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Wine coolers are available in various types and style:

  • cooling technology used to keep the bottles inside the cabinet at the required temerature
  • compact countertop, full size freestanding, built-in under the counter,
  • the number of temperature zones – single zone, dual zone or multiple zone
  • the look and style of the wine storage unit: sleek stainless steel or furniture style

Based on Cooling Technology

Thermoeelctric Wine Coolers – they cool the interior of the cabinet without a compressor using the Peltier effect.

Usually smaller capacity units apply thermoelectric cooling. Silent operation, less noise and vibration, eco-friendliness (no cooling agent), less electricity consumption are considered  to be the main advantages of such wine storage appliances.

Most popular brands that make thermoelectric wine refrigerators are: Wine Enthusiast, Vinotemp, Avanti, EdgeStar, New Air.

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Don’t have much space in your home but you love wine?

How about getting a small-footprint wine cooler that you can place

  • on the top of the counter or,
  • table?

Most counter size coolers use thermoelectric cooling. Unlike compressor fridges they are less noisy but still store your wines at the desired temperatue.

Find a good, reliable countertop wine chiller and read reviews on the most popular models!

KingsBottle 50-bottle wine cooler front view


Built-in wine coolers can be installed seamlessly

  • within kitchen furnishing or
  • under the counter.

They come in various sizes and bottle capacity. Dual -Zone and single zone units are both available.

15″ wide wine fridges fit nicely in narrow spaces, in the place of a trash compactor.

If you have more room you can get a 24″ or wider model with a double door.

Top-end wine refrigerators with built-in capability offer a wide choice in decor and custom-made features.


Wine fridges that vent at the back can only be placed freestanding. Here is a collection of some popular freestanding wine chiller models.

The choice is wide regarding:

  • bottle count,
  • size,
  • number of zones and
  • other design features!

Take your time to peruse our posts to choose a standalone refrigerator perfect for keeping your wines in it.



Dual Zone

Selection of good-quality wine coolers with two independent temperature zones.

If you are a serious wine aficionado then you want to keep your favorite wines at their recommended temperature.

Dual zone wine refrigerators have two separate zones. Each with its own temp. controls and display.

So you place your

whites, sparkling wines in one of the zones, and
reds in the other zone.

Then set the temperature for the whites (41 – 50°F is ideal for most whites) and the reds (50 – 64°F is recommended for reds).

When you invite friends or family over for dinner you just pick the bottles you want to open and they are ready to drink.



Don’t have much space in your home but you love  wine?
If you are scrunched on space a slim wine cooler will keep your wines nice and chilled while taking up little room.

The narrowest wine fridge models have

  • 12″ width while most units for built-in installation
  • are 15″ wide.



Find out about the pros and cons of thermoelectric wine coolers! How do they compare to compressor operated wine fridges?

See also reviews on selected thermoelectric coolers!

We have listed the most popular units with

  • features overview and
  • user opinions!

Irinox Divino Freestanding Wine CoolerPlacement

Countertop Wine Coolers – compact small capacity wine fridges that can be placed on top of the kitchen counter.

Built-in Wine Coolers – mid-capacity units with front ventillation designed to be built into kitchen cabinetry.

Freestanding Wine Refrigerators – standalone models that ventilate at the back and the sides so they cannot be built-in.

They come in various sizes:

  • from compact mini coolers  to
  • full size fridges.

Slim Wine Refrigerators – units with narrow (15″ or less) width to provide wine storage solution for those who are scrunched on space in their home.

Stainless Steel Wine Coolers – sleek contemporary models with stainless steel finish perfect for a modern apartment.

a 100-bottle, Multi temp wine cellar by N'FINITyNumber of Temperature Zones

Dual Zone Wine Coolers – a true two zone unit have two individually controlled compartments within the cabinet for storing reds and whites at their required temperature.

Multiple-Zone Wine Refrigerators – you can store your different types of wines in 2, 3 or more independently controlled temperature zones.

Vinotheque wine credenza with 4 doorsStyle and Look

Wine Credenzas – Recommended brands of premium quality credenza-style wine storage units.

Commercial Wine Refrigerators – models designed to be used in restaurants and bars to nicely display the bottles and keep wines at ideal temperature.