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By Le Cache – The Best for Your Cellar?

Le Cache, the manufacturer of high-end wine cabinets, designed its highly advanced CellarPro cooling system to ensure the most optimal environment in its wine cabinets, as well as to offer a quality cooling unit for those who build their own home cellars.

This well-engineered cellar cooling system is available in 4 types.

  • the Cellarpro 1800QT Cooling unit for residential wine cabinets, and
  • the Cellarpro 1800XT for extrem climatic conditions
  • the CellarPro 4200 VSi is a large capacity unit (1000 cubic feet) for indoor use, and
  • the CellarPro 4200 VSx is an 1000-cubic feet unit rated for exterior application.

Wine storage cooling systems are designed to maintain stable temperature and humidity levels within a narrow range and with the lowest possible vibration and noise.

In a wine cellar climatized with a CellarPro cooling system you can experiment with long term aging of your favorite wines.

Benefits of the CellarPro Cooling System

  • constant temperature level with minimum fluctuation throughout your wine cellar or wine room (about 55°F is required for storing wines in the long term).
  • CellarPro cooling units have the flexibility of setting a desired temperature level and relative humidity (in the range of 50 – 70 %) Note that the 50 % or above humidity level is ideal for long-term storage and aging of wine.
  • very quiet operation (CellarPro cooling units generate less than 50 dBA noise) and no vibration which leaves your wines rest and age without any mechanical disturbance.
  • 5-year long warranty on the whole cooling system which is unparalleled in the cooling units industry
  • the electronic thermostat in CellarPro cooling unit ensure more precise temperature control than a mechanical thermostat resulting in very efficient cooling with the lowest temperature variations and even temperature distribution in the whole cellar.
  • This has the benefit of powerful cooling while consuming the minimum necessary electricity. In “on’ cycle the CellarPro cooling units uses approx. 3 ampers electric current.

CellarPro 1800QT Cooling System


The CellarPro 1800QT cooling unit is designed to be used in residential wine cabinets. This highly effective cooling system was tested in a series of tests and it proved to outperform other cellar cooling units avaliable on the market.

At 85°F ambient temperature the CellarPro 1800QT managed to maintain an average 54°F in the cellar and 58% relative humidity. If you want higher level of humidity you can increase it (or lower it) by using the adjustable humidity feature of the control panel.

During tests performed at 85°F and 34% relative humidity the CellarPro cooling unit maintained an average of 50% humidity at the lowest humidity setting (RH-0), by setting the cooling unit to higher humidity (RH-4) the humidity inside the cellar increased to 64%.

The high performance of the unit is combined with silent operation. CellarPro cooling systems generate approx. 47 decibels (dBA) noise. Just so you can compare it to other noisiy appliances: an airconditioner emits around 75 dBA.

Main Features of the CellarPro 1800QT Cooling System:

  • Control panel of the CellarPro cooling systemHigh-output compressor made by Danfoss a Danish company considered to be a leader in the refrigeration industry. CellarPro cooling units are equipped with slightly oversized compressors to ensure better cooling power and durability.
  • Quiet, high-performance fans to generate high airflow for effective cooling and to reduce temperature stratification to a minimum.
  • Oversized evaporator coils and condenser for inceased efficiency and longer life cycle. The evaporator coils are coated with AerisGuard epoxy. Instead of spray painting the coils are coated by dipping them into the epoxy creating more durable coating that protects the coils from corrosion.

Cooling Capacity of CellarPro 1800QT: 200 cubic feet

The high quality of materials and precise workmanship used during the manufacture of CellarPro cooling systems ensure dependable operation and long life.

The company gives the best warranty in the industry: 5 year warranty starting from the date of original delivery that covers all parts and labor. See exact warranty details on the manufacturer’s website.

Further specifications:

  • digital control for setting temperature and humidity level,
  • elegant blue LED display,
  • alarms (both audible and visual) to indicate if temperature or humidity is out of the set point value,
  • maintenance-needed indicator: tells you when to do the necessaey maintenance work (cleaning)
  • interchangeable vent panels


  • Width: 18″
  • Height: 10.5″
  • Depth: 16.5″

Net weight: 55 lbs.

Power requirement: 115 V AC/6 Amps

Some requirements regarding placement of CellarPro cellar cooling systems: For efficient operation amake sure you install it in wine cellars or cabinets wich are well-insulated from the outside environment.

Proper ventillation is very important: the cooling unit generates large volume of hot air which must be vented into a room (or outside) with appropriate size so that  heat can dissipate well.

The CellarPro cooling system has the flexibility of selecting either top-vent or rear-vent configuration when installing the unit.

Units are designed to operate in indoor places where ambient temperature is between 50 – 85°F.

CellarPro 1800XT Cooling System

With its higher Cooling Capacity (250 cubic feet) the CellarPro 1800XT is designed to be used in larger wine cabinets, or at places where the ambient temperature is higher, and for commercial use (restaurants, wine bars etc.).

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