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Vinotemp wine cooler refrigerators are manufactured by the Southern Californian Vinotemp company that was founded in 1985. Presenting a wide range of models, finishes and materials, Vinotemp coolers and cellars offer endless choice in design and size. Wine cellars by Vinotemp are available in almost any size with bottle capacity ranging from 6 bottles to large home cellars accommodating 1,200 bottles.Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking for an elegant model for your collection of wine, or just an occasional wine collector, Vinotemp has a wine cooler designed to fit your needs. Available in different styles, Vinotemp wine refrigerators offer you the choice of several refrigerator and rack and door design options, various wood wine cellars and storage cabinets.

You can also have custom designed units. You can have the coolers in almost any configuration and shape.The wide choice in design and finish of Vinotemp wine bottle coolers ensures that they match every type of kitchen and home décor. Before making a purchase however do a thorough research and read owner reviews to decide for yourself whether a Vinotemp model is the best choice. About Vinotemp: The company is located in South California and since its foundation in 1985 it has been making quality wine storage appliances both for lower budget and high-end customers.Apart from wine cooler refrigerators that include small capacity thermoelectric units as well as larger capacity compressor-run wine fridges, Vinotemp offers premium wooden wine cabinets, walk-in wine rooms, and wine cellar accessories (cooling units, cellar doors, racking systems, cellar management software etc.) for those who plan to build their own cellar.

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Vinotemp currently offers four series of wine coolers as well as a range of beverage coolers and wood wine cabinets:

Eco Series

These are thermoelectric models ranging from a single-bottle chiller (VT-CHILLER1) up to a 48-bottle wine fridge. If you’re looking for a space-efficient unit then the 6-bottle wall-mounted model might be an ideal choice. Compare the Vinotemp 6-bottle Wall-Mounted wine chiller with other similar units. The 12-bottle 12TEDi model has a creative design. There are three dual temperature zone units in the Eco Series all for free-standing use only:

the 12-Bottle VT-12TEDS-2Z
the 21-Bottle VT-21TEDS-2Z
the 48-Bottle VT-48TEDS-2Z
Bottle Capacity: 12 bottles

Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F Temp. Setting: digital push button controls Shelving: 4 slide-out wood shelves Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.375″ x 13.625″ x 21.5″ Price: cc. $220 – 270Bottle Capacity: 21 bottles Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F Temp. Setting: digital push button controls Shelving: 6 sliding wood shelves Dimensions (H x W x D): 33.5″ x 11.875″ x 23.25″ Price: cc. $320 – 380Bottle Capacity: 48 botles Temp. range: 54°F – 66°F Temp. Setting: digital push button controls Shelving: 7-7 wood pull-out shelves (each holds 3 standard size bottles) Dimensions (H x W x D): 33.25″ x 27.5″ x 22.25″ Price: cc. $350 – 700 The Vinotemp Eco-Series wine coolers also include an 18-bottle (VT-18TEDS) and a 28-bottle model (VT-28TEDS) with one temperature zone. Read a detailed review on the Vinotemp VT-28TEDS 28-bottle wine cooler. Similar Products: read reviews of other Small Capacity Under Counter Wine Coolers & Wine Refrigerators. See more 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerators.

Butler Series

Models in the Butler range offer a wide variety in bottle capacity, number of temperature zones, look and design. The smallest unit stores 6 bottles while the most capacious model can hold up to 160 bottles (VT-188) of wine. The Butler series has several units with front venting and designed for built-in placement. The newest models are the Wine Varietal 15-bottle (VT-15TSWV) and the Wine Varietal 34-Bottle Wine Fridges (VT-34TSWV):

  • Bottle Capacity: 15 bottles (standard Bordeaux-style) for the model VT-15TSWV and 34 bottles (standard Bordeaux-style) for the model VT-34TSWV
  • Design: black cabinet, black-framed glass door with names of different wine varietal on it, recessed handle
  • Temp. range: 39°F – 65°F
  • Temp. Setting: touch screen digital controls with control panel lock feature: locks the panel after 12 sec of making the last adjustment (to enable the panel press the Up and Down arrows until the LED display blinks and the cooler beeps).
  • Shelving: 2 slide-out wire shelves (1 full size, 1 half size)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15-bottle model: 20.5″ x 17″ x 18.9″, 34-bottle model: 33″ x 19″ x 19.3″
  • Placement: freestanding only
  • Price: 15-bottle: cc. $ 270 – 300, 34-bottle: cc. $350 – 400

Other Models in the Vinotemp Butler Series (Single-Zone)

The 15-Bottle Touch-Screen (price: cc. $200 – 230) and the 34-Bottle (price: cc. $350 – 370) Touch-Screen Wine Coolers are the same as the two Wine Varietal models above with the one difference that the glass door doesn’t have wine varietals name on it. There are four 32-bottle models and four 58-bottle models (they only differ in the cabinet decor).

Two-Zone Models within the Butler Series

There are five dual temp. zone units, the smallest is the 34-bottle VT-342ZONE, and the largest is the 155-bottle VT-155SBW

Vinotemp VT-342ZONE
Vinotemp 45-Bottle, VT-45SB
Vinotemp 142-Bottle, VT-140TS
Bottle Capacity: 34 bottles

Temp. range: 48°F – 65°F Temp. Setting: Shelving: Dimensions (H x W x D): 33.75″ x 20″ x 24″ Placement: freestanding only Price: cc. $390 – 600Bottle Capacity: 45 bottles Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F Temp. Setting: Shelving: Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5″ x 24″ x 23″ Placement: built-in/freestanding Price: cc. $940 – 1200Bottle Capacity: 140 bottles Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F Temp. Setting: Shelving: Dimensions (H x W x D): 68.5″ x 23.12″ x 26.75″ Placement: built-in/freestanding Price: cc. $1700 – 2000

Pro Series

The Vinotemp Pro Series includes compressor-operated stainless steel wine refrigerators: SS cabinet with SS framed double pane glass door. The door can be locked.

Vinotemp VT-26
Vinotemp VT-26BCS Beverage Center
Vinotemp VT-45R Dual-Zone
Vinotemp VT-52SN
Bottle Capacity: 26 bottles

Temp. range: 45°F – 65°F Temp. Setting: digital control panel integrated into a middle shelf Shelving: 7 glide-out metal shelves with wood front Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5″ x 15″ x 23.25″ Placement: built-in/freestanding (ambient temp.: 60-90°F) Price: cc. $800 – 900Bottle Capacity: 26 bottles Temp. range: 45°F -65°F Temp. Setting: digital controls, LED display Shelving: removable metal shelves Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5″ x 15″ x 23″ Placement: built-in/freestanding (ambient temp.: 86°F) Price: cc. $950 – 1100Bottle Capacity: 45 bottles Temp. range: 45°F -65°F, two temperature zones Temp. Setting: digital controls and display for the two zones Shelving: 5 slide-out wire shelves with wood trim Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5″ x 24″ x 23″ Placement: built-in/freestanding (ambient temp.: 86°F) Price: cc. $1100 – 1350Bottle Capacity: 52 bottles Temp. range: 45°F -65°F Temp. Setting: digital controls and readout built-in the middle shelf Shelving: slide-out metal shelves with wood front (5 full size, 2 half size) Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5″ x 24″ x 23″ Placement: freestanding only Price: cc. $970 – 1300

Portofino Series

The Vinotemp Portofino Series wine coolers are elegant units with incased in wood cabinet and offering a wide range in bottle storage capacity (8 from 21 to 84 bottles) and design. The Portofino wine cellars use a combination of compressor and thermal electric cooling that has the benefits of higher efficiency, less noise and less harmful impact on the environment. The Portofino series wine cabinets are available in the $800 – 1500 price range.

Dual and Multiple-Zone Models in the Vinotemp Portofino Series

There are several dual-zone units, a three-zone and a four-zone model in this line of wine coolers by Vinotemp:

Vinotemp Portofino Hamilton 2-Zone Wine Cellar, 40 Bottles
Bordeaux Two-Zone Wine Cellar, 84 Bottles
Bleeker 42-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cabinet
Bordeaux Three-Zone Wine cabinet, 60 Bottles
Rioja 4-Zone Wine Cellar, 84 Bottles

Beverage Coolers by Vinotemp

Vinotemp has a couple of beverage coolers that chill soda and beer and are a useful and decorative element of any home bar. There’s also a thermoelectric Champagne Chiller with 3 settings (dimensions: diameter: 6.7″, height: 10.83″).The two smallest beverage coolers are the VT-SC01 (dimensions H x W x D: 18.25″ x 13″ x 16.75″): stores up to 12 12 oz. cans or 24 8 oz. cans, the VT-SC02: accommodates up to 45-66 cans (dimensions H x W x D: 22.38″ x 20″ x 16.88″). The more capacious models are the Vinotemp VT-26 with approx. 56 cans capacity (8 oz.), the VT-36 double-door wine & beverage cooler has space for cc. 19 standard size wine bottles 58 soda cans (12 oz.). The VT-BC58SB stores up to 135 beverage cans (12 oz.).

Wine Cabinets by Vinotemp

Vinotemp also makes large-capacity wood wine cabinets with a range of customization options.

  • Sonoma Series – from 180 bottles to 800 bottles, all-wood racking
  • Reserve – wide selection in bottle capacity, from small 80-bottle unit (Concorde 114) up to huge 1000+ bottle wine cellars.
  • Economy Series – with Luan Mahogany wood paneling and wood and aluminium shelving, from 80 bottles up to 300-400 bottles.
  • VinoCellier – European-style Wine Cabinets designed for aging, can be placed to garage or basement. Avaialbale either with glass or solid door, stores cc. 267 bottles.
  • Walk-In Series – wine rooms between 750-2500 bottles capacity.
  • Custom Wine Cellars – if you want your own personalized wine storage unit then Vinotemp’s team will design and manufacture a unique wine cellar either built-in or freestanding .

Vinotemp Built-In Wine Coolers – VT-52 Series – 52 Bottles-Single Temp. Zone

Vinotemp undercounter wine cooler – VT-52 is an advanced wine fridge that comes with:

  • 7 roll-out wood and metal shelves that glide easily and hold all wine bottles with various sizes,
  • stainless steel door with lock and key,
  • stainless steel cabinet and,
  • a digital display.

This is a sturdy model with stainless steel construction. It weighs 150 pounds so it’s a bit difficult to move it around but its compact size (W: 23.75″, H: 34.5″, D: 23″) ensures hassle-free placement and installation. Once in place you’ll have quality wine storage with perfect conditions for your wines that you can show off to your friends. A minor drawback of the Vinotemp 52-bottle wine cooler is that the two bottom shelves are shorter than the others because need of space for the compressor fitted on the back of the unit. It has front venting for easy built-in installation but you can use it as freestanding, too. The Vinotemp VT-52 wine fridge is designed to cycle with fluctuation of 5 degrees that prevents the unit from excessive cycling. Dimensions: Height: 34 1/2″ Width: 24″ Depth: 23″ Price: $700 -900 ($13.46 – 17.30 per bottle)

TIP: see other popular Stainless Steel Wine Cabinets.

45-bottle Vinotemp Wine Refrigerator VT-45 Series – 2 Temperature Zones

This zero-clearance wine cooler with front venting can be conveniently fit and installed in kitchen cabinets or under the counter.

It’s a dual temperature zone model with temperature ranges of 48 °F – 54 °F (8.9 °C-12.2 °C) for whites and 55 °F – 65 °F (12.8 °C-18.3 °C).

The adjustable legs ensure proper leveling and easy installation.

Other main features include:

  • roll-out wooden shelves,/li>
  • interior light,
  • lock and key, and

digital display of temperature data


  • Height: 34 1/2″
  • Width: 24″
  • Depth: 23″

Price: $1050 -1150 ($23.33 – 25.55 per bottle)

See other recommended dual zone wine coolers.

The Electrolux Electrolux ICON™ 48 Bottle wine cooler has slightly larger capacity.

Vinotemp VT-34G – Compact wine cooler with 34 Bottle Capacity

Those looking for a 34 bottle cooler, Vinotemp presents the compact VT-34G – best choice to start with wine collection.

It is an eye-catching slim line piece with double paned glass door and thermostatic temperature control.

This freestanding cellar is capable of maintaining optimum temperature.

Further, it features well-built racks made for accommodating individual bottles. VT-34G is a quiet model with energy efficient operation.

A more compact model for 24 bottles, VT-24G is a slim line wine refrigerator that comes with similar features as VT-34G.


  • Height: 33 3/4″
  • Width: 19 1/4″
  • Depth: 20 1/2″

Price: cc. $300 ($8.82 per bottle).

TIP: The Franklin Chef FWC36 wine cooler can hold 36 wine bottles.

Small Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Vinotemp

If you are looking for a small-capcity wine chiller that stores 6-25 bottles of wine then take a look at what Vinotemp offers.

Vinotemp 6-bottle Wine Coolers

Their latest 6-bottle model (VT-6TED-WB) can be mounted on the wall. It is a thermoelectric unit with a touch button digital controls and digital display.

The temperature can be set between 45°F – 68°F. Either in black or white design this wall-mountable cooler will look good in any kitchen. If you prefer to put it on the wall it will save space while adding to the decor of the kitchen or recreation room.


  • Height: 30″
  • Width: 16.75″
  • Depth: 6.7″

Weight: 28.6 lbs.

Placement: freestanding only – max. 50°F – 80°F ambient temp.

Power consumption: 0.85 kW/24 hrs

Price: $230 – 280.

Vinotemp VT-6V – Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator- 6 Bottles

The 6 Bottle, VT-6V, an older model, is a thermoelectric wine cooler that is an ideal choice for a bar or kitchen counter.Contrasting to the compressor units, VT-6V is equipped with a chip and fan that keeps the unit cool.

This unit offers a convenient LED display and comes with sturdy bar handle.

The unit allows digital temperature control for better regulation. Enhancing the models, the VT-6V highlights an inside light, adding to its elegance.

Check out the Vinotemp 6-TEDS small capacity wine cooler.

Vinotemp offers thermoelectric single bottle wine cooler for fast chilling of a bottle of wine. It has 10 temperature settings that are displayed on LED light. The silver-color aluminum case is insulated for efficient cooling. Only bottles with 3.5 ” inch diameter fit in the chiller.


  • Height: 15″
  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 17 1/2″

Price: cc. $80 – 100.

Similar Wine Chillers

Vinotemp 8-Bottle Wine Chiller, VT-8TEDTS-I

The 8-bottle model by Vinotemp is a compact unit perfefct for countertop placement. It uses thermal electric cooling technology.

The black cabinet has a black trimmed dual pane glass door with recessed handle. The control panel in the top door frame has digital touch buttons for easy temperature setting. The screen displays the interior temperature in blue.

Two removable metal racks hold 3-3 bottles and you can place two more bottles in the door.


    • Height: 14.76″
    • Width: 19.68″
    • Depth: 21.26″

Price: $180 – 200.

See more 8-Bottle wine cellars.

Vinotemp 12-Bottle Wine Coolers

There are three newer models with 12-bottle capacity. All three units use thermal electric refrigeration.

Vinotemp VT-12TEDi iCellar
Vinotemp VT-12TEDS-DZ Dual-Zone
Vinotemp VT-12TEDTS-DZ, Dual-Zone, Double-Door
Bottle Count: 12 bottles

Design: black cabinet with stainless steel decor, dual pane darkened glass door

Temp. range: 50ºF – 66ºF

Temp. Setting: digital touch button controls, blue LED readout

Shelving: 3 curvy pull-out wire racks

Dimensions (H x W x D): 19.8″ x 14″ x 18.9″

Power consumption: 1 kWh/24 hrs (at 59ºF)

Price: cc. $230 – 250Bottle Count: 12 bottles

Design: black cabinet, stainless steel framed dual pane glass door

Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F

Temp. Setting: digital pcontrol panel integrated into the middle of the cabinet, blue LEd display

Shelving: 4 slide-out wood shelves

Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.375″ x 13.625″ x 21.5″

Power consumption: 1 kWh/24 hrs (at 59ºF)

Price: cc. $220 – 270Bottle Count: 12 bottles

Design: black cabinet with double doors, black trimmed double pane glass door

Temp. range: 44°F – 66°F

Temp. Setting: touchscreen control for each zone integrated in the top door frame, blue display

Shelving: 2-2 removable wire shelves

Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.26″ x 19.68″ x 21.26″

Price: cc. $270

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