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Discontinued – The Manufacturer No Longer makes This Model, Though You Might Find Used Models.

The U-Line Echelon dual zone wine cooler is a combination of sophisticated elegance and innovation.

This two-drawer wine refrigerator by U-line not only provides excellent wine storage for your collection of wines but the appliance enriches any home with its contemporary look.

Review of U-Line Echelon Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Main Features

This 2-drawer wine cooler can hold up to 43, 750 ml, ordinary size wine bottles.

You can set the temperature independently in each drawer  in the range of 40 – 60 ºF, so you can store reds in one of the drawers and keep chilled your favourite whites and sparkilin wines int he other.

The U Line Echelon 2 drawer wine refrigerator maintains 50% relative humidity inside the unit aloowing you the opportunity to experiment with aging.

The cabinet is black juts like the interior of the unit which adds an elegant visual background to your wines when illuminated by the soft interior light.

The light switches on automatically when the drawer is opened and it turns off after 4 hours.

There’re also recessed light switches in both drawers allowing you to illuminate the interior of the drawers when they are closed.

By pressing the LIGHT icon on the control panel you can set the unit to continuous 4-hour illumination.

You can set the wine cooler to opearte in blackout/Sabbath mode (not Star-K certificated) when the lights and LED display are disabled while still maintaining the set temperature.

The U-Line Echelon Wine Captain 2-Zone wine cooler is available is 2 door designs:

  • Stainless steel trimmed with stainless steel drawer handle featuring graceful design. For this model you can opt for commercial style handles that have clean straight sculpting. The stainless-like toe kick grille completes the contemporary look of this wine cooler. Model number: 2275DWRW
  • For the Overlay model you can select custom made wood door frame. The cabinet is also black with black interior and black front grille. Model number: 2275DWRWOL. When choosing this model note that If a custom overlay is not requested to be installed you must order and buy a black contoured handle for this model.

The door glass is tinted to filter out UV rays and tempered to provide excellent thermal insulation. The well-built steel cabinet is sealed with black vinyl providing protection against scratches.


Both drawers contain 3 – 3 wine racks that have unfinished natural maple fronts which can be stained to blend in your home decor or repalce with other wood fronts.

The fully extendandable wine racks are coated with black vinyl to prevent slipping of bottles and eliminate vibration caused by the cooler’s compressor.

The racks provide the proper horizontal storage to keep the corks moist and by pulling out the rack you can easily pick and access wines.

After fully stocking both drawers (start with the bottom drawer, then stock the top drawer according to the manual of the cooler) and setting the tempearture allow the unit to run for 24 hours to reach constant cooling temperature.

A unique part of U-Line Echelon 2275DWRW wine cooler is the 3-bottle wine caddy in the bottom drawer for convenient transportation of wines. This is really useful and looks elegant when you invite friends over for dinner or wine tasting.

Control Features

The middle rack of each drawer contains an easy-to-operate control panel.

With touch buttons you can set the desired temperature for the drawers. The digital display clearly indicates the temperature in the 2 drawers. The dispaly can be set to visible or dark mode when the door is closed.

The wine coolers are shipped with factory-set default temperatures:

  • 60 ºF for the top drawer, and
  • 40 ºF for the bottom drawer.

An audible alarm warns you should you leave the drawer open by accident.

The U-Line Echelon Dual Zone Wine coolers are designed for built-in use. These zero-clearance models require no additional space around the sides on the top and at the back when you fit the unit into your existing cabinetry.

Use the sturdy, factory-fitted leveling legs to install the unit fully horizontal.

The front grille must be left unobstructed because the hot air generated inside the cooler is driven out here. Blocking it prevents proper air ventilation and your cooler will not operate at its highest efficiency.

The wine cooler is auto defrost meaning that it doesn’t allow frost to accumulate inside the appliance.

For cleaning the unit use only cleansers that are specifially manufactured for cleaning stainles steel surfaces. Don’t use abraisive pads for wiping, but soft cloth or sponge.

Approximate Dimensions of the U-Line Echelon Wine Captain Dual Zone Wine Cooler

  • Height: 34 1/8″
  • Width: 23 15/16″
  • Depth: 22 15/16″

Price of the U-Line Echelon two-Zone Wine Cooler Model 2275DWRW: cc. 2800 – 3100 $ (65.12 – 72.09 $ per bottle)

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Perhaps the U-Line Echelon Wine Captain dual zone wine cooler is not a cheap choice but it sure offers unique features, sturdy built, and refined elegance that makes wine storage simple and fun both in residential and commercial use.

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