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You’ll find many wine cooler refrigerator reviews on our site so we prepared this Table of Contents to help you find your way around.

Apart from the standard technical features, you’ll find some lesser known specifics of the cooling and storage applainces reviewed on our site.

While browsing and reading the reviews you learn a lot about the most popular brands and soon you’ll be able to form judgment as to which are the most reliable manufacturers.

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The top navigation leads you to the major wine cooler brand overview articles. The overview articles provide information on the manufacturer, its wine cooler models, and the brands overall reputation and reliability.

The overview articles contain links to detailed reviews on the brand’s models and to other related artciles.

We also organized our reviews in the top main menu according to:

  • Type (thermoelectric, compressor-operated, single-zone, dual-zone, multiple-zone, built-in, freestanding),
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  • Price.

There’s also a main wine cooler brand article listing all manufacturers that offer wine cooler refrigerators.

Most likely if a certain model has some problems consumers will talk about it. On our wine cooler reviews pages you’ll find all the pros and cons of wine storage units discovered by users.

Don’t forget that even the best products have their own weaknesses that the manufacturer or retailer won’t advertise in the product description.

The temperature range is the most important factor to look in wine coolers, that’s why you wish to buy one in the first place.

The ideal temperature for storing bottled wines is 50-55 °F (10-12 °C) so the wine fridge should provide this temperature range and be well insulated.

Making hasty buying decisions, especially when it’s about expensive products isn’t a wise thing to do. Take your time to narrow down the list of wine cooler models that get the best reviews and that suit your needs and budget.

The pages about top-rated wine coolers help you in the first phase of selection.

Then you can go on comparing the selected few wine fridges and decide on which one to buy. And come back to share your own opinion about the cooler you purchased.

Table of Contents

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthReviews by Brands

Amana Wine Refrigerators – Elegant, wine cabinets with 3 temperature zones and 173-203 bottles of wine storage capacity.

Amcor Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Amcor, the manufacturer of indoor home appliances, offers 3 wine cooler models between 35-100 bottle storage capacity.

Avanti Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Avanti wine coolers are presented by Avanti Products, which have been leading the Consumer Appliance Industry since almost 30 years. The low-, mid-level price tags as well as the stylish design are the assets of an Avanti wine cooler:

Baumatic Wine Coolers  – Elegant design, style, innovation and quality are the essence of every Baumatic product including Baumatic wine coolers.

Chambrer Wine Coolers – The Candian company offers compact thermoelectric wine storage units ranging from 2-bottle to 12-bottle models.

Cuisinart Wine Coolers – Made in China Cuisinart thermoelectric cellars offer cheap wine preservation solution from 6 to 32 bottles of wine.

Danby Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Danby is a trusted and renowned wine cooler brand and their small home cooler units are quite popular:

EdgeStar Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Review – Small- capacity, cheap, thermoelectric wine storage appliances by the Amercian EdgeStar company.

Electrolux Wine Cooler Refrigerators – renowned for its premium household products Electrolux wine coolers are top-quality, modern wine storage units that fit in your home furnishing nicely.

EuroCave Wine Cellars are top-notch, versatile wine storage units that ensure stable conditions for your wines whether your aim is having perfectly chilled wine at hand all the time or you want to experiment with aging.

Franklin Chef Wine Cooler RefrigeratorsNo longer manufactured – some models are still available in shops though – In the smallest of the Franklin Chef wine fridges, you will be able to store up to 20 bottles, whereas the largest Franklin Chef wine refrigerators will be accommodating 100 bottles of wine.

Review of the Franklin Chef FWC36 Dual Zone wine cooler.

GE Monogram Wine Cooler Refrigerators – With a GE Monogram wine cooler you not only ensure quality cooling and storing for your favorite wines but it will enhance the look of your kitchen.

Haier Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Besides efficient cooling mechanism, Haier wine coolers offer you the best features, and add up as a piece to your room’s décor.

Jenn-Air Wine Cellars – Review – Jenn-Air offers elegant, under-the-counter wine coolers with maple wood shelving and for built-in or freestanding use.

Kalamera Wine Refrigerators – A Chinese company with headquarters in Califonia/USA taht offer moderately-priced units from small 18-bottle to large 100+ bottle cabinets.

Kitchenaid 46-Bottle Wine Coolers – These are exactly the same as Jenn-Air wine fridges: 46-bottle capacity, mechanical thermostat, buil-in or standalone use.

Koolatron Wine Coolers – If you’re looking for affordable wine storage and refrigeration for your collection of wine – Koolatron wine coolers are a good inexpensive choice.

Le Cache Wine Cabinets – elegant furniture-like wine storage units that combine functionality and artistic design.

Liebherr Wine Refrigerators – high-end wine coolers and multi-temperature wine cabinets made by a German based international company, Liebherr.

Magic Chef Wine Coolers – Overview of Magic Chef wine storage coolers including the major pros and cons.

Marvel Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Featuring unparalleled quality, luxury and appealing design choices, Marvel offers an exclusive range of wine coolers and refrigeration products.

  • Marvel Chateau Collection Wine Cellars – Benefits and main features of Marvel Chateau wine coolers including a detailed review of the Marvel 8SWCE 68-bottle wine refrigerator.
  • MOOSOO Wine Coolers – A Chinese brand that is bets known for its popular lightweight upright vacuum cleaners. Today they also offer wine refrigerators with 18 bottles, 30 bottles , 51 bottles capacity.

NewAir Wine Coolers – cheap small size thermoelectric wine chillers.

N’FINITY 23-Bottle Wine Cooler – a small dual zone home cellar by Wine Enthusiast.

N’FINITY 50-Bottle Wine Cellar – an attractive two-zone wine cooler by also Wine Enthusiast.

N’FINITY 340-Bottle Wine Cellar – a double door unit with hardwood shelves and digital controls.
Rangemaster Wine Coolers – Reining the European markets with style and functionality Rangemaster wine coolers are products of immaculate engineering. These wine refrigerators offer a great solution for storage of your exclusive collection of wine. Available in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Wine Cooler Refrigerator Review – The Samsung RW13EBSS 31-bottle wine refrigerator is available in the UK. It’s an inexpensive single temperature zone home wine cellar for freestanding use.

Sanyo Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Sanyo wine coolers are quality medium size wine storage units.

Sub-Zero Wine Coolers – durable, quality wine refrigerators from a leader in the industry

Summit Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Presenting a full range of quality products, Summit wine coolers offer some of the most enviable features in the wine refrigeration industry.

Sunpentown Wine Coolers – Whatever your lifestyle or taste may be, Sunpentown has an array of wine coolers that are designed to meet your needs.

Transtherm Wine Cooler Refrigerators – another French company reputed for its top quality wine refrigerators and wine cabinets.

TYLZA Wine Refrigerator Reviews – TYLZA is a China-based company founded in 2017 that manufactures quality wine coolers & refrigerators. The smallest size model holds 18 bottles, the largest unit is a tall cabinet that accommodates 154 standard size & style bottles of wine.

Viking Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Viking’s exclusive collection of wine coolers offers some of the most exciting professional features and design that you would crave to have as a serious wine collector.

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Vinotemp wine coolers are high-end products designed for selective buyers around the world. Presenting a wide range of models, finishes and materials, Vinotemp coolers and cellars offer endless choice of designs and sizes.

Vinotheque Wine Storage Cabinets – Overview of the main features and benefits of Vinotheque Wine Cellars, wine storage units well-known for decades for their outstanding quality.

WIE 28-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Refrigerator – A moderately-priced freestanding cooler that stores 28 bottles. Has versatile metal shelving with optional glass holder.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Refrigerators offer silent, thermoelectric wine bottle coolers in various sizes and designs.

U-Line Wine Cooler Refrigerators – U-line offers two wine refrigerator series the Échelon and the Origins, and each series has several models so that you have many options to choose from.

Vintage Keeper Wine Coolers  – Learn about the features and benefits of the first-class Vintage Keeper wine storage cabinets.

Caple Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Stylish wine storage cabinets made by a renowned UK-based company.

Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators – read an article about the top-rated wine coolers in various categories.

TIP: Compare Marvel Dual Zone Wine Cellar to U-Line Echelon 2-Zone Wine Cooler.

Reviews by the Number of Temperature Zones

Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers – Overview of the some of the best two-zone wine refrigerators available in 2021.

Multiple Zone Wine Bottle Coolers – Recommended home wine cellars with multiple temperature zones.

Reviews by Size

Single-Bottle Wine Coolers  – Review of the most popular 1-bottle wine chillers and warmers. Includes detailed descriptions with the main features and benefits and possible weaknesses for several popular models.

Dual-Bottle Wine Chillers – Recommended two-bottle wine coolers/warmers.

Small Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Hand-picked list of the best-value small capacity electric wine coolers.

4-bottle Wine Coolers, Wine Refrigerators – Overview of the top 4 bottle wine coolers. Includes detailed features and benefits, possible consumer complaints.

Best 6-bottle Wine Coolers – Features and reviews of good-quality 6-bottle wine coolers and wine refrigerators.

8 Bottle Wine Coolers – Overview of some top-rated 8 Bottle Wine Refrigerators.

12-Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators – If you have only a dozen of bottles of wines a 12-bottle wine cooler is a practical appliance fort short-term storage of your wines at proper temperature and humidity level. Read reviews and ratings of the most popular 12-bottle wine fridges.

Best 18-Bottle Wine Coolers – Popular fridges in 2021 with 18 bottle storage space.

16-Bottle Wine Coolers & Wine Refrigerators – Nice, compact thermoelectric wine bottle coolers at affordable price mainly for home use.

Most Popular 30-bottle Wine Coolers in 2021  – Hand-picked selection of the best-value 30-bottle wine fridges.

40-50 Bottle Wine Coolers  – The most popular medium capacity wine storage units including budget and luxury models.

100-bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Recommended 100-bottle wine cellars suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Reviews By Style

French-Door Wine & Beverage Coolers – Double door-style cooler cabinets with two separate temperature zones.

Walk-In Wine Cellars – Wine Rooms – Large climatized wine storage rooms designed for home use.

Refrigerated Wine Cellar Cabinets – High-quality temperature-controlled wood wine cellars for long term storage and aging. Includes brands such as Le Cache, Vinotheque, EuroCave, Transtherm, Vinotemp etc.

Wine Credenzas – Recommended brands of premium quality credenza-style wine storage units.

Under Counter Wine Cooler Refrigerators – These 15″ or 24″ wide compact wine storage cabinets provide space-saving yet efficient and stylish solutions for storing your wines. These units can fit nicely under the counter in any kitchen.

Slim Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Looking for slim wine coolers to fit into a tight space in your home, you would find such coolers are not too common, but by doing a bit of search you’ll find some very slim models that are only 11 inches wide.

Picnic wine Coolers – Not to worry about carrying your wine on a picnic, the specially designed picnic wine coolers are there to take care of your needs. Find out about some top rated picnic wine coolers and carriers.

For Build Your Own

Wine Cellar Cooling Units – overview the best wine cellar or wine room cooling systems available on the market.

CellarPro Cooling System – find out why CellarPro cooling units are one of the best cellar refrigeration systems.

Price Categories

Cheap Wine Coolers – Recommended inexpensive wine fridges.

Best Electric Wine Coolers Under $500 – The best-value small wine refrigerators that cost around $500 or less.

High-End Wine Coolers – Overview of luxury home wine storage coolers.