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Sunpentown wine cooler refrigerators are what you were looking for, if your demand is a compact and sleek model highlighting the trendiest design. These coolers offer ideal features and exact serving temperature required to keep your wine collection at its optimum.

Whatever your lifestyle or taste may be, Sunpentown has an array of wine coolers that are designed to meet your needs.

With Sunpentown wine coolers, you can choose almost anything fitting your budget and style – from low-priced wine refrigerators to sophisticated wine cellars made for luxury lifestyle and design.
However, before going to purchase a Sunpentown wine cooler, you have to decide what you actually need.

Sunpentown wine coolers

The first thing you need to consider is the space required to store your collection. Now, look at your kitchen, a basement or the place where you would like to fit the wine refrigerator.

Also, consider whether you need a cooler that matches your décor or a totally quiet model. Further, single out the style, design and features that suit your wine collection.

Some of the most exclusive features of Sunpentown wine coolers are monochromatic color schemes, interior lighting and custom racks.

Moreover, Sunpentown’s coolers are available in different capacities.

Whether you are looking for a small portable countertop wine storage and cooler or a larger wine refrigeratos that can hold 20 or more bottles, Sunpentown has several models designed to meet your needs. Most Sunpentown units use thermoelectric(Peltier) cooling method that, since there’s no compressor, is fairly quiet ensuring vibration-safe storage for your wines. The only moving and noise-making part in any thermoelectric wine cooler is the air circulation fan (in normal case and if placed with the required clearance the cooler only makes a low burring sound).

NOTE: Sunpentown wine coolers are cheap and unfortunately this is reflected in the low ratings and frequent complaints (early failures, complete break downs within a few months etc.) in user reviews. It doesn’t mean that each and every unit is of low quality but make sure you do a thorough research before buying any Sunpentown or similar cheap, small size thermoelectric wine cooler.

Reviews and Main Features of Sunpentown Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Sunpentown WC-06 6-bottle Wine Fridge

Sunpentown WC-06 6-Bottle wine refrigerator

It is a thermoelectric countertop unit that stores up to 6 standard size (750 ml, Bordeaux style) wine bottles on 2 removable chrome plated wire shelves.

The silver cabinet has silver trimmed, dual pane reflective glass door with recessed handle.

The front legs of the cabinet are adjustable for level placement.

You can set the temperature anywhere in the range of 44°F–66°F (max. variance between unit temp. and ambient temp. is 32°F) using the touch screen control panel on the door.


  • H: 14.5″
  • W: 10″
  • D: 21″
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs

Price: cc. $80 – $150.

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Sunpentown WC-08 8-Bottle Wine Cooler

Sunpentown WC08 8-bottle countertop wine cooler

With a capacity for 8 standard bottles and 2 removable shelves, WC-08 Sunpentown wine cooler is for those of you looking for a compact unit with stylish design.

The double pane insulated, tinted glass door with platinum cabinet and trim adds fabulous look to your kitchen or wherever you place the unit.

The unit is further enhanced with soft interior light, front leveling legs, and adjustable temperature ranging between 46 °F and 66 °F.

The digital controls with LED temperature display makes the Sunpentown wine cooler easier to operate. Equipped with thermoelectric cooling system, this environment friendly wine cooler is refrigerant free and operates quietly without producing any vibrations.

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Sunpentown WC-12 – 12-bottle Wine Cooler

Sunpentown 12-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler - WC 12 model

Compact size and stylish design, WC-12 offers 12 standard bottle capacity and encloses 3 removable shelves.

Featuring digital controls and LED temperature display, this thermoelectric Sunpentown wine cooler performs silently without any vibrations.

It offers adjustable temperature ranging between 50 °F to 66 °F. WC-12 incorporates the utile features of exclusive Sunpentown models.

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Sunpentown Wine Fridge WC – 28D – 28 Bottle Capacity

Sunpentown dual Zone Wine Cooler WC-28D

Essentially a dual zone wine and beverage cooler, WC-28D Sunpentown wine refrigerator offers a capacity of 82 liters (28 bottles) with 5 slide-out shelves.

Setting two independent temperatures for different zones, this Sunpentown model is perfect for storing different types of wine. Each of the chambers is digitally controlled and it offers temperature ranging between 41°F to 65°F.

The unit looks amazing with double pane insulated Tawny glass door and black cabinet with platinum trim, illuminated with soft interior light. Further, the reversible door with lock and key makes your unit fully secured.

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Sunpentown Wine Cooler WC – 34 Model

Sunpentown WC-34 Wine Refrigerator

This 34-bottle under-counter wine cooler is the best unit for those possessing a fine wine collection. Insulated Tawny glass door with double pane made of platinum and a black cabinet makes the WC-34 an excellent piece to enhance you room décor.

With digital temperature display and controls, this Sunpentown model allows easy setting of temperature and operations.

The temperature can be set between 41 and 64.4 Deg.F, enough to keep different wine red, white, rose or sparkling wine at its best.

Sunpentown Wine Cooler Refrigerator WC – 32U Model, Single Temp. Zone

Includes front ventilation for easy undercounter built-in installment.

Presenting one-touch digital control and temperature setting, WC-32U 32-bottle wine and beverage cooler offers convenience that you’re going to like while using the appliance.

The push button digital controls make temperature easy. You can adjust temperature between 41 – 65 °F. The digital display shows temperature either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

The black cabinet has a platinum trimmed brownish tinted glass door that is well insulated to keep the temperature steady inside the unit . The door comes with a lock and key set in case you want to cooler kept locked.

It has 6 slide out shelves chrome shelves. The interior light displays the stored wines nicely. The front leveling legs allow you simple and convenient placement of the cooler.


  • Height: 34″
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth: 22″

With numerous appreciable features on offer, Sunpentown wine coolers have it all what you require. This Sunpentown Wine Cooler might be just the right replacement for the trash compactor.

What are you waiting for; order your wine cooler today.

Price of the Sunpentown 32-bottle wine cooler: 320 – 450 $ (10 – 14.06 $ per bottle).

TIP: The Samsung RW13EBSS wine cooler offers similar storage space (28-31 bottles of wine) and has 1 temperature zone. It’s sold in the UK.

For more information visit the official website of Sunpentown products.

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