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Inexpensive Wine Storage for Budding Wine Aficionados

Fresh and chilled wine, if this is what you are looking for; Haier offers you a wide range of cheap wine cooler refrigerators for storing your wine.

Haier wine coolers are available in various sizes starting from portable 4-bottle, 6-bottle, 8-bottle, 12-bottle, 16-bottle units for freestanding placement, to larger capacity (18-50 bottles) models designed for built-in use.

The small countertop size wine fridges use thermoelectric cooling method with the benefits of virtually silent operation. The more capacious models are operated by compressor.Haier wine coolers have modern design: black or silver cabinet with black/silver framed, tinted double pane glass door. There is always a piece to match any décor in a home or office.

Haier 18-Bottle wine cooler, Model HVW18ABS

Most models have electronic thermostat that you can set to a desired temperature within a given range by pressing the buttons on the digital control panel.

The majority of Haier wine fridges have one temperature zone, a few models are dual zone with independent temperature controls and display for white and red wine storage.

The most appealing quality of Haier wine refrigerators is the low price. Average retail price of the smallest units starts from around US$ 70 – 80, but larger models don’t cost more than US$ 500 – 600.

Unfortunately the quality of Haier wine coolers is not too good. Owners complain a lot on the low quality of these applainces:

  • early failures,
  • inability to cool,
  • noise

are frequently mentioned in user reviews.

This doesn’t apply to every single model but it pays to do a thorough research before buying a Haier wine cellar.

Freestanding Haier Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Small Size

These wine coolers cannot be built in existing kitchen cabinetry they can only be placed standalone on counter tops or on tables. The capacity of these Haier wine fridges ranges from 6 bottles to 102 bottles.

4-Bottle Haier Wine Cooler – Model HVTS04ABB

haier 4-bottle wien cooler, countertop, thermoelectric

The Haier HVTS04ABB is a nice countertop unit using thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling method. It holds 4 standard size bottles on 3 pull-out wire shelves.

It is an allblack appliance with curved stainless steel door handle that easily matches with any modern home decor.

The temperature can be set to anywhere between 45°F – 65°F with the easy-to-use push button electronic controls on the central control panel.

It is one of the best quality units in the category of inexpensive mini wine coolers (sells for cc. US$ 60 – 100).

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6-Bottle Haier Wine Cooler Review- HVUE06ABS, HVTS06BSS models

The Haier HVUE06ABS and the Haier HVTS06BSS 6-bottle units are space-efficient, silent wine refrigerators perfect for wine lovers who have just started to collect wines and don’t have the budget yet for a larger, more expensive home wine cellar.

Haier HVTS06BSS 6 Bottle wine cooler

Model HVUE06ABS has black cabinet with double pane insulated glass door with matching stainless steel trim. The recessed handle provides a compact, clean look.

Model HVTS08BSS has silver cabinet with silver trimmed glass door.

Both units use thermoelectric cooling that has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main strength of small wine fridges using thermoelectric cooling is silent, vibration-free operation however its limited to using at ambient temperatures no more than 70ºF – 77ºF.

This model is a freestanding-only unit due to the recessed, angled panels for air intake on the back.

The 3 wire racks can hold 6 bottles. With the electronic thermostat you can set temperature between 39ºF – 72ºF, temperature is displayed on an LCD screen on the control panel integrated in the top door frame.

Its compact dimesions make any of the the Haier 6-bottle wien cellar models a perfect countertop wine fridge.


  • Height: 16 15/16″
  • Width: 11″
  • Depth: 22 1/16″

Weight: 23.8 lbs.

One minor weakness of this 6-bottle Haier wine cooler is that you have to restart it manually after a power outage.

The leveling legs make placement easier.

Price: US$ 60 -100 (US$ 10 – 16.66 per bottle), It carries 1 year parts and labor warranty.

See more 6-bottle wine coolers and compare various brands/models to each other.

8-Bottle Haier Wine Cooler – HVTS08ABB & HVUE08ABS

Haier 8-bottle wien cooler, countertop, model HVTS08ABB

The HVTS08ABB is a countertop unit with thermal electric cooling.

Holds 8 standard size bottles on 2 slide-out chromed wire racks.

It is an inexpensive unit (cc. US$ 63 – 150) especially if you manage to find one at much lower than the avergae retail price.

Haier HVUE08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cellar

The HVUE08ABS is also a standalone, countertop model with thermoelectric cooling.

The black cabinet comes with a darkened insulated glass door with a curved grip handle.

The top door frame contains the control buttons, the LCD display and the interior light switch.

This is too a cheap wine fridge (retails for cc. US$ 78 – 120) but its quality leaves much to be desired.

Read a full review on the Haier HVUE08ABS wine refrigerator.

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12-Bottle Haier Wine Fridges

Haier America offers several 12-bottle wine cellar models, including a dual temperature zone unit, in various decors. Read an oeverview of Haier 12-bottle wine refrigerators.

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Read more about thermoelectric wine coolers.

18-Bottle Haier Wine Refrigerators

Haier 18-bottle, dual-zone wine cooler, model HVTB18DABB

Haier HVTB18DABB thermoelectric wine refrigerator is an excellent model equipped to quarter 18 bottles of wine. Highlighting elegant design and stylish craftsmanship, the unit offers silver trim, soft interior lighting, and an LED display.

This model features Dual Zones with two independently controlled temperature compartments for storing both red and white wine at the same time at temperatures most suitable for the two wine types.

The thermoelectric cooling ensures silent operation without any vibraion. Furthermore it works without any coolants (CFC-s, HCFC-s) making the unit an environmentally friendly wine cooler.

Click for more information on thermolectric wine refrigerators.

Placement: for freestanding use only, leave enough space around the sides, at the back and top for proper ventilation.

Weakness: Some users have complained that the cooler is a bit noisy.

Price: US$ 120 – 180 (US$ 6.66 – 10.0 per bottle).

Find out more about dual temperature zone wine coolers.

TIP: if you’re looking for a slim wine storage unit take a look at the Haier 18-Bottle wine cooler tower, which is only 11″ wide.

24-Bottle Haier Wine Coolers

haier 24-bottle wine cooler, HVF025BBG model


For an attractive 24-bottle single-zone wine cellar you have the Haier’s HVFO24BBG wine cooler, which comes with 3 chromed wire shelves and 2 half-depth storage racks that keep the bottles organized. This is a freestanding wine cooler that has leveling legs for easy placement.

The compressor-run unit features electronic controls that enable setting of temperature from 45ºF to 65ºF.
The current internal temperature and the selected temperature is displayed on a dual-function LED either in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. In addition to this, the adjustable electronic thermostat offers automatic setting as well as indicator lights for white and red wine. The interior light can turned on or off manually.

The see-through, double pane glass door comes with a brush chrome handle and lock-key kit so that you can keep the door closed.

The door glass is blue tinted to provide protection for your wines against harmful UV rays. The graphite door trim matches well with the black cabinet and the graphite matte work top.


  • Height: 30-17/32”
  • Width: 19-15/16”
  • Depth: 23-7/16″

Placement: for freestanding use only

Price: US$ 216 – 299 (US$ 9.0 – 12.46 per bottle). Warranty: 5 years on compressor, 1 year on parts and labor.

Haier HVDO24E 24 Bottle wine cooler

Haier HVO24E Wine Cooler

This 24 bottle model is also a compressor-operated unit designed for standalone placement.

It has digital adjustable thermostat with dual auto settings for red and white wines. The Haier HVO24E model is a very inexpensive unit (retalis for cc. US$ 150).

The black cabinet with wide black frames on the two sides of the see-through door glass may not appeal to everyone. The door opens to the right and has brushed metal bar handle.

Read our detailed review on the Haier HVDO24E wine cooler and user reviews submitted by owners of this model to find out about its pros and cons.

Built-In Haier Wine Cooler Refrigerators

For built-in use Haier offers zero clearance wine fridges with 26, 31, 46, 50, and 54 bottle capacities.

31-Bottle Haier Wine Cooler Review- HVC15ABB Model

This compressor-run, single zone wine cooler model by Haier can be built-in or placed standalone based on your preference.

The fridge has a black cabinet with flat, full view glass door with black plastic frame.

The blue-grey tint in the door glass provides protection against UV rays. The door opening can be reversed. It has a recessed handle for compact look. The door has an integrated automatic stop that slows down the process of door closing preventing abrupt shut that could dislodge wine bottles

The 31 bottles can be placed on 5 full size (5 bottles) and on 1 half-depth (6 bottles) black vinyl coated wire racks.

With the mechanical temperature control you can adjust temperature in the range of 39 – 65 Fahrenheit degrees.

Price: US$ 375 – 393 (US$ 12.1 – 12.67 per bottle). The Haier HVC15ABB 31 bottle wine cooler carries 1 year warranty on parts and labor and 5 year warranty on compressor parts.

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Larger Haier Wine Cooler Models

46-Bottle Haier Wine Cooler

One of the most spacious among Haier’s wine fridges, the HVFO46ABB offers cool accommodation for up to 46 bottles and comes with slide-out racks.

This cooler also features an electronic thermostat with temperatures ranging from 39ºF to 60ºF.

The model features 10 black vinyl-coated slide-out racks which allow easy access to bottles as well as a removable wire basket for more convenience.

Good news for those who prefer eco-friendly appliances these units are CFC-free.

Presenting excellent setting for red as well as white wine, Haier wine refrigerators offer you the exact temperature to store your favorite wines.

Price: cc. US$ 530 (US$ 11.52 per bottle)-good value for your money.

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