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The Sub-Zero 427 wine cooler represents Sub Zero’s ultimate goal to manufacture wine storage units that satisfy even the most finicky wine collectors who look for the best in residential wine stoarge appliances.

Sub Zero wine storage possess not only highly advanced technical features ensuring the most favorable thermal and other factors required for storing wines at home but these units exude cool elegance and look fashionable in any household.

The versatile options offered in the design and decor of Sub Zero wine coolers allow you to choose a unit that matches your home decor perfectly.The wine storage unist of Sub-Zero are comaptible with the company’s Integrated line of products.

Moreover Sub Zero company’s more than 60-year experience in designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line household appliances guarantees that their wine refrigerator units are of the best quality available on the wine storage market. Attention to detail

Main Features of Sub-Zero 427 Wine Cooler

132 Bottle Capacity

The Sub-Zero 427 wine refrigerators have 2 temperature zones for which you can set tempearture independently in the range of 38 °F (3 °C) – 65 °F (18 °C).

The digital, touch pad control panel is integrated under the top zone.

For maintaining constant humidity inside the wine cooler both zones have evaporators.

The top quaity compressors of Sub Zero wine refrigerators ensure

  • efficient cooling and
  • low vibration so that your wines can rest undisturbed inside the cooler.

You can accommodate up to 132 bottles on the 15 rust-proof, durable wire shelves that have natural cherry wood fronts. You can fit in standard 750 ml wine bottles, half-sized bottles as well as magnums.

Two Zones

The top zone, which is recommended for storing reds, has 45 bottle capacity (750 ml) on 5 shelves. The lower zone is best for chilling whites and/or sparkling wines.

The bottom zone can hold 81 ordinary size bottles (750 ml) on 9 shelves. The interior light of the cooler is low-intensity so that it won’t generate much heat when it’s on.

What the Sub-Zero 427 wine cooler model offers as plus comparing to the 424 and 424 FS models is that one of the shelves is designed specifically for display purposes.

Place your most precious wines of your collection on this display shelf and the discreet lighting will highlight them wonderfully, drawing the attention of your friends and guests to the prized bottles.

The sturdy roller assembly of the shelves allow you to pull out them to 3/4 to be able to conveniently access the wines. To extend the shelves to 3/4 the door has to be opened to 90°.


  • Height: 80″ (2032 mm)
  • Width: 27″ (686 mm)
  • Depth: 24″ (610 mm)

Model Options – Sub-Zero 427 Wine Cooler Series

  • Standard model: 427G – full-view tempered glass door, bronze-tinted to filter out UV light that can spoil wine.
  • Solid Door model – 427S
  • High Altitude Glass Door Model (for homes above 5000 feet- 1524 m- – 427HAG

The dual action door hinge stops the door automatically at 90°

The UL-approved lock and key set and the tie-in to the home security system are optional.

Solid door unit and high altitude glass door can be ordered.

For the Integrated design model you can select custom wood or stainless steel door panels. This model will fit entirely into your home decor without visible hinges or grille.

You can order matching stainless steel tubular (classic, platinum or carbon) or polished chrome handle for the custom door models to heighten the sophisticated modern look of the unit.

Just like the other Sub-Zero wine storage units the 427 model also includes the Star Kosher Certificated Sabbath mode allowing you to operate the wine cooler during religious holidays without disturbing noises or lights.

UL approved for US and Canada. Take a look at some recommended commercial wine storage units.
See other stainless steel home wine cabinets.


What makes Sub-Zero wine coolers a good buy is the uniquely long warranty periods that only those company’s offer that are fully confident in their products’ high qualiyt and durability.

Sub Zero wine storage units come with

  • 2,
  • 5 and
  • 12 year warranty periods. For exact details read the warranty on SubZero’s official website.

Price (approximate) of Sub-Zero 427 wine cooler refrigerator: cc. US$ 4000-5000 (US$ 30.30 – 37.88 per bottle) depending on level of customization.

TIP: the Le Cache Contemporary Wine Cellars are in the similar price range.

The Liebherr WS 14300 Wine Cabinet has 143 bottle capacity and 3 independent temperature zones.

The N’FINITY line of wine cabinets offer less expensive alternatives: there are several models in the 100+ bottles range:

Amana Wine Cabinets also have 3 separate cooling compartments and their capacity is 173-203 bottles of wine.

Sub-Zero 427R Wine Cooler with Refrigerator Drawers

The Sub zero 427R is more than a wine cooler because in addition to its 78-bottle capacity wine storage unit the two refrigerator drawers (5.3 cu. ft.) for snacks, soda or beer or anything that needs to be stored at lower temperature than wines, make it a versatile appliance that can be a part of your dream kitchen.

The Sub Zero 427R has the same features and design options than the 427 model reviewed above. Even the two units’ dimensions are the same.

The wine cooler has two temperature zones with their own individual controls. The top zone can hold up to 54 standard size (750 ml) bottles while you can fit 24 bottles in the bottom zone.

The 8 natural wooden framed pull-out shleves hold 9 bottles each while the display shelf in the middle fits 6 bottles of wine.

Read review of the new model the Sub-Zero WS-30 147 bottle wine cooler which will replace model 427. Go to the Main Page about Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators.

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