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Slim wine coolers are perfect for those who have narrow space for a wine storage unit in their home.

The trimmest models are for freestanding use only, they can’t be built-in kitchen cabinetry.

Make sure you check how much clearance you have to add around the sides, and at the back for proper ventilation.

For built-in placement, 15″ wide wine refrigerators are available in a wide choice of design from several manufacturers (Danby, Avanti, Vinotemp, U-Line, Marvel).

Here we listed some good-value narrow wine coolers, including standalone and built-in models.

Recommended Slim Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Many manufacturers offer slim wine fridges, we selected some of the best models.

Slimline Wine Coolers by Wine Enthusiast – with Only 10″ Width

The Slimline series by Wine Enthusiast are enticing units with excellent features. Currently they offer two narrow models, both with two temperature zones:

  • a 12-bottle (price: US$200), and
  • an 18-bottle model (price cc. US$270).

These units are ideal for those who would like to have wine ready at all times and at correct temperature; however, would like to avoid a bulky, 40 bottle wine fridge.

They use Peltier technology for thermoelectric cooling instead of a heavy compressor so the units make no noise and vibration.They are also lightweight, making them perfect to be placed in a lounge or dining room.

The drawback of thermoelectric cooling however, is that it can cool the interior of the wine fridge only 13 °C below ambient temperature. So in a 25 °C-room it can achieve maximum 12 °C.

With digital readout on the front, highlighting the interior temperature and push button controls for setting the required temp, Slimline offers you ease of use.

Further, the unit has 8 pre-set levels with temperature ranging between 7-20°C, allowing you to set cooling temperature to your preference.

Since the units are devoid of refrigerant, they are more environmentally friendly. Further benefit of the Slimline wine fridges that they use only as much energy as a 100 W bulb.

Dimensions – 12-bottle Model:

  • Height (with hinge): 26″
  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 20.25″Price: cc. $200 Dimensions – 18-bottle Model:
  • Height (with hinge): 37.5″
  • Width: 9 7/8″
  • Depth: 20.25″Price: cc. $270

Read detailed features and review on the Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Cooler.

10 Inch Wide Wine Coolers by Haier

Haier has some really slim models with 12 and 18 bottle capacities (Models HWTEC12ABS and HWTEC18ABS).

Both are for freestanding placement and feature two temperature zones (the 12 bottle model has two distinct compartments).

Dimensions (12 and 18-bottle models):

  • Height: 26″
  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 20.6″


  • Haier HVTEC12DABS (12 bottles): cc. $170 ($14/bottle),
  • Haier HVTEC18DABS (18 bottles): cc. $140 – 200 ($7.8 – $11 per bottle).

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One of the best-quality, narrow models available on the market is the Eurocave La Petite 12-bottle wine cooler and preservation system. The slim cabinet is only 12 inches wide.

Chambrer WC6030-197 6+2 bottle Wine Cooler

Chambrer, a Canadian manufafcturer of wine storage units makes some nice slim wine fridges. This is a narraow, dual zone model with digital controls, darkened door glass with silver trimming.

Stores 3+1 bottles in each compartment (1 bottle can be placed upright).


  • Height: 33″ (84 cm)
  • Width: 7.7″ (19.5 cm)
  • Depth: 17.25″ (44 cm)Price: cc. US$ 260

Chambrer WC601S 7- bottle Slim Wine Cooler, 1 Temperature Zone – Discontinued

Note: several of these models are no longer manufactured but may be available at some online stores.

This model is more like a wine tower and it represents one of the slimmest wine fridges. Its 8″ width allows you to place it in very tight spaces as a frestanding unit.

This is a thermoelectric cooler ensuring vibration- and virtually noise-free operation. You can place 6 bottles on the shelves and store one bottle standing upright on the bottom.

One of the benefits of this fridge that you can place the standing bottle either closed or without its cork.

So if you fancy some wine in the evening but can’t finish a whole bottle, simply put it back in the cooler to store at ideal temperature.

Another great feature is that the unit can accommodate both standard 750-ml bottles and larger ones (1500 ml).

The cooler is equipepd with digital, touch-pad temperature control for setting the right temperature anywhere between 45 °F – 68 °F. The Chambrer WC601S model has 8 pre-set temperature levels. It is available in silver color.

For a price of about US$ 150 – 180 (US$ 21.43 – 25.71 per bottle) this Chambrer slim wine cooler offers compact wine storage and cooling solution at reasonable cost.

The Chambrer WC602266 is a sleek two-door wine tower, also with 8 pre-programmed temperature settings.

It has room for 7 wine bottles: 6 can be laid horizontally on the racks, and you can place one bottle upright in the bottom part.

All Chambrer wine cooler models were designed with a convection system to circulate the air inside the cabinet to ensure even temperature distribution.

The silver cabinet with tinted door glass is really elegant and the compact footprint of this freestanding cooler is perfect for those who don’t have much space in their home for a large wine storage unit.

The Chambrer WC602-137 6+1 Bottle wine cooler is a similar unit with double doors and two zones. See also review of other Chambrer wine coolers, including narrow dual zone models.

Marvel 15″ Wine Refrigerator, 30WCM Series –

An Attractive Narrow Wine Cooler


As a leader in luxury under-counter refrigeration, Marvel is reputed for its wine fridges. This narrow model accommodates 23 bottles on elegant wood-fronted pull-out racks. It’s a single-zone unit with 40° – 65° F temperature range that can be set with a

With a front venting design for zero clearance installation, Marvel’s 15 inch wine coolers have excellently finished sides and top that allows both built-in and freestanding placement.


  • Height: 33 3/4″ (cm)
  • Width: 15″ ( cm)
  • Depth (minimum): 24″ ( cm)

Price: cc. US$ 1400. Read about another slim wine cellar, the 3SWCE model by Marvel.

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Danby Silhouette 34 Bottle, 15” Wine Cooler

With 15 inch width, the Danby 34 Bottle, Built-In Wine Cooler, DWC1534BLS is designed to fit into almost any corner. The stainless steel trimmed door has reversible door hinge.

With the digital temperature control setting managing the temperature is easy.

This single zone wine cooler has a fairly wide temp.range: 39.2 – 64.4 °F (4-18 °C) allowing you to chill whites at lower temperature or store reds at around 55 °F.

These 15” wine refrigerator offers maximum compatibility as it acts as both a zero clearance built-in under counter unit and a freestanding model.

The sleek stainless steel shelves with wood fronts enhance the décor of your kitchen or personal bar area.

Frost-free operation provides better maintenance of your wine. For better security, the unit is also equipped with safety lock with key. The direction of door opening can be reversed.


  • Height: 34.06″
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth: 24.75″

Price: cc. US$ 700 – 800 (US$ 20.58 – 23.53 per bottle).

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