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Wine coolers come in various sizes from small, 3- or 4-bottle units with small footprint to full size, 80 or more bottle capacity models. You can even get a single bottle eelctric chiller that can be conveniently plcaed on the dinner table and keep a bottle of wine properly chilled for the meal.

Wine Cooler Reviews by Size

Single-Bottle Wine Coolers
Review of the most popular 1-bottle wine chillers and warmers. Includes detailed descriptions with the main features and benefits and possible weaknesses for several popular models.

Dual-Bottle Wine Chillers
Recommended two-bottle wine coolers/warmers.

Small Wine Refrigerators
Hand-picked list of the best-value small capacity electric wine coolers.

4-bottle Wine Coolers
Overview of the top 4 bottle wine coolers. Includes detailed features and benefits, possible consumer complaints.

Vissani 6-bottle wine cooler6-bottle Wine Coolers
Features and reviews of the best 6-bottle wine coolers and wine refrigerators.

8 Bottle Wine Coolers
Overview of some good-value 8 bottle wine fridges.

12-Bottle Wine RefrigeratorsIf you have only a dozen of bottles of wine, a 12-bottle wine cooler is a practical appliance fort short-term storage at proper temperature and humidity level. Read reviews and ratings of the most popular 12-bottle wine fridges.

16-Bottle Wine RefrigeratorsNice, compact thermoelectric wine bottle coolers at affordable price mainly for home use.

30-bottle Wine Coolers
Hand-picked selection of the best-value 30-bottle wine fridges.

40-50 Bottle Wine Coolers
The most popular medium capacity wine storage units including budget and luxury models.

100 Bottle wine cooler by OrienUSA100-bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators
Recommended 100-bottle wine cellars suitable for both residential and commercial use.

150-160 Bottle Wine Refrigerators Compare 150-160-bottle wine fridges: budget wine cabinets under $2 000 with 150+ bottles capacity.

Best-Value Large Wine Refrigerators – quality wine fridges with large bottle count.

Walk-In Wine Cellars – Wine Rooms
Large climatized wine storage rooms designed for home use.

Refrigerated Wine Cellar Cabinets – High-quality temperature-controlled wood wine cellars for long term storage and aging: Le Cache, Vinotheque, EuroCave, Transtherm, Vinotemp etc.

Under Counter Wine Cooler Refrigerators These 15″ or 24″ wide compact wine storage cabinets provide space-saving yet efficient and stylish solutions for storing your wines. These units can fit nicely under the counter in any kitchen.

a narrow 12 bottle wine fridge

15 Inch Wide Wine Coolers Space-efficient models with only 15″ width – perfect for under counter placement.

Slim Wine Cooler RefrigeratorsLooking for slim wine coolers to fit into a tight space in your home, you would find such coolers are not too common, but by doing a bit of search you’ll find some very slim models that are only 11 inches wide.

Picnic Wine Coolers
Not to worry about carrying your wine on a picnic, the specially designed picnic wine coolers are there to take care of your needs. Find out about some top rated picnic wine coolers and carriers.