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Ideal For Aging Wine at Home

Vinothèque is renowned for its artfully designed and crafted wood wine storage cabinets that are equipped with top-of-the-line climate control system to ensure the perfect conditions for long term wine storage.

Vinotheque offers a wide range of wine cellars including professional high-end cabinets for wineries, restaurants, and less expensive home wine storage models for the serious wine collector who want the best for his prime vintages.
Apart from cliamte-controlled sophisticated wood wine cabinets stainless steel wine cellars are also available from Vinotheque.

The California-based company developed the WhisperKOOL cooling system in 1995 designed for the climate control of self-contained wine cellars.With a Vinotheque Wine cabinet you’ll have high-quality wine storage unit that will protect and preserve your wines for many years to come.

Main Features & Benefits of Vinotheque Wine Storage Cabinets

Use of the highest quality of materials, attention to every detail makes Vinotheque wine cellars unique.

Each model is hand-crafted by the Vinotheque team of wine cabient manufacturing specialists.

More than 20-years of experience in making wine cabinets, stat-of-the-art tecnology combined with professional workmanship results in sophiticated wine storage units that can be proud and well-matching part of any wine lovers’ home decor.

Vinotheque offers many customization options should you have specific requirement regarding type of cabinet wood, finish, racking system etc.

Cooling System of Vinotheque Wine Cabinets

QT Cooling Unit – Powerful Cooling

Vinotheque’s highly-advanced QT Temperature and Humidity Control applies natural convection refrigeration technique ensuring very efficent cooling with minimal noise. The so-called temperature equalizer module ensures stable temperature inside the cabinet.

WhisperKOOl – the Energy saving Option

Some cabinets are equipped with WhisperKOOl (WK) cooling unit which uses the forced air cooling technology a standard in the wine cellar cooling industry. The WK unit is a box mounted insdie the cabinet. In case of the QT cooling system coils run along the back of the cabinet (similar to coils in ordinary refrigerators) instead of a separate box.

The WhisperKOOl Wine Cabinet Cooler is available in two sizes

  • 1200 BTU model for cabinets to be used within normal climate conditions
  • 2300 BTU model -ensures more cooling power in extreme climates

Vinotheque wine cabinets are designed to cool 30 or 50 F cooler than the ambient room temperature.

PDT™ Thermostat with Liquid Measuring Probe

All Vinotheque wine storage cabinets are equipped with PDT™ thermostat system which utilizes Liquid Measuring probe. This self-caibrating probe is designed to measure the temperature of wine and adjusting the cooling temperature to the wine temp.

The probe is microchip-controlled ensuring precise, digital communication with the thermostat thus resulting in very accurate temperature control. The heavy duty circuit system of the thermostat unit isn’t sensitive to power surges.

The temperature readout can be set to display temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The thermostat can be set between 50 °F and 70 °F.

This system has several advanatages:

  • the cooling unit cycles less often saving electricity and increaasing the life of the cooler,
  • wine is kept at stable temperature.

Installing the Liquid Measuring Thermostat:

  • Fill an empty wine bottle 3/4 full with cool tap water.
  • Place probe in the bottle so that it’s in the water.
  • Place the bottle with the probe in the middle of the cabinet on the left side.

TIP: Marvel Wine Coolers’ unique Sentry system also measures the temperature of wine.

Dual Zone Vinotheque Wine Storage Cabinets

Vinotheque offers two different size wine cabinets with two independent cooling zones. Each zone has temperature range of 45-70 ºF:

  • 550-bottle and an
  • 700 bottle unit.


The majority of Vinotheque wine cabinets offer 3 types of racking:

  • Traditional shelving – Bordeaux racks with 1 columns for champagnes: the 150, 320 and 500 series cabinets contain all Bordeuax racks with 1 column for champagne, the 550 and 700 series units have all Bordeaux racks with 2 champagne columns.
  • Universal racking- allows you to store a wide range of botle types including half-bottles and magnums.
  • Progressive racking – for odd shaped and non-standard size bottles. The 3 1/2″ openings accommodate many types of wine bottles setting no constraint in you wine collecting habits. This versatile racking has one weakness though: it has storage space for slightly less bottle count than the traditionaly racking.

For most wine cabinets there’s an optional display shelf for some extra cost. A display shelf is slightly canted allowing the viewer to see the labels on the bottles. Customized racking configuration is also available for additional charge.

Wood Selection

Vinotheque offers the follwing wood choices for your wine cellar:

  • Red Oak
  • Honduras Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Birds Eye Maple
  • Olive Ash Burl
  • Black Walnut

Finish/Stain Options

You can select from a wide range of colour stains allowing you to match the cabinet perfectly to your home furnishing. Custonm color finishes can be ordered, a 3″x3″ size color sample is required.

Cabinet Door Options

There are several choices regarding door design:

Basic Door option


  • solid door veneer
  • wood-framed glass window
Provance DoorThe elegant arch at the top door frame differentiate it from the basic option.


  • solid door version- 4 panles of venner with hardwood frame
  • windowed door panel – full-length glass framed by hardwood
RitzThe door veneer is divided into 6 panels, the window version the 4 upper panels are in glass the 2 bottom panles are in hardwood. Inlaid moldings decorate each panels lending a complling look to the door.
ParisianContains six panels: two squares in the middle and 2-2 rectangulars at the top and at the bottom
Cathedral – the graceful Europen cathedrals inspired this door design.The two door wings feature two arching glass windos surrounded by hardwood.
Champagne DoorTwo full size champagne glass shape windows make this door design chramingly elegant.

Custom Design Wine Cabinets

This option offered by Vinotheque is for those devoted wine collectors or wine bar/resturant owners who want to devote an entire wall in their home or bar/resturant to elegantly diplay theri wine collection. Using a combination of Vinotheque wine cabinets you can have a wide and capacious wine storage unit.

Read more about Custom Wine Cellars.

Front Venting Option

All Vinotheque Wine cabinets are for standalone placement but if you want your unit to built in in existing cabinetry then you can reuqest your model with the venting installed in the front of the cabinet. The tradeoff of front ventillation is that it increases cabinet height by 3 inches.

Two fans are mounted in the top section of the cabinet which draw air from beneath the cabinet accross the condensor coils and vent it out the front at the top.

Long Warranty Period

The long warranty (5 years on the compressor and the cabinet, 1 year on parts and labor) is the proof of Vinotheque’s trust in its own products’ exceptional quality and durability.

Vinotheque Wine Storage Cabinets – Overview

Wine Reservoir – an Entry-Level Wine Storage Cabinet, 224 Bottles

Vinotheque’s Wine Reservoir is available with solid or see-through glass door. The Wine Reservoir costs around $ 2000-2500 dpending on door style and distributor. Contains WhisperKOOl cooling unit. The Wine Reservoir cabinets can accommodate up to 224 bottles on versatile metal shelves.

Traditional Cabinets – Come with QT Cooling System in 6 Sizes:

  • 150 size (W x D x H): 32.7″ x 22.5 ” x 73.5″
    • traditional racking: 131 bottles,
    • universal r.: 104 bottles,
    • progressive racking: 112 bottles
  • 320 – size (W x D x H): 32.7″ x 31″ x 73.5″
    • traditional racking: 264 bottles
    • universal r.: 214 bottles,
    • progressive racking: 224 bottles
  • 400 size (W x D x H): 40″ x 31″ x 73.5″
    • traditional racking: 332 bottles
    • universal racking.:282 bottles
    • progressive racking: 288 bottles
  • 500 size (W x D x H): 40.5″ x 31″ x 86.5″
    • traditional racking: 426 bottles
    • universal racking.:376 bottles,
    • progressive racking: 384 bottles
  • 550 size(W x D x H): 53.5″ x 31″ x 86.5″
    • traditional racking: 426 bottles
    • universal racking.:376 bottles,
    • progressive racking: 384 bottles
  • 700 size(W x D x H): 53.5″ x 31″ x 86.5″
    • traditional racking: 526 bottles
    • universal racking.:464 bottles,
    • progressive racking: 481 bottles

Villa Series – more affordable wine cabinets with WhisperKOOl cooling units and metal racking.

The Vinotheque Viila Series Wine Storage Cabinets contains 9 lines including three- or four-door credenzas:

The Milan, Riviera, Vienna and Lisboa cabinets are available in 3 sizes:

  • 220 – stores 224 bottles, size (W x D x H): 27 5/8″ x 29 1/2″ x 68 1/8″
  • 330 – 336 bottles, size (W x D x H): 41″ x 29 1/2″ x 69 1/2″
  • 440 – 448 bottles, size (W x D x H): 53 1/12″ x 29 1/2″ x 69 1/2″


The Riviera, Milan, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona wine credenzas are available in 3-door or 4-door design. Find out more about Vinotheque and other brand Wine Credenzas

Video Presentation on Vinotheque Villa Series Wine Cellars

Winery Cabinets – Wide Choice of Style & Design

The Vinotheque Winery Series Cabinets offers a wide range of self-contained wood wine cellars as well as a stainless steel cabinet.

Most units contain QT cooling system, except for the stainless steel model, the Boxed Up design and the Corner cabinet which are equipped with WhisperKOOl unit.
TIP: find more stainless steel wine cooler refrigerators.

Good to Know

Some advice on the placement and installation of Vinotheque wine storage cabinets:

  • Before buiyng a cabinet check that the doorways are large enough and that there’s enough moving space to place the cabinet at its final location.
  • Place the cabinet in the coolest spot within your home on even, sturdy floor that can solidly hold the weight of a fully loaded wine cabinet. The cabinets come with leveling legs which can be adjusted up or down with a wrench (provided with the cabinet.
  • make sure the cabinet door shut and seal properly to prevent warm air getting inside the unit.
  • Do not plugg in and start the cabinet for 24 hours after shipping (units are often transported on their sides which can cause the compressor oil to escape its reservoir. That’s why a 24-hour upright standing is required to allow the oil to resettle.
  • After plugging the cabinet in (QT models) and turning it on (WhisperKOOl units) the wine cellars need approx. 5 minutes to start cooling. The thermostat needs thsi time to measure the temperature.
  • Test the cooling unit – athough the whole cabinet including the cliamte control system went through a thorough quality control process it1s good to check before filling up the cabinet whether the cooler operates properly. Just turn the unit on and wait fro approx. 1 hour to see whether the interior of the unit is cooling down.If the cooling unit isn’t working contact Vinotheque’s Customer Service Department who will help you identify and solve the problem.
  • If you don’t live in an extreme dry climate set the condensate evaporator on the cooling unit to “Auto”, this will save you electriciy.
    The condensate evaporator is a heating element that evaporates exceess condensate water accumulated during the refrigeration process. In normal circumstances the heat generated by the compressor is enough to evaporate the majority of condensate. In humid areas (above 80% relative humidity) more condensate will accumulate than the compressor heat is capable of evaporating. if you set the condensate evaporator to “On” it will automatically evaporate excess water present in the compressor pan.

Loading the Wine Cabinet:

  • The cabinet has to be loaded gradually, in stages: two cases/day is recommended until the unit is fully loaded. During the cool down period the cooler will cycle almost constantly for weeks to reach the required stable temperature. The gradual cooling also helps to maintain proper humidity inside the cabinet.
  • The cabinets operate most efficiently if they’re 75% loaded. Make sure that the bottle count is spread evenly throughout the unit.
  • In case of QT models there’s supplemental storage space on the bottom for odd size bottles. The WK models has additional storage space for odd size bottles in the top section of the cabinet.

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