WIE 28-bottle Wine Cooler – Is It Good For Home Wine Storage At Just 350 USD?

Last updated on November 9th, 2021 at 10:20 am

This single-zone, freestanding fridge that holds max. 28 bottles of wine is one of the cheapest options if you’re looking for a wine cooler under 500 USD.

It uses quality compressor technology to ensure consistent temperature across the cabinet interior.

You can program the settings between 41°F – 64°F (5 – 18°C), a wide enough range to store varied types of wines inside.

See what it offers at such moderate price and whether you should consider buying!

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Quick Overview

WIE 28-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

7 out of 10

Brand & Model: WIE (China-based manufacturer), WIWCJC28BADX-US
Capacity: 28 bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux-style)
Cooling Type: Compressor
Zones: Single Temperature Zone: 40 – 64 ºF (5 – 18 ºC)
Placement: Freestanding only
Dimensions: H: 33.1″, W: 16.9″, D: 17.7″
Place Of Manufacture: China (in accordance with U. S. ETL/UL standards).
Price: cc. 300 – 350 USD
Owners’ Ratings on Amazon: 4.3/5

Look & Feel + Build Quality (Cabinet/Shelving)
Noise Level
Ease of Use
Price Per Bottle/Value For Money
Temperature Stability
Warranty Length


Classy look: all-black cabinet, chromed metal shelves with glass door, subtle blue light

Simple to operate, minimal maintenance.

Extar wine glass holder rack

Good value for the price


It would be nice to have a longer guarantee period.

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What’s To Like?

  • Moderate price
  • Adaptive shelving with extra rack for holding glasses.
  • Apart from wines you chill beer, soda, water etc in it.
  • Elegant look – the black decor will fit any setting: kitchen, living room, or home office.
  • Glass door with large viewing surface and, with the muted blue interior lighting, make everything visible inside.
  • Simple to set up and use – just plug it in after 24 hrs letting it standing upright and you can set it to the temp. you want it to cool to.
  • Compact size – space efficient dimensions yet you can store and cool 28 bottles of wine in it.

What’s Not To Like?

  • Warranty period is short – though most similar brands offer the same length of guarantee period in this price category.

double red arrow pointing to the right Look & Style

The WIE 28-bottle home cellar has an all-black decor: black stainless steel cabinet with dual-wall, tempered glass door that boasts a narrow black trim around the edges.

Thermopane, Dual Wall Glass Door – For Steady Temperature Inside

The door is made of expansive dual pane glass that provides unobstructed view inside the fridge. You will definitely be able to see your wine collection.

In case you think that the glass will not insulate well enough you shouldn’t stress about it. The door glass is tempered and two panes are used with a slight tint to them to block UV rays.

Furthermore, the door closes with a magnetic seal that adds extra insulation and ensures tight shutting.

The door has an integrated handle saves you from some minor work of installing a handle and it also lends a more compact look to the unit.

Altogether, the fridge has a well-made door for minimizing fluctuation in temperature and ultimately keeping your wines within the best possible conditions.

double red arrow pointing to the right Shelving – Versatile Use, Rack For Wine Glasses

7 pull-out chromed metal shelves cradle the bottles. You remove the shelves should you need to make room for large, or long shape bottles.

photo showing the interior of the wine cooler. 5 bottles lay on each of the top 4 wire shelves with the necks facing outwards. There is a glass rack holding wine glasses.
Adjustable Shelving – WIE 28-Bottle Cooler

You can configure racking the way it suits you the best. Remove shelves to seamlessly fit in magnums, champagnes.

Alternatively, you also have the option to put in unfinished bottles in upright position

You can even store wine glasses with the special rack included with the unit. Naturally, putting the glass holder in will reduce the bottle storage space.

Besides wine, you can keep beer, soda drinks, water or your favorite proteinshake, smoothie inside.

Interior Light

The fridge has soft blue LED illumination – LED lights mounted on the cabinet top.

Just tap the light bulb indicator on the control panel to switch on or off the lighting.

double red arrow pointing to the right How & Where To Place the WIE 28-Bottle Wine Fridge?

This compressor-based refrigerator ventilates at the back so it is not for built-in, fully-recessed placement.

Clearance Needed

photo of a modern kitchen with the WIE 28-bottle wine fridge placed freestanding next to a kitchen counter

Leave at least 4 – 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) space around the sides, at the back and top.

This will guarantee that the fridge will ventilate adequately, efficiently removing the warm air from the cabinet interior.

In addition, make certain that you place the fridge at the darkest spot within your home, away from sunlight or appliances that emit heat.

Make sure you let it stand upright for at least 24 hours before starting to use it. Connect it to a dedicated electric plug (110V/60Hz).

After turning it on the wine cellar will start cooling immediately and will reach the lowest setting in a couple of hours.

It is best to wait with loading the fridge up until it cools to the set temperature

double red arrow pointing to the right Temperature Control & Display

Adjusting the cooling temperature is fairly straightforward. Press the “gear” symbol on the touch sensor panel for 2 seconds to unlock the buttons.

A photo montage presenting the versatility of shelving: we can see the lower part of the open, empty fridge. One of the wire racks is on the floor holding a bottle of wine.

Then press the Up/Down arrows to set the desired temperature. You can also choose whether you want the temperature shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Just push the °C/°F selector icon right next to the gear icon.

You can monitor the temperature on the small readout screen that displays the interior temp. in blue LED.

Auto defrost is a must have feature nowadays and the WIE 28-bottle wine cellar has it too.

No need to worry about ice build up, the fridge will do a defrost cycle at factory programed intervals.

double red arrow pointing to the right Key Features – WIE 28-Bottle Wine Fridge

Capacity: 28 bottles (750 ml, Bordeuax-style bottles).

Cooling Type: Compressor cooling.

Door: Double pane glass, tinted against sunlight.

Handle: Recessed handle.

Direction of Door Opening: Right, can’t be reversed.

Door Lock: No.

Number of Zones: single zone.

Temperature Range: 41°F – 64°F (5 – 18°C).

Temperature Control: digital touch pad icons integrated in the top door frame

Display: LED readout in blue.

Temperature Memory: No.

Interior Light: Low-intensity blue LED lighting.

Shelving: 7 wave-shaped, chromed wire shelves, all are removable.

Auto defrost: Yes.

Noise Level: Rated at 38 dBA

Electricity Consumption:

double red arrow pointing to the right Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 33.1″
  • Width: 16.9″
  • Depth: 17.7″
  • Weight: 59.4 lbs. (27 kg).

Price & Warranty – WIE 28-Bottle

  • Price: cc. 300 – 350 USD (10.7 – 12.5 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year

double red arrow pointing to the right What Owners Say About The WIE 28-Bottle Wine Cooler?

The vast majority of reviewers on Amazon are very satisfied with their purchase. The wine fridge has received 4.8/5 rating which is rare in this product category.

photo of the wine fridge showing the interior with the wire shelves and a couple of bottles in it. The blue LED light is on and illuminates the bottles on the top shelf.
Interior of the WIE Wine Fridge

The WIE 28-bottle wine fridge works reliably, makes little noise – (a low humming sound that all compressor fridges emit).

They highlighted that the cooler extremely stylish with its all black decor and large glass door.

The adjustable metal shelving proves to be very handy in case you drink a wide variety of wines.

Just remove one or two racks to free space for magnums, champagnes or other non-standard size bottles.

Last but not least, it is one of the most inexpensive wine coolers on the market in 2021.

For around 350 USD – or less if you managed to catch a deal – it offers all the specifics you need in a good wine storage cooler.

double red arrow pointing to the right Why Buy?

To put it shortly, you will have a hard time finding a better value wine cooler in this size and price category.

At around 350 USD the WIE 28-bottle home cellar has everything you need to store your wines within suitable environment.

It also has a nice size-capacity ratio: space saving dimensions combined with fairly high bottle count, depending of course on bottle size and style.

All in all, the WIE 28-Bottle wine fridge is a neat little unit at unbeatable price.

Note: When you buy through links to Amazon placed on our site we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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