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Avanti wine cooler refigerators are presented by Avanti Products, that has been leading the Consumer Appliance Industry since almost 30 years.
The mid-level price tags as well as the stylish designs are the assets of Avanti wine coolers making them very popular.

Avanti offers a wide selection of wine bottle storage units in various designs and capacity ranges including single zone and dual zone units.

Wine fridges from Avanti range from small capacity models (6-12 bottles) to larger cabinets accommodating more than 100 bottles of wine.

Other features that you get to experience with an Avanti wine cooler refrigerator include one-touch digital thermostat controls and double pane, tempered glass doors for good thermal insulation.

A Closer Look at the Avanti Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Wine refrigerators by Avanti come with adjustable thermostats and they have a holding capacity of around 6, 12, 16, 23, 24, 28, 32, 34, 46, 52, 54, 155 and 166 wine bottles.

The adjustable thermostat is responsible for the setting of levels of ideal temperature.

Avanti wine coolers have pull-out horizontal shelves:

  • contoured chromed wire racks in cheaper models, and
  • wood shelves in higher end models),

Wine bottles are stored laid down thus the corks are kept moist. In case your home has limited space pick a compact, portable wine cooler designed for countertop placement.

If you want to have a a larger unit built under the kitchen counter, to fit in the place of a trash compactor you’ll find a nice selection of 15″ or 24″ wide wine fridges by Avanti.

Avanti wine coolers look sturdy and at the same time sleek.

NOTE: The affordable price of Avanti wine fridges make them popular, affordable wine storage solutions though reviews by owners of Avanti wine coolers contain many complaints: early break downs, bad customer service, not durable applainces etc.

It doesn’t mean that each and every Avanti wine fridge is of low quality but the frequent negative comments should make one extra cautious before buying any of these units.

Avanti Wine Cooler Reviews – Features and Benefits

There are many wine coolers that you can choose from so you sure will find a model that meets your storage needs and your budget.

Below you’ll find top picks in every size category.

Small Capacity Avanti Wine Coolers

Avanti offers quite a few countertop-size units that use thermal electric cooling. The storage capacity of these small models runs from

  • 6 bottles up to
  • 24 bottles.

Avanti EWC60SS 6-bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Black with stainless steel door trim this is the wine cooler for you if you want to have countertop cold storage for 6 bottles of wine.

The thermoelectric technology offers soundless, vibration-free cooling. You will be able to monitor the temperature inside the wine cooler on a digital display integrated in the top part of the cabinet.

The stainless steel cabinet has reversible, double pane, tempered glass door with stainless steel trim

The EWC60BS model has all-black cabinet.

On the two slide-out wire racks you can place 3-3 standard size bottles.

The blue LCD on the top of the unit displays temperature data in Fahrenheit and in Celsius degrees. The interior light can be turned on or off by pushing the button marked with a bulb symbol.

Its dimensions (H: 16″, W: 10 1/4 “, D: 19 1/2”) make the Avanti EWC60SS wine cooler a compact unit. The level legs allow easy placement.

Price: cc. US$ 90 -100 (US$ 15.0 – 16.66 per bottle). Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

6 Bottle Wine Fridges

Other countertop wine coolers.

For review of a 12-bottle Avanti model go to our page about 12-bottle wine coolers.

See other small wine cooler models.

Avanti EWC8TV 8-Bottle Wine Cooler

It is a countertop size wine fridge with thermal electric cooling method. It has space for 8 standard size bottles of wine:

  • 6 on the 2 pull-out chromed wire racks,
  • 2 on the door (2 bottle reusable stoppers are included).

The advantage of stoarge space on the door is that you can place open, unfinisged bottle of wine there.

The black cabinet has platinum finish door frame, black trimmed, tinted, dual pane glass door with recessed door handle.

The temperature can be set from 46°F to 64°F with digital touch button controls on the control panel integrated in the door.

Note: the cooler (and all other thermoelectric wine coolers) will be able to hold the set temp. at maxium 72°F – 78 °F ambient temperature.

The temperature can be monitored on the blue LCD display (can be set to either °F or °C) on the control panel.

There’s a a soft light to inside the cabinet to illuminate the wine bottles (light switch is on the control panel). The cabinet has 4 adjustable legs for level placement.


  • H: 16.25″
  • W: 10.25″
  • D: 23″
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

Price: cc. US$ 90 – 150. Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

See how the Avanti EWC8TV wine cooler compares to other 8-bottle wine refrigerators.

12-Bottle – Avanti EWC1201 Countertop Wine Cooler

Avanti EWC1201 Wine Cooler, 12 bottle, thermoelelctric, countertop unit

The Avanti EWC1201 is a slim thermoelelctric unit that stores maximum 12 bottles of wine:

  • 8 in position
  • 4 in vertical position.

See a detailed review on the Avanti EWC1201 wine cooler.

16-bottle Avanti Wine Chillers

Avanti has two 16-bottle models, the EWC16B an older models and the newer SWC1600M-1. The two units have similar technical features.

24-bottle Avanti Wine Fridge

The Avanti WC262BG is a 24-bottle wine cooler perfect to be placed on a kitchen counter top.

The black cabinet comes with a matching stainless steel trimmed door and black interior.You can adjust the temperature manually with a thermostat within the range of 48°F – 62°F.

This small wine refrigerator has tempered, double pane door for proper thermal insulation.

The Avanti WC262BG wine cooler costs around US$ 180 -210 (US$ 7.5 – 8.75 per bottle). It carries a one year limited warranty (parts and labor).

TIP: The Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Tower is another good option in the small capacity and cheap category of wine storage units.

Avanti WC1500DSS 30-bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

The single-zone Avanti WC1500DSS wine refrigerator provides lovely display for small wine collections.

The 30-bottle capacity wine cooler with front venilation can be built-in or placed as freestanding.It has one temperature zone with temperature range of 40 – 65°F (5-18°C).

You can set temperature for red, white, or sparkling wines with the one-touch digital control. Actually the digital control is so sensitive according to some users that any accidental touch can cause a change in the settings.

The electroinc display shows temperature data in Fahrenheit and in Celsius degrees.

The cooler has 5 slide-out wire racks with wooden front for placing standard-format bottles while you can keep wider bottles on the tilted bottom shelf.

Weakness: due to the very tight shelving only bottles with diameter 2 3/4″ will fit in, wider bottles won’t fit in the top 5 shelves.

The black cabinet has a stainless steel-framed, double pane tempered glass door with reversible opening.

The door comes with security lock. The stainless steel handle of the door can be removed.


  • Height: 33.75″
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth (without handle): 25″

Other standard features are the auto defrost and interior LED lighting that you can turn on or off.

Placement: it is recommended to place the unit in a room where the ambient temp. is between cc. 72 – 78°F (23-26 °C), in a hotter or colder environment the cooler might not be able to reach and maintain the set temperature.

Price: US$ 600 – 650 (US$ 20 – 21.66 per bottle)

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Similar Products:

The Samsung RW13EBSS Wine cooler has similar capacity.

This single zone wine fridge can store approx. 28-31 bottles of wine. Samsung wine coolers are available in the UK and other European countries for about € 200 – 330 (US$160 – 430).

The GE 29-Bottle wine cooler, Model PWR04FANBS also has 1 temperature zone. It has a display shelf, too.

The Danby DWC276BLS single-zone wine refrigerator stores 27 bottles of wine while the Danby DWC1534BLS Built-In Wine Cellar has capacity for 34 bottles.

Selection of the best 30-bottle wine coolers.

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52-bottle Avanti Wine Cooler Refrigerator – WC602D Model

This single temperature zone wine cooler stores up to 52 bottles on 8 slide-out chrome shelves. You can adjust cooling temperature between 45°F – 60°F.The one-touch digital control panel integrated in the top allows you to set temperatures for red, white, or sparkling wines.

You can also turn on or off the interior LED light with the light switch button on the control panel.

The reversible double-pane glass door is tempered for maximum thermal insulation.

The door has lock and large a stainless steel bar handle. The 52-bottle Avanti wine fridge has black cabinet with brushed chrome door trim.

Price: US$ 340 – 430 (US$ 6.5 – 8.27 per bottle).

Similar Units:The Vinotemp VT-52 Under Counter or Freestanding Wine Cooler is a stylish stainless steel unit.

Recommended 40-50 Bottle wine coolers for home use.

100+ Bottles Capacity Wine Cabinets by Avanti

For a larger collection of wines Avanti offers some affordable cabinets with 100 or more bottles capacity.

Avanti WC2001 100-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

This is a compressor-based model with simple-to-use digital controls, lockable glass door (dual pane) and front ventilation for integrated or freestanding placement.

15 slide-out metal shelves hold the bottles and there’s a display shelf at the bottom of the cabinet (holds 5 bottles).

Price: cc. US$ 900


Avanti WC681BG 166-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar

This elegant wine cellar by Avanti is for those who have or plan to have more than 100 bottles of wines in their collection.

This Avanti wine cellar is also a good-value commercial wine cooler that can be used either as freestanding or built-in.

Hotels, restaurants will find it a good investment. The attractively arranged wine display, illuminated by the soft interior light will encourage wine drinking at a dining place.

Black with double-pane, tempered glass door this wine refrigerator conveniently stores maximum 166 wine bottles on 16 wooden shelves that can be pulled out easily (14 larger shelves, 1 small shelf and the bottom shelf).

You can place 11 standard wine bottles on each large shelf and 6 bottles on the smaller shelves.

The reversible door hinge allows you to have the door either open to the right or to the left.

It comes with a security lock & key to protect your wines from unwanted access. Useful feature if the cooler is used in a restaurant or hotel, or if you have kids.

The digital thermostat enables you to set the perfect temperature for storing such a large collection of wines. On the electronic display you can monitor temperature changes in °F/ °C.

By pressing the button with the “bulb” symbol on it you can turn on/off the interior light. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes.

With its

  • 23.5 inch width,
  • 71 inch height and
  • 26.75 inch depth

this Avanti wine cooler model doesn’t take up much space despite the fact that it can store quite a few bottles.

Price: US$ 1000 – 1050 (US$ 6.0 – 6.3 per bottle).

TIP: See also other large capacity wine cooler refrigerators.

Avanti WCR683DZD 155-Bottle Wine Refrigerator – Dual Zone

The upper zone of the Avanti WCR683DZD can accommodate 77 wine bottles while the lower compartment can hold 78 bottles on sturdy roll-out wooden shelves. The shelves are designed to hold standard-sized bottles.

The wooden shelves with red wood front go well with the black cabinet and the smoked glass door.

The door is double pane and tempered for sufficient thermal insulation. It has a stainless steel bar handle and a lock.

The refrigerator features digital thermostat and digital display for setting and indicating temperatures in the two zones.


  • Height: 71 1/8″
  • Width: 23 1/2″
  • Depth: 26 3/4″

The unit has front venting so you can use it built-in or freestanding.

Price: US$ 1100 – 1400 (US$ 7.1 – 9.03 per bottle). Considering the price-per-bottle factor this is a very good-value wine refrigerator.

TIP: read reviews of Avanti Dual Zone Wine Coolers. See also how the Avanti WCR683DZD wine refrigerator compares to other two budget 150-160 bottle wine coolers.

User Reviews on Avanti Wine Cooler Refrigerators

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