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The Sub-Zero WS-30 wine cooler refrigerator is the largest wine storage unit offered by the US-based Sub-Zero-Wolf company.

The 147-bottle WS-30 is a new model and it will replace the Sub-Zero 427 wine refrigerator.

It is a dual zone wine cellar that can accommodate

  • 50 bottles in the upper zone and
  • 97 in the lower compartment.

The WS-30 matches nicely with the refrigerator and freezer units made by Sub-Zero because it has the same framework and design elements.

Main Features

  • Full-Size Wine Cabinet that holds up to 147 bottles of wine (750 ml).
  • Door options inlude glass door with frame (dual pane, bronze tinted for UV filtering), overlay, stainless steel solid door. For those who live at high altitude special reinforced door glass is available.
  • 90 ° door stop kit can be purchased for the unit.
  • full-length bar handle is the standard. You can select from several handle designs:

– tubular handles in classic, platinum and carbon stainlless steel for overlay design,

– pro and curved handles in classic stainless steel

Sub-zero WS-30 147-bottle dual-zone wine cooler refrigerator
  • UL- approved lock for the door is optional.
  • Two Independent temperature zones: Upper zone: you can store 50 bottles on 5 shelves , Lower zone: 9 shelves hold around 90-97 bottles.
  • Rust-resistant, well-made wire shelves hold standard size, half bottles as well as magnums. The fron of the shelves is natural cherry wood. The roller-assemby ensures smooth pull-out of shelves and easy access of wines.
  • Display shelf: this illuminated rack under the control panel allows you to showcase your most prized wines (holds 750 ml bottles or magnums).
  • Flip-up front grille for easy access of condenser coild when cleaning.


  • Height: 84″ (depends on grille type)
  • Width: 30″
  • Depth: 24″

Shipping weight: 435-445 lbs.

Temperature Control and Setting

the Control panel includes press buttons for setting the temperature for both zones within the range of 38 °F (3 °C) – 65 °F (18 °C).

Note: that the wine cooler is shipped with factory preset temperatures:

  • 45 °F in the smaller upper zone and
  • 55 °F in the larger upper zone.

The microprocessor-controlled temperature ensures stable temperature with minimal fluctuation.

Whether you want to keep wine cooled or chilled to the ideal serving temperature or experiment with maturing your finest wines the Sub-Zero WS-30 wine refrigerator’s cooling system provides proper conditions with 1° temperature accuracy and humidity level.

On the control panel there are two sets of WARMER and COLDER pads, one for each zone.

By pressing the COLDER button you can decrease the temperaure, by pressing the WARMER button you can increase it 1 degree increments. The LED display indicates the set temperature in each zone.


The Sub-Zero WS-30 wine cooler refrigerator has interior lighting in two places:

  • rope-style lighting mounted to the top of the cabinet interior, and
  • the control panel prvides illumination for the display shelf

The interior lighting-switch is also on the control panel. by pressing the ON/OFF key you can shut the wine cooler off power fro cleaning or other purpose.

Alarm Features

The Sub-Zero WS-30 wine cooelr refrigerator is equipped with audible and visible warnings in case unfavorable temperature fluctuation or any other failure. You’ll hear an audible beep while a BELL symbol will flash on the display at the same time.

If you prefer to deactivate this feature you can do it by pressing the BELL key (the BELL will be invisible in the LED display).

In case of a temperature or other problem the word SERVICE will apeear in the LEd raedout.

You can tie the wine fridge in the home security system (optional feature).

Sabbath Mode- Kosher-K Certified

All Sub-Zero wine storage units include Sabbath mode which allow the owner to deactivate all light and alarm features for special religious occasions.

Setting the Sabbath mode: press the On/Off key until the diplay show that the unit is OFF. Press agian the On/Off button for about 10 seconds: This will turn the wine cooler back on while disabéing all illumination (LED display, interior light).


2, 5 and 12 year residential warranty (with restrictions).


The condenser of the Sub-zero WS-30 wine refrigerator is behind the front grille. It has to be cleaned regularly (every 3-6 months). Always shut off power to the wine cooler before cleaning.

Use a vacuum hose to remove dust and lint accumulated on the coils (check the unit’s manual for exact instuctions). When you clean the condenser wear gloves to avoid getting cut by the sharp fins of the condenser.

Model Options:
Framed, glass
Overlay/flush inset
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
handle is not incuded for this design option

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