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Affordable Wine Cooling at Home

Looking for affordable wine storage and refrigeration for your collection of wine – Koolatron wine cooler refrigerators are a good choice.

Recognized world-over for its good-value appliances ranging from automotive, pet care, home & gardening products Koolatron’s wine refrigerators can be used in bars, restaurants, retail stores and at home as well.

The company is committed towards producing fine quality products that would ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Reviews of Koolatron Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Although Koolatron doesn’t offer a wide range of wine cooler models,  the ones described on this page offer ideal wine cooling and storage solutions for beginner wine enthusiasts at reasonable price.

Koolatron 4-Bottle Wine Cooler, Model WC04

This narrow wine fridge offers a choice of placement options:

  • you can either mount it horizontally on the wall under a kitchen cabinet
  • or use it free standing (vertically or horizontally).

Price of Koolatron WC04 Thermoelelctric Wine Cooler: US$ 90 – 200 (US$ 22.5 – 50 per bottle).

TIP: Compare Koolatron WC04 with other 4-bottle wine cooelrs.

Koolatron WC06G-CA Countertop Wine Cooler – Thermolectric, 6 Bottles

Equipped with sophisticated technology, it is a Koolatron countertop unit designed to fit in 6 bottles of your favorite wines.

Provided with LED digital temperature display and controls the unit allows easy and precise adjustment of temperature that ranges between 44°F and 64°F.

With contoured shelves, you can access each of the bottles individually. The Koolatron wine cooler also features two curved and two flat interchangeable racks.

Colored in silver, attaching smoke-tinted glass door, this Koolatron wine fridge offers brilliant display with soft blue interior lighting.

The tinted door also protects your wines from damaging UV rays.

Its thermoelectric cooling system is highly efficient and the model uses no compressor, which makes its operations almost silent and without vibration so the wine remains undisturbed.

TIP: See how the Koolatron WC06G-CA compares to other other 6 Bottle wine cooler models.

Koolatron WC12G 12 Bottle Slim Countertop Wine Cooler – Thermoelectric

This Koolatron wine cooler is a compact model designed to accommodate up to 12 bottles of wine.

Essentially a slim countertop unit, WC12G features unique Peltier modules, which ensures efficient thermoelectric cooling keeping your wines at its optimal serving temperature.

Read more about the pros and cons of thermoelectric wine coolers.

In addition, the Advanced Heat Dissipation System assists in maintaining the required temperature for storing your wine for a longer period. It is quite easy to adjust the temperature with the thermostat. The automatic defrost feature prevents ice build-up.

Furnished in black, WC12G has an elegant flush back design, with reversible thermopane glass door and slide-out chromed metal shelves – definitely a piece to add to your room’s beauty.

With the soft interior lightning switched on, the wine cooler looks elegant. Since the model includes no compressor, it doesn’t make noise and vibration, which leaves the natural sedimentation process in the wine undisturbed.

Price range: US$ 125 -180 (US$ 10.41 – 15 per bottle).

TIP: see how the Koolatron WC12G Compares to other 12-Bottle Wine Fridges.

Similar Units:

Koolatron WC10GCA Single Bottle Wine Chiller

It is a one bottle model by Koolatron meant for your home, car or wherever you can accommodate this compact model.

If you are going to a dinner party, just pick a bottle of wine and get it chilled in this wine cooler before you reach the party.

How about chilled wine in the tailgate parties or picnic, you do not have to worry about bag of ice anymore.

Time is also a factor when chilling your wine, these efficient cooler by Koolatron can get your wine chilled and ready to serve within 30 minutes or less.

Place any standard-size bottle into this compact wine cooler, and you will have a wine or champagne bottle chilled in no time.

See more single bottle wine chillers.

Koolatron BC06G Beverage Fridge

If a wine fridge is what you are looking for, then this Koolatron wine cooler unit is just perfect for you.

With dimensions of 52.8 cm x 47.2 cm x 53.8 cm (20.8″, 18.6″, 21.2″LWH), it has a capacity of 47 L (1.7 cu. ft.).

It features a compact countertop design with reversible, tempered-glass door that makes it perfectly suitable for any décor.

The external, adjustable thermostat of the beverage fridge ensures that your beverages are maintained at optimal serving temperature.

TIP:  Magic Chef wine coolers also offer a wide range of inexpensive units in various sizes.

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