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Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators are one of the top choices if you’re searching for a good-value budget wine fridge with two independent temperature zones.

Avaiable in various sizes and decors the 2-zone wine coolers made by Vinotemp International – a leader in manufacturing quality residential wine storage appliances, elegant wine cabinets, custom wine cellars, and wine cooling units – are highly recommended for both beginner wine collectors and more serious wine lovers.

Vinotemp offers a wine storage solution to all budgets since its product range includes inexpensive models, mid-priced units as well as expensive, high-end wine coolers.

Benefits of Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators

The Vinotemp Two Zone wine coolers are available in different storage capacities from smaller 12 -bottle units, to larger (84-bottle, 188-bottle) furniture-style cabinets.

There are options in between: mid-sized wine coolers offering storage space for 21-42 bottles of wine.

  • Versatile Style, Decor

Regarding style the Vinotemp two-zone wine coolers include metal cabinets with tinted glass doors and wood-trimmed slide-out racks that exude modern elegance but there are also more classical and stylish furniture-finish wine cellars (Bordeaux and Rioja Series).

Whether you prefer a simple yet elegant stainless steel wine fridge to build it under the kitchen counter or a chic, freestanding wood wine cabinet you’ll find an appealing model among Vinotemp 2-zone wine home wine cellars.

Regarding shape there are slim tower models, wider credenzas as well as more standard compact wine refrigerators.

Environmentally-Friendly Cooling System

In most Vinotemp wine cooler models thermoelectric, also known as Peltier cooling technology, is applied which works without cooling agent – chemical used in compressor-operated fridges – that can be hazardous to the environment.

  • Energy-Efficient Appliances – thermoeelctric wine coolers have lower energy consumption than compressor-run units.
  • Easy-to-Use Temperature Control – the digital, push button controls ensure simple temperature setting.
  • Affordable Price – the cheapest Vinotemp dual-zone wine cooler models cost $ 230-500.

Overview of Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Regarding the level of sophistication and price level Vinotemp offers 4 series of wine refrigerators

Eco Series – Thermoelectric, Low-Cost Wine Coolers

  • Vinotemp 12-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler-Thermoelectric, Freestanding(VT-12TEDS-2Z) -cc $ 230
  • Vinotemp 21-bottle Two-Zone Wine Refrigerator (VT-21TEDS-2Z) – cc. $ 330
  • Vinotemp 32-Bottle 2-Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator (VT-32TEDS-2Z) – cc. $ 450
  • Vinotemp 48-bottle Dual Temp. Zone Wine Cooler (VT-48TEDS-2Z) – cc. $ 600.

Butler Series includes the following two zone wine refrigerators:

  • Vinotemp VT-34-2ZONE 34-bottle wine cooler that sells for around $500.
  • Vinotemp VT-36 Double Door Dual Zone Wine Cellar – costs around $800 – $900.
  • Vinotemp 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler (VT-45SB) – cc. $1000 – $1100.
  • Vinotemp VT-188 160-Bottle Wine Refrigerator – black cabinet with metal trimmed glss door or all stainless steel cabinet with glass door. TIP: see how the Vinotemp VT-188 compares to other budget 150+ bottle wine coolers.

Pro Series – includes 2 dual-zone models:

  • Vinotemp 45-bottle two-Zone Wine Cooler (VT-45R) – cc. $ 1200
  • Vinotemp VT-38 Wine & Beverage Cooler (VT38SM) – cc. 110

Portofino Series – the models in this series are classical- furniture-style units

  • Bordeaux 2-Zone Wine Tower (VT-BORDEAUX2H), 84-bottle Capacity
  • Bordeaux 2-Zone Wine Credenza (VT-BORDEAUX2C), 84-bottle Capacity – cc. $ 1700
  • Napa Wine Credenza with Two Temperature Zones (VT-NAPA2), 40 bottles – cc. $ 2000
  • Rioja 2-Zone Wine Cellar Tower, (VT-RIOJA2), 42 bottles – cc. $ 1300
  • Kendall 42-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Bar (VT-KENDALL-WB) – cc. $ 1500
  • strong>Bleeker 42-bottle 2-Zone Wine Bar (VT-BLEEKER2) – cc. $ 1500

TIP: Take a look at other recommended credenza wine storage units.

The Largest Capacity Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerators

The most capacious two temperature zone models by Vinotemp are the VT-188 MSW, BBW or MBSH which stores up to 160 bottles of wine and the Vinotemp VT-182 dual zone wine cellar with 182 bottles capacity.

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