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Affordable Choice for Storing Wine at Home

NewAir wine coolers are made in China and retailed in the USA by  Amazon, Air & Water Inc., Wayfair, and other stores.

The company is based in California and offers affordable cooling, heating and purification appliances for residential and commercial use.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthQuick Links: Dual-Zone Models: 29-bottleSlim Wine FridgesBuilt-In

The company was founded in 2002. NewAir’s wine cooler line offer inexpensive, stylish wine storage appliances in various sizes.

slightly angled front view of an 18 bottle New Air model. All black cabinet with glass door.

The storage capacity ranges

  • from 12 bottles to 50+ bottles.

Most units use thermoelectric refrigeration technology (also known as superconductor cooling) offering the benefits of less noise and vibration compared to compressor cooling.

NewAir Wine Coolers come in various bottle storage capacities:

Dual-Zone Models by NewAir

NewAir has offers wine fridges with two temperature zones where you can independently adjust the temperature of each part. This way you can store reds and whites at their most ideal temperature.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthNewAir 29-Bottle, Dual-Zone Cooler (AWR-290DB)

This a narrow model with only 15″ width so can be fitted seamlessly into existing cabinetry or under the counter.

The AWR-290DB has two distinct temperature zones:

  • Upper zone temp. range: 40°F – 50°F (5° – 10°C) – chill whites and sparkling wines here
  • Lower zone temp. range: 50°F – 66°F (10° – 18°C) – best for keeping reds.

TIP: The NewAir NWC029BS00 model has the same 29 bottle capacity but has an all-black stainless steel design.

More Feartures:

  • Compressor cooling with fan ventilation in both zones
  • 5 pull-out natural beech wood racks:
  • The 3 middle racks can accommodate 5 bottles, the top and bottom racks 7 – 7 bottles (standard size and shape bottles).
  • Digital, press button control for setting the temperature: just press the Up/Down buttons to set the desired temperature for each zone
  • Digital display and control panel are located between the upper and lower section
  • Interior light – soft blue illumination
  • Sturdy, tempered and tinted glass door with stainless steel trim and bar handle.
  • Safety lock
  • Front ventilation: allows for built-in installation, but can be placed as standalone as well.


  • Height: 33.75″
  • Width: 14.80″
  • Depth: 22.60″ (with handle: 24.25″)

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthPrice: cc. 700 – 730 USD (cc. 24 – 25 USD per bottle).


  • 1 yaer limited

Thermoelectric Models:

The thermoelectric models listed below are older units, most of them discontinued but might be still available at some stores.

  • 12-Bottle model (NewAir AW-120E and AW-121E )
  • 18-bottle ( AW-180E, AW-181E, AW-182ED dual zone unit)
  • 21 bottle (AW-210ED and AW-211ED),
  • 28-bottle (NewAir AW-280E and NewAir AW-281E), and
  • 32-bottle (AW-320ED, AW-321ED, AW322ED) models

Main Features of NewAir Wine Coolers


  • black cabinet with black or stainless steel-trimmed dual pane, tinted glass door,
  • curved metal handle,
  • reversible door hinging (most models)

Cooling Method:

Number of Zones:

  • Single temperature zone models: NewAir AW-120E, 181E, 180E, AW-280E and AW-281E
  • Dual temperature zone models: NewAir AWR-290DB, NewAir AW-182ED, AW-211ED, AW-210ED, AW-320ED, AW322ED, AWR-460DB

Installation (Built-In/Freestanding):

Several NewAir fridges are suitable for built-in installation since they ventilate in the front.

Freestanding unit vent at the back and require clearance at the sides, top and back. The coolers operate the best if they are placed in a room where the ambient temperature is 50 ‐ 80°F (10 ‐ 26°C).

All units have front leveling legs.

Temperature Range:

  • 50 ‐ 66°F (10 – 19°C)

Temperature Control:

  • digital thermostat with one-touch buttons to set the temperature by 1 °F increments.
NewAir AW-211ED Dual Zone 21-Bottle wine cooler, freestanding

Display: blue LED digital readout, the coolers can be set to display tempearture either in °F or in °C.

Interior Light: low-intensity LED lighting (light switch is on the control panel)

Shelving: pull-out chrome-plated wire racks

Price Range: cc. US$ 120 – 400.


  • all NewAir wine cooler models carry 1 year warranty.

Are NewAir Wine Coolers of Good Quality?

Common Complaints by Users

NewAir 33 bottle wine cooler, single zone, freestanding

New Air wine coolers seems to be cheaply made.

All models look appealing with the

  • digital display,
  • one touch control buttons and
  • see-through door glass.

But the bottom line is that these aren’t durable, long-lasting appliances that work without a hitch for many years.

According to owner reviews New Air Wine Cooler models have quite a few serious quality problems:

  • temperature fluctuation is too high
  • only cools down to 55 °F
  • interior fan works all the time
  • noise (caused by the moving fan)
  • flimsy shelving – the shelves come out of the slot easily when pulling them out
  • plastic interior lining is too thin
  • unit dies within 1-2 years.

If you can’t afford to spend on a better quality wine refrigerator then you can try a NewAir model as a starter cellar.

You might be lucky and get a unit that works without problems. But if you have time and patience to save enough for a high-quality wine cooler/wine cabinet (EuroCave, Sub-Zero, Viking, Liebherr, Transtherm, Le Cache, Marvel) then do it rather than spend on low-quality units that die on you within a year or two.

See also the company’s website.

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