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Vintage keeper Wine Cellars are one of the most economical large capacity home wine cabinets available from 110 to 500 bottles capacities. The Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 wine cellar can accommodate up to 500 bottles of wine which is great for wine enthusiasts whose wine collection counts a couple of hundreds bottles.

In addition to being one of the lowest cost per bottle wine storage units on the market Vintage Keeper Wine Cellars boast a range of great features and attractive design.

Any of these furniture-like, refrigerated wine cabinets will be a fine part of your home and will provide proper storage conditions for your precious wines.Let’s look at the most important features and benefits of Vinatge Keeper wine cabinets including the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 wine cellar.

Note: The Vintage Keeper Nuvo line is no longer made by the manufafcturer. A new line of wine cabinets (WineKoolr) will be available sometime in 2011. The older models are still available in larger wine cooler, wine storage shops.

Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 Wine Cellar Review

All Vintage Keeper wine cabinets come with highly-efficient,easy-to-install, relaible cooling units (KOOLSPACE) that provide stable cooling temperature through precise electronic control within the cabinet, operates silently without causing vibration that can spoil your wines (vibration can disturb the natural sedimentation process in wine in the long term). The cabinets contain special vibration dampeners to prevent transfer of vibration to the to the wine bottles.There’s a digital sensor that measures the actual temperature of the air inside the cellar.

The newer models come with improved cooling units suspension that ensures more simpler installation.

The evaporator coil of the cooling unit is epoxy-coated whih provides quality protection against corrosion thus ensuring longer life cycle of the wine cellar.

The sealing method of the cabinet panels and the cooling units has been improved too.

With the control panel you can adjust temperature in the range of 52 – 64 °F. When you first install the wine cellar it’ll show the factory-adjusted 57 °F (14 °C) which you can set to other temperature value by pressing the Up and Down arrows on the control panel.

Temperature settings our stored in memory in case of power failures.

You can select from 3 operational modes:

  • Quiet (slowest fan speed, with longer cycles and the least efficient operation: use only when ambient conditions are normal: temperature and relative humidity aren’t too high (below 75 °F, and humidity is around 50%),
  • Default (factory set to 57 °F),
  • Efficient.

The Digital display shows thedetected temperature and you can set it to display it either in °F or in °C.

When the temperature is above the set point the fan will start after a 1-minute delay than the compressor starts a cooling cycle within the next minute too. The unit will cycle ON/OFF base don the detected temperature inside the cabinet.

The fan speed has two “quiet” settings so that you can operate the wine cellar more silently although the preprogramed factory setting ensures the most silent efficient operation. Don’t use the quiet setting, however when the ambient temperature is above 75 °F or the air is very humid (exceeds 50 %). use the slower, quitter settings only if the unit cycles regularly, minimum 2 times per hour.

The cabinets have very good acoustic insulation to further reduce noise.

Vintage Keeper wine cabients are equipped with audible and visual alarms. If the temperature inside the cabinet exceeds 72 °F the unit will shut down and an audible warning will start and the dispaly with blink AL alternating with the temperature reading.

This alarms function is of course disablbed during the first 4 hours of installation in the cooling down period and after any reset for 4 hours. After the temperature goes below 72 °F the unit will restart and continue cooling and cycling.

Through the double see-through glass doors you’ll get an excellent view of the stored bottles especially if the interior lights mounted on the top of the cabinet are turned on. All glass doors are thermopane ones providing proper thermal insulation and contain UV filtering to block out the most harmful light rays of the sun.

The cabinet of the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP500 wine cellar is made of simulated wood grain finish and is avilable in 3 colors:

  • Black,
  • Cherry, or
  • Maple.

Lock & Key sets are standard accessories for all Vintage Keeper models.

Doors in all models are reversible so that you can find the most suitable placement for the cabinet in your home.

Racking of Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 Wine Cellar:

Vintage Keeper wine cellars have space-efficient snap-in metal shelves that are stationary.

Standard Burgundy and Bordeaux type bottles are best arranged with necks facing out. Don’t stack bottles more than 2 rows high on a shelf.

For more stable temperature inside the cabinet avoid placing bottles directly in front of the cooling unit’s circulating fan.

In normal circumstances the back of the cabinet will be the most cooler part of the wine cellar so it’s the best place to keep white wines.

Installation Guide to the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 Wine Cabinet

All Vintage Keeper wine cellars plug into a normal household outlet 115V/15 Amp. Outlet power must be a DEDICATED separately fused and grounded line.

Vinatge Keeper wine cabinets are for freestanding use only, don’t installt he in “built-in” way. For proper ventillation you have to leave at lest 3-4″ clearance from wall, especiall at the top and at the back of the cabinet.

Do not use it outdoors or in poorly ventillated rooms.

For the most efficient operation don’t place the cellar in a room where ambient temperature exceeds 80 °F (25 °C) and humidity level is above 70 %.

Vacuum the evaporator coils regularly (once a month) to get rid off dust.


  • Height: 71″
  • Width: 49 1/2″
  • Depth: 26″

Tools you’ll need for installing the wine cellar:

  • Hex wrench (included)
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Carpenter’s level
  • 1-2 helpers are recommended

Before starting to install the cabinet test the cooling unit. Plug it in and check whether the display and control functions work properly.

Price of the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 Wine Cellar: this model is available from around 1700 $ which gives you a very low (3.4 $/bottle) cost-per-bottle price.

Warranty: Vintage Keeper Wine Cellars come with a full 1-year no-hassles manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended. Vinatge Keeper doesn’t provide warranty outside the continental US and Canada.

Note that the Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 is sometimes sold under other model names like: VP500, Vinatge Keeper Tuscany Plus 500, Nuvo KoolR 500.

See also our main page about Vintage Keeper Wine Cooler Cabients.

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