer lifetime guarantee on their backpacks and cooler which indicate the high quality of their products.

Picnic Time and Picnic & Beyond are two other brand names you’ll encounter when searching for quality picnic wine coolers.

Keep Your Cooler has a wide range of wine coolers and backpacks between US$ 20 – 100.

Single-Bottle Picnic Wine Coolers

Picnic Time Reflex from their Platinum collection is an elegant winecase with aluminium body and black lining for carrying a bottle of wine. Price: cc. US$ 40 – 50.

Wine Duffel Driftwood from the same company is an insulated wine bag made of ployester canvas. Includes a stainless steel corkscrew.

In the Vineyard Dark Willow Wine Basket Cooler by Picnic & Beyond you place one bottle of wine or champagne.

Picnic Time Reflex Single Bottle wine cooler case

The leather shoulder strap allow easy transportation.

Price: US$ 35-40.

Picnic-at-Ascot offers nice single bottle insulated wine bottle pouches made of canvas.

They come in three colors:

  • blue,
  • green, and
  • black.

The shoulder strap of these wine bags can be detached. The special canvas material is water- and stain resistant.

2-Bottle Picnic Wine Cooler

Constructed of olive/tweed material, these stylish picnic totes are perfect for bringing wine and other accessories for an outdoor party.

Usually these tote’s feature waterproof food compartment and an insulated wine cooler compartment, so you can carry your fresh fruits, food items as well as two bottles of wine separately.

Some totes also enclose front pocket where you can place your keys, cell phone and more.

With a sturdy handle on top it is easy to carry the weight. In addition, these picnic coolers can be great gifts for your friends and family.

Picnis At Ascot Weekender 2-bottle wine cooler bag

Picnic-at-Ascot Weekender Wine Tote is ideal for carrying 2 wine bottles inside its insulated compartment.

The dark brown lining and hand grip complement the beige decor nicely. It costs cc. US$ 30 .

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3-Bottle Wine Coolers

The Picnic-at Ascot Santa Cruz 3-bottle Wine Cooler can hold 3 bottles of wine. For a price of cc. US$ 29-32 it includes a premium combination corkscrew, a hardwood cutting board and a cheese knife.

Picnic Backpack Cooler for 4

Beautifully designed with blue denim stripe material, the insulated picnic backpack is a great help in family picnics.

It offers you a large insulated main compartment for beverages and food, accompanied by a detachable insulated wine pouch on the side.

Further, the unit also encloses two trendy front pockets designed to carry your wallet, cell phone and other essentials. The backpack cooler is easy to carry featuring a strong leather handle on top.

Well, it’s picnic time, pack your a bottle of fine wine in the cooler and move outdoors for wonderful treats.

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