Popular 18-Bottle Wine Coolers in 2022

Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 10:29 am

If you are searching for a nice size fridge to have your favorite wines perfectly chilled at all times then a 18-bottle wine cooler is a fitting choice.

They are small enough so won’t take up much room but large enough to let you have a lovely collection of wines within easy reach.

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Best-Value 18-Bottle Wine Coolers in 2022

Here are several home wine cellars with 18 bottles capacity that offer the greatest value for the money in 2022. The list includes single-zone and dual-zone models. The latter of course usually cost a bit more.

double red arrow pointing to the right Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Wine Cooler

black wine fridge with black framed glass door, fully stocked with wines.

Wine Enthusiast is a well-known USA brand that has been in the market of wine refrigerators for more than 40 years.

They offer a wide range of wine fridges regarding:

  • Bottle capacity,
  • Design and style,
  • Number of temperature zones.

They offer two 18-bottle models: a single zone and a two-zone one. They look very similar, both models featuring an all-black cabinet with tinted, black framed door.

Features – Dual Zone Model

Combines long-term storage with ready-to-serve chilling within one unit.

  • Efficient compressor cooling ensures stable temperatures in both zones
  • Fairly silent operation – Noise level: 40 dBA.
  • Upper Zone (white wines, roses, sparkling wines): holds 6 bottles,
  • Lower Zone (for long term storage of red wines): has space for 12 bottles where 3 bottles bottles can be placed upright on the bottom wire shelf.
  • 5 chromed metal shelves and a display shelf on the bottom
  • Simple to use digital control panel in the top of the door frame.
  • Temperature range: 41° – 64°F (5 – 18°C)-for both zones.
  • Blue LED display shows the actual temperature in both zones
  • Soft interior light
  • Dual-pane, well-sealed door with recessed handle
  • Freestanding placement with only 14″ width.


  • Height:33.75″ (85.73 cm)
  • Width: 13.75″ (34.93 cm)
  • Depth: 19″ (48.25 cm)

Weight: 50 lbs. (22.7 kg).


  • 1 year parts & labor,
  • 3 years on sealed system.


  • cc. 350 USD (19.44 USD per bottle).

3 Times More Energy Efficiency

According to the manufacturer the Wine Enthusiast 18-bottle Dual Zone MAX wine fridge saves 40 USD a year in electricity compared to similar thermoelectric coolers.

Compressor-run fridges are less susceptible to the fluctuation in ambient temperature so they provide more stable cooling temp. within the entire unit.

The recommended ambient temp. range for the Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone MAX fridge is: 61°F – 90°F.


  • Holds temperature well in both zones – will keep your wine at the desired temperature.
  • In the two-zone model both sections have the same, wide range of temperature: 41° – 64°F (5 – 18°C)
  • Stylish, space saving design with narrow width (14″)
  • Great price compared to similar size units
  • Easy to set and adjust the temperature


  • A bit noisy according to some owners – make sure you level the fridge and place it at a cooler spot in your home, away from sunlight.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle, Single-Zone Model

The single-zone model offers the same handsome look, and technical features as the dual-zone model listed above but at a slightly lower price.

It also has the same strengths and weaknesses so if you are budget conscious and the two climate zones are not must have feature for you then go for the single-zone model.

Price & Warranty

  • Price: 270 USD (15 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor, 3 years on sealed system.

double red arrow pointing to the right Conclusion – Who Should Buy the Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Refrigerator?

Both the dual-zone and single-zone model are available at affordable price so if you are looking for a nice, well-built wine storage and cooler either unit is a good choice.

This compressor-operated fridge will keep your wine at correct temperature, protected against damaging UV rays.

The units ventilate at the side and top so they are for freestanding use only. On the other hand, they look great as standalone and don’t take up much space.

TIP: Read review on an older 18-bottle model made by Wine Enthusiast!

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double red arrow pointing to the right Cheapest Option: Nutrichef 18-Bottle Wine Fridges

Nutrichef offers various 18-bottle capacity units so you can pick one that meets both your budget and preferences.

All models have efficient, low-noise compressor cooling. They ventilate at the back so none of the units can be built-in, they are for freestanding placement.

Nutrichef PKCWC180 – Cheapest Choice, 1 Zone

It’s a single-zone cooler with a wide tempr. range: 41° – 64°F ( 5 – 18°C). Has all the basic features one needs when looking for a simple, no-frills fridge that holds and chills their fave wines.

Features At A Glance

  • Black cabinet has smoked, double pane glass door with recessed handle (no safety lock)
  • 5 sliding contoured, chromed metal shelves and a display shelf at the bottom where you can put opened bottles
  • The bottom standing shelf is also ideal for showcasing your most prized bottles, since the labels can be clearly seen.
  • Easy to use digital control panel and temp. display in blue. Switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius.
  • Soft LED lighting inside the cabinet. The strength of illumination can be adjusted.
  • Freestanding only: suitable for counter-/tabletop placement.
  • Low noise and vibration.


  • Height: 30.3″
  • Width: 13.6″
  • Depth: 17.7″

Price of the Nutrichef PKCWC180

  • cc. 253 USD (14.05 USD per bottle).

double red arrow pointing to the right Nutrichef PKCWCDS188 – Dual Zone

Compared to the previous model, the PKCWCDS188 offers dual temp. zones so you can keep your reds and whites at different temperatures.

front photo of the dual-zone Nutrichef 18 bottle cooler. The stainless steel framed glass door has a bar handle.

Features At A Glance

  • Two zones: top zone has space for 6 bottles on 2 chromed metal shelves
  • Lower zone: 9 + 3 bottles: 9 on wire racks, 3 slanted on the display shelf
  • Temperature range: 41° – 64°F ( 5 – 18°C).
  • Look and style of the cabinet is same as that of the single zone model’s (PKCWC180)
  • Temperature control and display are also the same: seamlessly integrated in the door glass.
  • Freestanding placement


  • Height: 32.7″
  • Width: 13.6″
  • Depth: 18.9″

Price of the PKCWCDS188

  • cc. 230 – 320 USD (12.8 – 17.8 USD per bottle). A favorable price regarding the plus feature of the two temp. zones.

double red arrow pointing to the right Nutrichef PKCWCDS185 – Dual Zone, Stainless Steel

This is the priciest of the 4 models. The PKCWCDS185 comes with sturdy stainless steel framed glass door and has two temp. zones.

The door also has a stainless steel bar handle instead of the recessed handle the other two models have.

Other technical details are the same as the PKCWCDS188.

Price of the PKCWCDS185

  • cc. 350 USD (19.4 USD per bottle).

You can find out more about Nutrichef appliances here!


  • Sleek, compact wine fridge with less than 15″ width
  • Option of single and dual-zone models
  • Moderate price
  • Slanted, display shelf – handy when you have an unfinished bottle.
  • Fairly quiet – you will only hear a slight humming sound when the fan is on.


  • Bottles don’t always fit on the display rack (top part bumps into the bottle on the rack above)

Why Buy The Nutrichef 18-Bottle Wine Cooler?

Nutrichef offers a choice of 3 models with 18 bottles storage space. Those who want to spend as little as possible should go for the single temperature-zone unit. It will keep your wines at perfect temperature.

On the other hand if you manage to find a good deal on the dual-climate model, PKCWCDS188, definitely go for it. It will give you the flexibility to store two wine types at their correct drinking temperature. Redds at 55 – 58°F whites, roses at lower temps.

All 3 models boast a modern, appealing look with stainless steel highlights and shelving. Although none of the units are for integrated, under-the counter placement they don’t take up much space due to the small footprint.

To sum up, you cannot go wrong with any of the Nutrichef 18-bottle wine cellars if you’re looking for a moderately-priced, well-built unit that will preserve your wines’ quality.

double red arrow pointing to the right Koolatron Dual-Zone, 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

You can chill up to 18 bottles of wine in this slim-design fridge by Koolatron.

front view of the narrow black fridge with the door slightly open, fully stocked with wine bottle, placed  with the cap facing outwards. There's a bottle of wine placed to the right of the appliance.
Koolatron WC18 Wine Cooler (Dual-Zone)

Features At A Glance

  • Slim, all-black cabinet with black-trimmed glass door
  • Two individual temperature zones each with its own temp. regulation
  • Digital touch pad controls to set the desired temperature and LED display.
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • 7 pull-out wire shelves: 3 in the top part, 4 in the lower part of the cabinet
  • Remove a rack if you wish to place large or wide bottles
  • Top zone holds 8 bottles (ideal for reds): 54°F – 66°F (12°C – 18°C)
  • Bottom zone accommodates 10 bottles (best for whites, sparkling wines): 46°F – 66°F (8°C – 18°C)
  • Freestanding placement only: leave 2″ at the sides and 4 ” at the back of the fridge.


  • Height: 38″
  • Width: 13″
  • Depth: 22.5″

Price & Warranty

  • 350 – 363 USD (19,4 – 20.16 USD per bottle).
  • Only 90 days.

double red arrow pointing to the right View other Koolatron wine chiller models here! You can also browse our list of the best narrow-width wine fridges for 2022.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthBest Value: Schmecke 18 Bottle Wine Cooler, 1 Zone

This is a single-zone model with compressor cooling and lockable door. Has a very great price compared to similar size wine fridges.

Ventilation is at the sides and top so it is for standalone placement only.

Features At A Glance

Schmecke 18-Bottle Wine Chiller Single-Zone
  • Black cabinet with black trimmed dual pane glass door – tinted to filter out UV rays.
  • Door has a lock at the bottom.
  • Recessed handle – lends a neat, compact look.
  • Control panel in the top door frame: digital touch control to set temp. with the Up/Down buttons.
  • Temperature range: 41° – 64°F (5 – 18°C).
  • Digital display provides clear view to monitor the interior temp.
  • Interior lighting: low-intensity blue LED illumination.
  • Low noise: 36 dBA.


  • Height: 30.31″
  • Width: 13.58″
  • Depth: 17.72
  • Weight: 43 lbs.

Price & Warranty

  • cc. 220 USD (12.22 USD per bottle) – great price compared to similar-size models!
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigth 2nd Best: Colzer 18-Bottle Wine Cooler, 1 Zone, Narrow Model (12″)

It’s a compact, only 12 inches wide, stylish wine chiller with quality compressor. You can store 18 normal size wine bottles in this single temperature zone unit.

This one is designed for under-the-counter, built-in placement. With its slim fit the Colzer 18-Bottle model won’t take up much space.

Colzer YC-60c (18-Bottle, Single-Zone)

More Features

  • Silent operation – less than 32 dBA when the compressor is on.
  • Temperature control has wide range: 41 – 78°F (5 – 25°C).
  • Humidity level: 60 – 80%.
  • Natural, beech wood shelves lend elegant look
  • Tinted dual pane glass door has stainless steel trim and towel bar handle.
  • 5 removable, unstained beechwood shelves + 1 stationary shelf.
  • Door lock with 2 keys.
  • Easy to set storage temp. with the touch button controls. Just make sure you unlock the controls by pressing the lock icon for around 7 -10 secs.
  • Current temperature is clearly displayed in crisp white.
  • Soft, low-heat LED interior lighting.
  • Leveling legs – the height of the cooler is adjustable to perfectly fit under a counter.
  • Noise level: less than 40 dBA – almost soundless and vibration free.
  • Built-in and freestanding placement – the fridge vents in the front offering flexibility in where you want to put it in your home.

Adjusting the Temperature

Press the “lock” icon for cc. 7 – 10 seconds to unlock the control panel. It will beep to signal that the buttons are active and you can start setting the temperature.

Just tap the Up/Down buttons to adjust the desired temperature.

To switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius display hold the “Up” and the “Bulb” icon simultaneously.


  • Height: 34.5″
  • Width: 12″
  • Depth: 23″

Price & Warranty:

  • Price: cc. 380 – 490 USD (21.1 – 27,2 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 2 years parts & labor.

Why Buy/Not Buy The Colzer 18-Bottle Cooler?

All in all, the Colzer 18-Bottle wine cellar may not be the most inexpensive option but it sure worth the extra cost with its numerous highlights and fashionable look.


  • A pretty and very slim wine chiller though a bit pricier than the other models listed here.
  • Holds temperature well on top of having a wide temp. range.
  • Silent, Doesn’t Vibrate – will not disturb family dinners, parties or during work if you have it in your home office. It will preserve your wines in a calm environment ensuring long-lasting quality.
  • Easy to set up and use: just tap the control buttons on the panel mounted on the cabinet top.
  • Door lock with 2 keys – keeps your wines closed off (great feature if you have kids).


  • Costs a bit more than some other 18 bottle models, though the smart look and the many features compensate for the price.
  • Some may find the shelving a bit tight – this is probably true for wide, non-standard size bottles.
  • 2 year guarantee period- longer compared to other, same-capacity models.

Check Reviews & Price

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TIP: The Kalamera 18-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler is very similar to the Colzer fridge. It has single temperature zone, lockable door, wood shelves and is available in the 480 – 500 USD price range.

double red arrow pointing to the right Tylza 18-Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator, Single-Zone

Slightly slanted front photo of the Tylza 18-bottle wine cooler with the transparent glass door closed.
TYLZA 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

This is the most elegant unit in this list designed for tight spaces. The glass door has stainless steel trim and stainless steel grip handle.

It has one temperature zone for which you can adjust the temperature from 47°F to 72°F using the touch controls.

Powerful, low-noise compressor ensures stable temperature inside the cabinet. You can monitor it on the easy-to see display screen.

The Tylza model ventilates in the front – the exhaust slits have a a unique design – so you integrate it with other cabinets under the counter.

Features At a Glance

  • Efficient compressor cooling aided with fan circulation
  • Stable temperature but quiet and vibration-free operation.
  • Noise level: only 36 dBA
  • Dual-layer, tempered, see-through glass door with a tint to filter UV rays (door is right-hinged)
  • Door lock on the bottom to keep your collection safe. 2 keys are included.
  • 6 pull-out beechwood shelves – quality make, hold bottles securely and roll out smoothly
  • 4 adjustable feet to help you level the cabinet.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 34.25″
  • Width: 11.6″
  • Depth: 22.64″ (without handle: 16.94″)
  • Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)

Price & Warranty

  • The Tylza 18-bottle wine fridge is available for around 480 – 530 USD (26.7 – 29.4 USD per bottle) which make it the priciest option our list.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.


  • Super quiet, strong compressor cooling (noise level: only 36 dBA) – will cool to the set temperature and hold it accurately
  • Slim cabinet perfect for either slotted or standalone installation
  • Premium-look with unvarnished, quality beechwood shelves that pull out easily.
  • Door lock with 2 keys


  • Door hinging is not reversible – not a big problem but at this price point it would be nice to have this feature
  • Warranty is only 12 months

Why Buy The Tylza 18-Bottle Wine Cellar?

If you want a reliable wine storage fridge with high-end decor then you should splurge on the Tylza unit.

This sturdily built home cellar is almost silent, oozes elegance and will allow to have more than a dozen of bottles of wine cooled to perfection.

What’s more the 12″, narrow width won’t occupy much of your home’s space. You can build it in with other cabinets for a compact, streamlined appearance.

double red arrow pointing to the right Conclusion – The Best 18-Bottle Wine Fridge for 2022

If the price is the most important decision factor then go for the Schmecke 18-Bottle single-zone wine refrigerator.

At 220 USD you will get a sleek, small-footprint unit that will keep your wines chilled at perfect temperature. It received favorable reviews on at popular shopping sites.

  • Cost: cc. 220 USD, that comes to 12.2 USD per bottle if you keep it fully stocked.
  • Only 1 year warranty but it’s got high customer rating on Amazon: 4.6/5 from nearly 300 reviewers.

If You Want Two Temperature Zones: Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Model

The Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone model is the best choice in our opinion in case you would like to keep your wines at two different temperature levels.

  • Cost: 350 USD (19.4 USD per bottle) with
  • A warranty of 1 year parts & labor, and 3 years on sealed system. It could be longer but the 3 years on sealed system is more than other company’s offer compared to similar units.
  • Good customer rating 4.3/5 provided by 70 customers.

Narrow & Elegant Choice

photo showing the Colzer 18 bottle wine fridge built under the counter between white kitchen cabinets.
Colzer 18-Bottle, Single Zone Fridge

We think that the Colzer 18-Bottle home cellar boasts the most stylish look. What’s more, it’s only 12 inches wide so a perfect fit for an undercounter installation.

Perhaps if you wish to replace that old trash compactor in your kitchen then this neat wine cooler will fit the bill.

  • Cost: cc. 380 – 490 USD (21.1 – 27,2 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty is 2 years, which is longer that most other manufacturers offer.
  • Customer Rating: 4.4/5 on Amazon, out of more than 200 ratings.