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Here is a selection of some 40-50 bottle wine coolers including a few budget units as well as some more expensive options.

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A wine cooler with a storage capacity of 40-50 bottles of wine is a perfect size for a wine lover who has already accumulated many bottles of his/her favorite wines and plans to add more to his/her collection.

Most 40-50 bottle wine storage coolers are compressor-operated and many of them have two temperature zones for seperate storage and cooling of whites and reds.

Top Pick 2021: Kalamera 45-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Kalamera KRC-46DZB wine fridge is an elegant two-zone model that sells for around 800 USD. Stocks up to 45 regular size and shape bottles (750 ml, 2.75″ in diameter and 11.8″ in height).

view of the wine fridge from the front: black cabinet with metal-framed glass door, and flat wood shleves that hold wine bottles.
Kalamera 45-Bottle Wine Cellar

It has some great features and received good user reviews overall.

Key Features

  • Dual temperature zones with easy-to use push button controls:
  • Upper Zone: 40 – 50°F (5 – 10°C)
  • Lower Zone: 50 – 66°F (10 – 18.8°C)
  • Slide-out natural beechwood shelves
  • Reversible glass door (double layer) with safety lock & key.
  • Stainless steel door trim and front exhaust grille
  • Built-In placement – 24″ wide. (But it looks just as good placed standalone.)
  • Price: cc. 800 – 850 USD (cc. 17.7 – 18.9 USD/bottle).

All in all, The Kalamera 45-Bottle wine cooler is a good-value, medium size home cellar perfect for serious wine lovers.

It boasts all the “must features” from digital controls and display to door lock as well as built-in capability.

The two zones allow you to keep reds and whites/sparkling wines at ideal drinking temperature or experiment with long term storage/aging in case of red wines.

Find out more about the Kalamera 45-Bottle wine refrigerator in our full review.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthThe Most Inexpensive 40-50 Bottle Wine Coolers

Popular wine cooler brands like Avanti, Danby, Frigidaire, Haier, EdgeStar, NewAir, Vinotemp offer affordable mid-sized wine fridges that cost around $400 – $700.

A low-priced medium capacity home wine cellar probably won’t last decades, compared to other more expensive wine cabinets, but it sure will provide better storage conditions than a non-climatized closet.

Frigidaire 35 – 52 Bottle Wine Referigerators with Two Zones

Frigidaire 42 bottle wine cooler, FFWC42F5L

Frigidaire offers the most inexpensive medium capacity wine storage units starting $250 – $300.

There are three models each using compressor cooling technology and featuring dual temperature zone design:

  • The 34-bottle model is the cheapest (cc. 500 USD) and probaly the lowest rated of the three.
  • The 38-bottle model costs cc. 600 – 670 USD and has two zones (temp. range: 41-54°F and 55-64°F), black cabinet with stainless steel farmed glass door (door hinging is reversible). Natural stained, slide-out wood shelves, digital controls and display, interior light are the main fetaures. Attractive, low cost model (though it uses quite a lot electricity) ideal if you’re on the hunt for a budget mid-sized wine storage.
  • There is a 42-bottle unit that sells for around 430 – 490 USD (10.24 – 11.7 USD per bottle). Black cabinet with darkened glass door. 6 pull-out wire racks, electronic temperature controls and display, reversible hinging are the most important assets of this unit.

Common Problems with Cheap Wine Coolers

They have great price for the capacity, but they have common weaknesses like

  • tight shelving,
  • only slender, bottles will fit in,
  • cooling inefficiency
  • early break downs
  • noisiness.

Do your research and consider buying at a higher price point to save the headache of these frequent problems.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthAllavino 40-50 Bottle Wine Coolers

Allavino 43 bottle wine cooler, AWR44-SRNA

Allavino is a relatively new player among wine storage manaufacturers. It makes moderately-priced models ranging from small to large bottle count.

The Allavino 43-Bottle and 53-Bottle models are compressor-run, dual zone wine fridges with stylish look, elegant touchscreen control, LED display and slide-out wood shelving.

Allavino 43-Bottle Wine Cooler

The 43-bottle model’ls lower compartment has space for 27 bottles, the upper part for 16 bottles.

The bottom shelf holds 11 bottles, the upper four each holds 8 – 8 bottles. A good-size, affordable wine bottle storage with high-end look.

Temperature Range In The Two Zones:

  • Upper (16 bottles): from 41°F to 60°F,
  • Lower (27 bottles: from 45°F to 64°F

Black cabinet with sturdy, stainless steel trimmed glass door (has a nice curved stainless steel handle for easy opening), security lock,


  • Height (with hinge): 33 1/2″
  • Width: 23 1/2″
  • Depth (with handle): 25″ (23 1/4″ without handle)
  • Weight: 113 lbs.


  • cc. 850 – 900 USD (19.8 – 20.9 USD per bottle).

Medium-Capacity Wine Cellars from Avanti – 46-54 Bottles

The Avanti WCR5104DZD wine refrigerator can accommodate up to 46 bottles of wine in its two independently controlled temperature zones.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthEdgeStar 46-Bottle Two-Zone Wine Refrigerator

The EdgeStar CWR460DZ model is a compressor-run 44-46-bottle wine fridge with 2 independently controlled zones. It is moderately priced – costs cc. $600 – $700.

EdgeStar 46-Bottle dual-zone wine cooler, CWR460DZ
EdgeStar 46-Bottle Wine Cooler (2-Zone)

Elegant stainless steel trimmed wood shelves, digital controls and display blue LED interior light make are the main features.

Temperature can be set between

  • 41°F – 54°F in the upper zone and
  • between 54°F – 64°F in the lower section.

Price – EdgeStar 46-Bottle

  • cc. 1 000 – 1 050 USD (21.7 – 22.8 USD per bottle).

TIP: Read more about the EdgeStar 46-Bottle wine cooler.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthAvanti WCR5104DZD Wine Cooler

The WCR5404DZD wine cellar has storage space for 46 normal size and style bottles in two temp. zones. The glass door of the has a nice mirror finish.

Glide-out wooden shelves hold bottles securely, providing easy access for loading or taking out a bottle and lend elegant look to the wine fridge.

There are 6 shelves altogether, 5 larger ones and one smaller one (this one cannot be pulled out) in the bottom.

From the outside the cabinet is black with a dual pane glass door that has a mirror finish and stainless steel frame.

The large, stainless steel, curved handle can be removed. The door is reversible and has a security lock if you prefer to keep your collection locked away.

Dual-Zone Feature

Avanti 46 bottle 2-zone wine cellar

The Avanti WCR5404DZD wine refrigerator has two distinct temperature zones (temp. range: 40-65 °F), and with its 24″ width and 24″ depth can be conveniently built in under the counter, but it can also be used as freestanding if it’s more suitable for you.

The upper zone (40 – 55°F, best for whites and sparkling wines) can store 16 standard size (750 ml, Bordeaux) bottles while the lower compartment (55 – 65°F, for reds) has space for 30 standard size bottles of wine.

It is a compressor-operated unit with automatic defrost and front ventilation. Built-in interior fans provide for proper air circulation and stable temperature.

The control panel is integrated in the top frame of the cabinet: it includes the push button digital controls for selecting and adjusting temperature as well as the electronic display showing the temperature in each zone.

The panel also has the On/Off switch and the Interior Light switch.

A useful feature is the control panel lock that prevents unwanted changes to be made to the settings. This function becomes activated automatically 12 seconds after the last time a button was pressed.

To deactivate the control lock, you need to press the Up and Down arrows for 3 seconds. The control panel will beep and blink once, signaling that the panel is active and settings can be changed.


  • Height: 33.5″
  • Width: 23.5″
  • Depth: 24.5″

Weight: 118 lbs.

Price – Avanti 46-Bottle Model:

  • around 800 – 1 000 USD (17.4 – 21.73 USD per bottle). Warranty: 5 years on compressor, 1 year on parts and labor.

TIP: Avanti has more medium capacity units: a 49-bottle model, a 50-bottle, a  52-bottle and a 54- bottle unit (all four have single temp. zone) priced around $600 – $1000. They more or less have the same specifications as the 46-bottle model described above.

Note that these relativeyl cheap wine storage appliances have quite a few quality problems (temp. fluctuation, noise) reported by owners.

Also, customer/repair service is often inefficient in solving these quality issues.

Similar Wine Storage Units

40-50 bottle Wine Refrigerators by Danby

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthN’FINITY 50-Bottle Wine Cellar by Wine Enthusiast

The N’FINITY 50-Bottle wine cellar is a an attractive, dual temperature zone unit designed for built-in or freestanding placement.

The N’FINITY is a new line of home wine coolers launched by Wine Enthusiast, a well-known retailer of wine storage units and wine accessories. The other model in the line is the N’FINITY 170-Bottle wine cellar with two independent zones.

40-50 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Coolers

Those who like sleek stainless steel appliances can choose from several medium-capacity models.

Vinotemp 40-50 Bottle Wine Refrigerators

The Vinotemp VT-52 Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator stores up to 52 bottles of wine in its one temperature zone.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthSummit 42-51-Bottle Wine Cooler

Summit SWC6GWLCSS Wine Cooler

Summit 51-bottle stainless steel 1-zone wine fridge, Model SWC6GWLS

Summit also has a 51-bottle wine cooler (model SWC6GWLCSS with wire shelves and model SWC6GWLCSSWO with wooden shelves) that has a wrapped stainles steel cabinet and see-through tempered glass door with white trim and stainless steel handle.

The toe kick is also white.

The Summit SWC6GWLCSS is a single temp. zone wine fridge with easy-to-use digital controls and temperature display.

Note: It comes standard with a factory-set thermostat adjusted to colder range for white wines.

commercial use (it’s ETL Sanitary approved (to ANSI-NSF Standard 7).

The lock & key set that comes standard with this unit allows you to lock away the stored wines keeping them safe from unwanted access.

The door has reversible hinges should you want to change the direction of door opening.

A practical feature is the hidden evaporator behind the rear wall providing more interior space.

Similarly to all other Summit wine fridge models this unit is operated by a compressor which is 100% CFC-free.

Note: The wine cooler can accommodate 50-51 bottles without the wire shelves, with the scalloped removable wire shelves placed inside it has storage space for max. 30 bottles of wine (each shelf holds 5 bottles).

The Summit SWC6GWLCSS wine cooler is a compact unit designed for built-in placement under the counter.

The Summit SWC6 series are also available in black and white cabinet finishes with glass or solid door options.


  • Height:33 ‘/2″
  • Width: 23 5/8″
  • Depth: 23 1/2″


  • The Summit stainless steel 51-bottle wine cooler is available for around 1 280 USD from retailers (cc. 25 USD per bottle).


  • 5 years on compressor, 1 year on parts and labor.

TIP: See other recommended commercial-grade wine refrigerators.

Marvel, U-Line and Sub-Zero also has stainless-steel, mid-sized wine cellars, see recommended models below in the High-End section.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthHigh-End 40-50-bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators

For those who have bigger budget to spend on an attractive residential wine storage unit a wide range of luxury home wine cellars with medium storage space are available equipped with advanced technical features, sophisticated design and decor.

Top brands offering luxury wine coolers are Marvel, Sub-Zero, U-Line, Viking, Electrolux.

The Marvel 6SDZE 44-bottle wine cellar in the Chateau collection is a dual zone unit. All Marvel wine coolers boast several advanced features to provide the best possible storage conditions for wines. (Sentry System, Vibration Neutralization System, full-extension racks).

Powerful compressor ensures stable temperatures with minimal fluctuation. Solid built, elegant design complement the sophisticated technical features making Marvel wine coolers one of the best quality residential wine storage units that are perfect match for wine lovers who love luxury appliances.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthMarvel 6SWCE 54-bottle wine cooler

This is a nice medium-sized unit by Marvel that is equipped with some extra features:

  • Marvel 54-bottle 1-zone wine cooler, Model 6SWCE54-bottle storage capacity, 1 temperature zone – the cabinet provides plenty space for storing a nice size of wine collection.
  • Touch controls are easy to use to set the temperature in the range of 40 – 65 °F, elegant blue LED display shows real time temperature of wines stored in the cooler. The control panel is discreetly located.
  • 6 Full-Extension glide out racks and 1 stationary racck are designed to hold all types of wine bottles (wide, tall, half-size) not limiting your wine buying and drinking preferences (most residential wine coolers are capable of storing standard size bottles – or if you place odd-size bottles it reduces the storage space).
  • Natural Maple Fronts on the Shelves – allowing you to custom finish the front of the shelves to match surrounding decor in your home. To save you work you can opt for Marvel’s pre-finished shelf fronts in gloss white, gloss black or stainless steel.
  • Sentry System with Alarms for keeping your wines protected from unfavorable changes in storage conditions – real time temperature monitoring, visual and audible alarms to warn the user in case of higher level of fluctuation in temperature, or if the door isn’t closed properly (the alarm features can be disabled).
  • The door is made of dual pane, tinted glass with Argon gas between the two panes for maximum thermal insulation. The door swing is reversible to provide you more flexibility in placement and you need to open it only to 90° to fully pull out the shelves. This ensures convenient access to the stored wines. You can also order your Marvel wine cooler with door that accepts custom overlay frame to prvide you maximum flexibilty in having a wine cooler that fully blends in the existing furnishings of your home.
  • Built-in Sabbath mode that can be activated or deactivated by the user.
  • Color options: to offer you more options the Marvel 6SWCE wine cellar is available in several color finishes:
  • black cabinet with black door frame and all black interior,
  • white cabinet, white door frame with white interior,
  • black cabinet with stainless steel door trim and black interior
  • all stainless steel (Model 6SWCE-BS-GX)
  • The compact size (24″depth) and the front ventilation makes it ideal for built-in, under the counter installation.


  • Height: 34″
  • Width: 23 7/8″
  • Depth: 24 1/4″


  • The Marvel 6SWCE sells for around 1 390 – 2 000 USD depending on model and customization options.

yellow double arrohead pointing to the rigthMore Luxury Wine Coolers with 40-50 Bottles Storage Capacity

  • u-Line 44-bottle wine refrigerator, 2275ZWCThe U-Line Echelon Series 43-bottle Two-Zone Wine Cooler (Model 2275DWRW) has two drawers, each with its own temperature controls.
  • The U-Line Origins Wine Captain 48-bottle Wine Refigerator, (Model 1175WC) is another good-value medium size wine storage cabinet designed for built-in placement. You can read more about this model on our main page about U-Line Wine Storage Cabinets.
  • The Electrolux ICON™ Professional 48 bottle wine refrigerator is another top-of-the-line appliance for storing wines at home. It has sleek stainless steel cabinet with 5 maple fronted metal shelves.
  • The Sub-Zero 424 can accommodate 46 bottles of wine in two temperature zones.
  • Similar in style but a bit more capacious is the Viking DUWC141 54-bottle wine cellar that looks stylish either freestanding or integrated into existing cabinetry.
  • Transtherm Small Wine Cellars – the Australian company manufactures top quality wine cabinets with 1, 3 or multiple temperature zones. The smallest Studio model accommodates 36-40 bottles, while the two MAS models store around 50-80 bottles depending on shelving configuration.
  • Jenn-Air Wine Cellars accommodate 46 bottles of wine and have elegant contemporary design.
  • Kitchenaid Wine Coolers – have the same features and look as Jenn-Air units: mechanical thermostat, no true dual zone.

TIP: For classical furniture-style wine cabinets take a look at the Vinotemp Portofino Series Wine Credenza.

Vinotemp Portofino Hamilton Wine Credenza

Vinotemp Portofino Hamilton 2-Door 40-bottle wine credenza

The Vinotemp Portofino Hamilton 2-Zone Wine Credenza (stores up to 40 bottles) looks great with its black hardwood cabinet that has double glass doors.

This luxurious wine cellar by Vinotemp includes a unique cooling technology: a combination of silent themoelectric cooling (based on the Peltier effect) and traditional compressor cooling with eco-friendly (CCF-, HCFC-free) coolant.

Each of the the two zones has its own temperature control knob. 5-5 pull-out, scalloped wire racks hold the wine bottles (4 bottles per rack).

Elegant stainless steel knobs function as door handles.

The Hamilton 40-bottle wine credenza is for freestanding use only.

Price: cc. 1 300 – 1 600 USD.


  • Height: 32 3/4″
  • Width: 42 3/8″
  • Depth: 22″

TIP: See also our summary page on wine cooler reviews.