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If you’ve started to appreciate and collect good wines only recently but you have neither space nor the budget for a large home cellar then a cheap wine cooler refrigerator might be a good starting point.

They provide proper storage conditions for your bottles at a reasonably low cost.

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We listed some of the best modeartely-priced wine refrigerators ranging from 6-bottle to 30-bottle capacity.

Hope this page helps you to do further research and comparison to choose a unit that really suits your needs and budget.

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Slightly angled photo of a countertop size, cheap wine cooler stocked full with wine. Bottles are lying on wire racks, that can be seen through the door glass.
An Affordable 14-Bottle Wine Cooler
Why Buy A Dedicated Wine Fridge?

The proper serving temperature plays an important role in the enjoyment of wine.
Nowadays as summer is becoming hotter, wines kept at a wine rack in the kitchen can go off.

Even if your home is air-conditioned, you still have to protect your wines from harmful UV light, not to mention that when you go on a vacation and turn the AC off your fine wines will suffer heat stroke.

You can still keep wine in the fridge but an ordinary kitchen refrigerator is too cold and dry for wines
Furthermore, the smell of the food stuff can permeate the cork over a longer period of time.

So an inexpensive wine cooler can be really useful to keep your wines at the right temperature, away from sunlight.

How Much Does A Wine Cooler Cost?

It depends on the size and manufacturer. Mini wine fridges that hold 4-6 bottles of wine cost around 120 – 200 USD.

Larger /higher-end models of course sell for more. Moreover, you have to pay a bit extra if you want dual-zone feature and built-in installation.

15 – 28 bottle models are available for around 280 – 400 USD in the inexpensive category.

Residential home wine cellars are becoming more widely available and more affordable.

The Choice Ranges From

Today many cheap units imported from China are offered by retailers under various labels.

All in all, if you want a low-cost wine cooler you have many options regarding technical features and design.

double red arrow pointing to the right Popular Cheap Wine Cooler Brands In 2021:

Antarctic Star

photo showing an Antarctic Star wine fridge with the top shleves full with wine bottles , necks facing outwards. On the bottom there are beer bottles in upright position.
Antarctic Star 24-Bottle Wine Cooler

They offer attractive, freestanding wine & beverage fridge combos at favorable price and with high customer ratings.

The 18-Bottle Wine & Beer Cooler‘s price is cc. 185 USD.

Black & Decker

The American company is known for its power tools and home improvement appliances.

Black & Decker also manufactures small household gadgets like wine fridges, coffee makers, juicers tec.

It has some nice, compact wine cellars ideal for countertop placement. See below the Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cooler.

The smallest one has space for 6 bottles and is available for cc. 180 USD.


Koolatron makes wine coolers in various sizes: from 6-bottle up to 20 bottle models. Price is around 150 – 200 USD.


Nutrichef wine refrigerators boast characteristic design with thick, stainless steel edged glass door. The smallest unit – an older make – holds 8 bottles.

Larger models have space 12 – 24 standard size bottles in two temperature zone. Here is the official website of Nutrichef.


Photo showing a front of the Schmecke 12 Bottle wine cooler with the door closed. You can see though the glass door that the cooler is fully stocked with wine bottles.
Schmecke 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

The brand Schmeke belongs to the C & A IP Holdings, LLC., ( C +A Global), an umbrella company developing and manufacturing consumer appliances and electronics.

They make wine coolers under the brand Schmecke and Ivation.

Storage capacity starts from 12 bottles and goes up to 28 bottles. The 12-bottle model costs cc. 200 USD on Amazon.

Older/Discontinued Brands

Here are some older wine cooler brands. Most of them either went out of business or discontinued to make wine cooling applainces.

Some of them however migh still be available at some retailers:

  • Avanti, Haier, Cuisinart, Danby, , Magic Chef/Ewave, Vinotemp, Sunpentown.

This doesn’t mean that each and every unit by these brands is of low quality, but the frequent complaints mentioned in reviews should make you extra cautious before buying any of these units.

double red arrow pointing to the right Small Cheap Wine Cooler Refrigerators

In the 4 – 20 bottle capacity range there are some very nice inexpensive wine coolers that can be good first wine storage units for amateur wine collectors.

Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Black & Decker 6-Bottle Wine Cellar

This countertop size home cellar by Black & Decker is an attractive unit with thermoelectric cooling.

Main Features

  • Capacity: 6 standard size and style bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux type)
  • Cooling Method: thermoelectric
  • Temperature Range: 46 – 64 ºF (8 – 17.8 ºC) – suitable for red and wine storage
  • Digital touch sensor controls – simple to adjust the temperature and monitor it on the LED screen.
  • Freestanding application only since it ventilates at the back. Leave space around the sides at the top and back (2 – 4 inches).

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 14.9″
  • Width: 9.7″
  • Depth: 19.8″
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs (8 kg).

Price & Warranty

The Black & Decker 6-bottle wine fridge cost less than 180 USD at most retailers. It is usually available from around 150 USD.

The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty on parts and labor.


  • Small size, fits nicely on a countertop
  • If placed properly, with enough clearance and away from direct sun light it works efficiently using requiring little electricity.
  • Also it is fairly noiseless if you follow the placement/installation guidelines.
  • Affordable price


  • Longer warranty period would be welcome. On the other hand, most similar size wine coolers offer the same length of warranty.

TIP: Read our full review on the Black & Decker 6-bottle freestanding wine cooler.

double red arrow pointing to the right Avanti 16-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

front photo of the Avanti 16-bottle wine cooler with the mirrored door closed.
Avanti 16-Bottle Wine Chiller

This is a compact countertop wine cooler that can hold max. 16 bottles of wine.

Instead of a noisy compressor the wine cooler uses thermoelectric cooling technology that ensures silent and vibration-free operation.

In addition, thermoelectric wine coolers use less electricity than compressor-operated fridges and they are environmental friendly due to lack of cooling agents (CFC-s, HCFC-s).

The thermopane, see-through glass door has a recessed handle and the direction of the door opening can be reversed. Soft interior light, that can be turned on or off, provides nice illumination for the stored wines.

You can adjust temperature with the control knob mounted in the upper right hand corner inside the unit. The interior light switch is next to the temperature setting knob.

In order to maintain the set temperature and for effective cooling place the wine fridge in a room where the ambient temperature is between 72 – 78ºF.

If the temperature is well above 78 ºF the cooler won’t be able to keep the set temperature at constant level.

You can set the knob to Max., Min., Med. and Off. The temperature range between the Max and Min settings is 51 – 62ºF.

According to the instruction manual, when you install the wine cooler turn the knob to Max for 2 hours then adjust it to Med which is at 55ºF. Setting the knob to Off turns off the cooling cycle but doesn’t shut off the power to the appliance.

You can fit in 4 bottles on each of the 3 chrome-plated wire shelves that slide out smoothly for easy access. You can place 4 more bottles at the bottom of the cabinet.


  • Height: 20.25″
  • Width: 17″
  • Depth: 19″

Price of the Avanti EWC16B 16-Bottle Wine Cooler:

  • cc. 120 USD (7.5 USD per bottle).

TIP: A newer version of the EWC16B is the Avanti SWC1600M-1 wine chiller with mirror finished glass door.

Similar Units:

double red arrow pointing to the right Cuisinart Wine Chillers

Cuisinart countertop wine cooler

Cuisinart offers small thermoelectric home cellars from 6 bottle up to 32 bottle capacity.

They are freestanding units with digital controls (preprogramed temperatures for various types of wine) and attractive design.

Quality and reliability leaves much to be desired though.

Read our main article about Cuisinart wine coolers.

Other Budget, Small Wine Cooler Options

Medium Size Cheap Wine Coolers, 20 – 30 Bottles, For 300 – 400 USD

There are many mid sized electric wine cellars that hold around 20-30-bottles of wine.

double red arrow pointing to the right WIE 28-bottle Wine Cooler, 300 – 350 USD

The WIE 28-Bottle capacity wine fridge offers good quality at reasonable price. The freestanding, single temperature zone unit is available for around 300 – 350 USD depending on seller.

For this attractive price it has all the specifications you need in a dedicated wine fridge.

WIE 28-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Main Features

  • Compressor cooling ensures stable temperatures in the range of 41°F – 64°F (5 – 18°C).
  • Twin layer, tempered, mirrored glass door with recessed handle
  • Safety door lock with 2 keys.
  • Digital press button controls.
  • Digital display in clear white LED.
  • Blue LED interior light.
  • 7 scalloped wire shelves that glide smoothly and you can remove them.
  • Shelving includes a glass holder rack.
  • Low noise level: 32 dBA.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 33.1″
  • Width: 16.9″
  • Depth: 17.7″
  • Weight: 59.4 lbs. (27 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 300 – 350 USD (10.7 – 12.5 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Why Buy/Not Buy The WIE 28-Bottle Wine Cellar?

Here are some of the main advantages/disadvantages of this inexpensive small wine fridge.

TIP: If you are interested in more details please read our full review on the WIE 28-Bottle wine cooler!


  • Great size/capacity ratio.
  • Smart look with black decor and mirror finish glass door.
  • Reliable compressor cooling, holds set temp. well.
  • Silent – barely audible even if it runs a cycle.
  • Door lock with 2 keys – lets you keep your collection in safety, away from unwanted access.
  • Auto defrost.


  • Short warranty period.
  • Freetsanding only.

The Edgestgar 30-bottle wine refrigerator is one of the best in this category. It is a well-built, reliable unit with attractive contemporary look.

Haier has a wide range of medium capacity electric wine cellars including 20-bottle, 24-botle, 30-bottle, 32 bottle and 35-bottle models.

One of the most inexpensive unit is the Haier 24-bottle wine refrigerator (retails for cc. 150) with compressor cooling, digital thermostat with automatic settings for red and white wines.

The Magic Chef 30-Bottle wine cooler is a cheap compressor based unit for freestanding use.

The Wine Enthusiast 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is an inexpensive thermoelectric unit designed for standalone placement.

The Wine Enthusiast Touchscreen 18-bottle Slimline model is a decorative, narrow unit for space-saving, standalone placement.

The Sunpentown 32-bottle wine cooler refrigerator is also a good, affordable wine cooler.

Read review on the Vinotemp VT-28TEDS 28-Bottle Wine Refrigerator a cheap (costs cc. 330 – 430 USD) single zone and thermoelectric unit.

More TIPS:

Larger Capacity Cheap Wine Refrigerators

double red arrow pointing to the right Haier 40-50 Bottle  Wine Coolers

Haier America offers a couple of compresor-operated wine storage units with 40-50 or slightly more bottle count. The current, 2015 models in this category are:

50-Bottle Units – HVCE24 Series

Haier 50 bottle wine fridge, HVCE24DBH

Two 50-bottle models (HVCE24DBH and HVCE24CBH) that differ only in cabinet decor.

HVCE24DBH has all black design: black cabinet with black tinted glass front, while the HVCE24CBH has stainless steel trimmed glass with the black cabinet.

Both units have one temperature compartment, electronic themostat and dislpay, 6 full-depth, slide-out wood fronted metal shelves. They can be installed built-in or freestanding.

You can set temperature in the range of 41 – 64ºF and the dual LED display indicates the actual adjusted temperature inside the unit.

The black cabinet comes with stainless steel or black framed, flat, dual pane glass door that is blue-gray tinted to filter out UV rays.

You can fit the hinge on either the left or on the right hand side so that you can find the right placement for the unit in your home. The door has a stainless steel grip handle for easy opening of the door.


  • Height: 34 1/2″
  • Width: 23 7/8″
  • Depth (with handle): 23 3/4″

Weight: 117 lbs.

Price & Warranty

  • Depending on store and available discounts the two models sell for around 580 – 800 USD (11.6 –  16 USD).
  • It is a very favorable price for such sizeable wine storage coolers if you can fit in the advertised 50 bottles and overlook the many quality problems reported by owners’ of Haier appliances.
  • Warranty is 1 year parts and labor on both models – we think this should be longer.

TIP: For a budget dual temperature zone wine fridge read review of the Avanti 46 Bottle wine cooler.

48-Bottle Unit – Haier WC200GS

Haier 48 bottle wine refrigerator, WC200GS

This  is a pricier (available for cc. $1000 – $1200), stainless steel model with two temperature zones to store reds and whites, with a moveable divider between the two sections.

The UV protection glass door is reverisble and has a quality metal handle.

Temperature can be set in the range of 43°F –  65°F with electronic controls. Unstained wood slide out wood racks hold the bottles. Can be built in under the counter.


  • H: 34 9/16″
  • W: 23 7/8″
  • D: 25 7/16″

Weight: 130 lbs.

The lowest cost per bottle, large capacity wine storage coolers are the Vintage Keeper Wine Cellars. (though quality has been sacrificed at the altar of cheapness)

Cheap Wine Cooler Refrigerators in the UK and Europe

More Inexpensive Options