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A 6-bottle wine cooler refrigerator is a perfect choice if you are tight on space. These compact home cellars are also an ideal choice for newbie wine collectors. Moreover, they won’t put a stress on your budget either.

See our guide that covers the best models available on the market today.

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double red arrow pointing to the right Common Features Of 6-Bottle Wine Fridges

Small wine coolers that hold 4 -12 bottles of wine have some standard specifications that you want to be aware of before getting into more detailed research for the perfect unit.

a black 6 bottle wine cooler placed on a white kitchen counter, the glass door is partially open, we can see som of the bottles lying on the contoured metal shelves
  • Most of these units use thermoelectric cooling technology. This method is best applied in small appliances. It offers the benefits of fairly silent, low-vibration, and energy efficient operation.
  • 6 bottle wine refrigerators have single temperature zone which means that you can set only one temperature level to keep your wines at, while in a dual zone wine cooler you can adjust two different temperatures:
    • one for reds, and one
    • for whites or sparkling wines.
  • They have small footprint so you can place them on a counter or table in your home office, kitchen or living room.
  • Freestanding placement – with the exception of some high-end 12 bottle coolers, you cannot install these units as built-in uner a counter. The require several inches of “breathing space” for optimal cooling.

Now that we clarified the most important common specs, lets see some good-value 6-bottle wine coolers that we recommend in 2021.

Photo of the Black & Decker wine cooler's interior with the glass door fulyl open. The blue light is on and the 2 wire racks each holds 2 bottles.
Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cellar

double red arrow pointing to the right Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

This is an attractive unit that with space-efficient design.

The triple pane glass door ensures great thermal insulation while providing excellent view of the bottles inside.

Blue LED lighting casts a cool blue illumination onto the bottles.

Key Features – Black & Decker 6-Bottle

Cooling Method: Thermoelectric.

Number of Zones: Single temperature zone.

Temperature Range: 46 – 65 ºF (8 – 18 ºC).

Controls: Digital touch pad controls on the top of the door frame.

Door: 3-layer glass door with black frame and recessed handle.

Installation: Freestanding only with clearance (2 – 4″).


  • Low space requirement, fits on a countertop
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Budget price.
  • Minimal noise and vibration (if placed with sufficient clearance).


  • Warranty could be longer than 1 year.
  • Some owners have complained that the fridge is not as quiet as they thought it would be.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 14.9″
  • Width: 9.7″
  • Depth: 19.8″
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs (8 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 150 – 170 USD (25 – 28 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.

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Who Should Buy The Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cellar?

Anyone who loves wine or invite over friends, family for dinner will be happy to have this mini wine fridge. Due to its compact size it won’t be in the way. Just place it on top of a kitchen counter, table or shelf and you will have excellently chilled wine for dinner or any other occasion.

So we recommend it to anyone who likes to keep a couple of bottles of wine at home, but do not want to store them in the fridge with other food items.

It doesn’t cost a huge amount of money yet you will have an attractive storage and cooling gadget for your wines. The Black & Decker wine fridge makes a superb gift to give wine loving people.

Koolatron Urban Series 6-Bottle Wine Cooler (WC06)

This mini-cellar by Koolatron has space for 6 wine bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux type). Similarly to the other units inluded in our list, it too applies thermoelectric technology to generate cool air inside the cabinet.

Look & Style

Slightly angled front view of the Koolatron 6-bottle wine cooler with the glass door slightly open. The white interior light illuminates the top bottles.
Koolatron Urban Series, WC06

The Koolatron WC06 wine fridge has an all-black decor. The reflective glass door filters UV rays to help protect your wines’ flavour and other qualiy attributes. Despite the UV protetctive layer you can see the bottles stored inside.

The door is right-hinged so it opens to the left and the direction is not reversible. It features a recessed grip handle.

Has white LED lights inside the cabinet that you can turn on or off by pressing the light bulb button on the control panel (top of the door exterior).

Temperature Range & Setting – Digital Touch Buttons & LED Screen

The range of temperature is also the same as that of the other 6-bottle coolers listed here: 45° – 64°F (8 – 18°C). This offers a wide choice in settings allowing you to keep various types of wines in it.

You can easily adjust the temperature by touching the Up/Down arrow icons in the upper door frame. The LED screen shows the temperature inside the cabinet in white numbers.


Two removable metal shelves hold 3 – 3 Boredeaux style, 750 ml wine bottles. You pull out the curvy wire racks all the way out.

This comes handy when you have a taller, wider bottle of wine for which you want to make room.

Interior Lighting

White LED lighting illuminates the bottles if you press the bulb icon on the control panel.

Key Features – Koolatron WC06, Urban Series

Cooling Method: Thermoelectric. Silent, Low power consumption (if installed properly away from direct sunlight and other heat sources.

Number of Zones: Single temperature zone.

Temperature Range: 46 – 64 ºF (8 – 18 ºC).

Controls & Display: Digital touch button controls and whiet LED display on the top of the door frame.

Door: Mirrored glass door with black frame and recessed handle.

Installation: Freestanding placement only. Clearance requirement: leave 3″ around the sides and 5″ at the back for proper ventilation. Plugs into 110 Volt/60 Hz power outlet.

Power consumption: 50 Watts

Defrost Type: Manual defrost.


  • Nice size with compact dimensions, small footprint, fits on a countertop.
  • Does what it was designed for: keeps your wines cool, protected form UV light, and vibration.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Low noise.
  • Doesn’t use much electricity.
  • Affordable price.


  • Warranty period is just 90 days. A longer warranty would raise more trust in the appliance.
  • Manual defrost – you might find ice build-up at the back of the unit after a time. In this case you should defrost it just as you would a regular kitchen freezer/fridge.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 14.25″ (without the legs which are removable: 13.25″)
  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 20″
  • Weight: 17.24 lbs (7.8 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 130 – 180 USD (251.66 – 30 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 90 days on parts and labor.

Who Should Buy The Koolatron Urban Series 6-Bottle Wine Cooler?

What we said about the Black & Decker 6-bottle unit applies to the Koolatron model too. It is an ideal choice for wine lovers with limited space in their homes.

The Koolatron WC06 will keep your wines at the right temperature without being in the way or making much noise. You will find it very starightforward to install and operate. Just pay attention to clearance requirement and ambient temperature to ensure efficient cooling.

Go for it only if you can get it at around 130 – 140 USD or less though! It has only 90 days warranty so we would definitely choose the Black & Decker cooler with its 1 year guarantee period.

double red arrow pointing to the right Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

This is a nice, contemporary home cellar in black and stainless steel design, ideal for countertop placement.

It is very similar to the Black & Decker model above regarding main technical specifications.

Key Features – Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle

Cooling Type: Silent, eco-fiendly, superconductive (thermoelectric) cooling technology. U. S. Department of Energy (Doe) Compliant

Shelving: Two, quality, removable metal shelves hold 6 standard Bordeaux size bottles.

Temperature Range: Can be adjusted from 44 to 66°F.

Controls: The digital touch buttons and the readout screen are integrated in the top part of the door exterior. The blue LED display goes well with the black & satainless steel decor.

Placement: Freestanding only to ensure proper ventilation. (max. ambient temperature is 75 – 77 °F). 5 inches clearance is recommended around the sides and at the back.

Power Consumption: If properly placed the fridge uses cc. 160 kWh electricity annually.

front photo of the Wine Enthusiast 6 bottle wine cooler. The transparent glass door has a silver side trim. The door is closed.
Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Door – See-Through Double Layer Glass

The Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle wine fridge has dual pane glass door with recessed handle. Two silver VCM (PVC coated stainless steel sheet) trims adorn the two sides.

The door glass is not tinted, so it will not filter UV rays. Thus it is highly important that you place the unit in a dark location, out of sunlight.

If wine is subjected to UV light over a longer period of time it will probably alter its flavour.

Freestanding Placement – Leave Enough Space

Since the fridge ventilates in the back it cannot be built-in or enclosed. Furthermore, it requires quite a big clearance around the sides and at the rear: 5 inches (15 cm).

This ensures that the warm air from the cabinet interior is expelled and diffused adequately.

Recommended max. room temperature is around 75 °F (24 °C). Even better if you keep the room temp. around 60 – 65 °F (16 – 18 °C)

Adjust a level height with the two rotating front legs. This prevents moving of the 2 wire shelves.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 14.875″
  • Width: 9.75″
  • Depth: 19.875″
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 149 USD (24.8 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor by manufacturer.


  • Sharp-looking mini home cellar that won’t need much space.
  • Quiet operation – just leave enough clearance and level the fridge.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Low electricty use (cc. 160 kwh/year).


  • Large clearance is required for proper ventilation.
  • No UV filtering tint on the door glass.

Why Buy/Not Buy The Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Wine Cellar?

Similarly to the Black & Decker model listed above, this unit is an excellent choice for budding wine collectors and aficionados who don’t want to spend a whole lot on a high-end wine cellar.

Temperature is adjustable within a wide range so you can keep all sorts of wines in it, at the right temperature. If placed and leveled properly, it will not make much noise and neither will it vibrate.

Dark, vibration-free, cool storage space for your favourite bottles to perserve their quality. All these at a relatively low cost.

All in all, the Wine Enthusiast 6-bottle wine cooler is a great mini cellar ideal for small spaces and budget-conscious buyers.

double red arrow pointing to the right Older Models – Most Are No Longer Made

Danby DWC620 6-Bottle Wine Cellar – DISCONTINUED

This compact model by Danby can hold max. 6 standard size wine bottles on 3 chrome-plated metal shelves.

The cooler can maintain 4°C – 22 °C (39 °F – 77 °F) temperature range so you can chill white or red wines.

A red LED dsiplay – which goes well with the black finish – on the upper front of the fridge indicates the set temperature.

It is a freestanding fridge that can be placed on kitchen counter tops.

With only 11 inch width these slim wine coolers can be conveniently fitted in narrow places. The blue interior lights lend elegant appearance to the appliance.


  • Height: 17 (43.2 cm)
  • Width: 11″ (56 cm)
  • Depth: 22″ (43.2 cm)

Price range: 90 – 110 USD (15 – 18.3 USD per bottle).

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Vinotemp VT-6TEDS 6-bottle Wine Fridge – DISCONTINUED

  • Vinotemp VT-6TEDS 6-bottle wine cellar, 6This compact, 6-bottle wine refrigerator by Vinotemp also uses the thermolectric cooling system which has the benefit of silent, vibration-free operation.
  • It can hold up to 6 standard wine bottles on its 3 pull-out, chrome-plated wire racks.
  • The double paned, tinted glass door ensures good thermal insulation and filters out UV rays that can be harmful to wines in case of long-term exposure.
  • The stainless steel cabinets dimensions (width: 10.25 “, depth: 18.25 “, Height: 16.25 “) allow you to place the wine cooler on the top of the kitchen counter.
  • You can adjust temperature in the range of: 44°F – 66°F.

Price: cc. $160 – $170 ($26.7 – $28.3 per bottle).

TIP: The Vinotemp VT-6V Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is another great small-capacity wine cooler.
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Sunpentown WC-06 6-Bottle Wine Cooler – DISCONTINUED

  • sunpentown 6 bottle modelIt accommodates 6 standard 750-ml bottles on 2 pull-out wire racks.
  • The silver cabinet with silver trimmed, reflective glass door looks very sleek.
  • You can easily set the cabinet temperature between 44 and 66 °F by the touch pad controls. It is fairly quite (30 dBA according to the manufacturer’s website).
  • you can level and the set the unit to suitable height with the adjustable front legs.


  • Height: 14.5″
  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 20″
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs.

Electricity consumption: cc. 0.5 kWh/24 hours.

Price: cc. 100 USD (16.7 USD per bottle).

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