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Chill Two Types of Wines at The Same Time

With a dual bottle wine cooler you can chill two bottles of your favourite wines to perfect drinking temperatures.

If you know a little bit about wine tasting then it isn’t knew to you that to enjoy the natural taste and aroma of wine the best it needs to be chilled to proper temperature.

Which is different for red wines, whites and roses.

Both single bottle wine coolers and dual bottle wine chillers are small thermoelectric coolers using the so-called Peltier effect as cooling technology.

A dual bottle unit has two separate chambers for chilling two standard-sized bottles (3.5 inch diameter) simultaneously.

You can set the temperature independently for the two compartments thus you can chill a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine at the same time.

So if you have a menu which requires both white and red wines simply place the two types of wine in the twin bottle chiller and you’ll have ready-to-serve wine by the time you sit down to the table.

Or if you wish to serve champagne and wine you can conveniently prechill the two bottles to their perfect tasting temeperatures. What’s more, you can not only chill but warm wine up to the desired drinking temperature.

If you keep your wine in an ordinary fridge it’ll be too cold for consumption and if you’re short on time to wait for the wine to warm up to serving temperature just place it in the bottle chiller/warmer.

You can adjust the cooler to display temperatures either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

Recommended Dual-Bottle Wine Coolers

More and more manufacturers specializing in small kitchen appliances offer single– and 2-bottle wine coolers because they’re ideal gifts for wine lovers and took up very little space.

Double- and single-botle wine chillers are practical for those who don’t have a wine refrigerator yet but they like to drink a glass of wine a few times a week.

Besides practicality these compact electric chillers look “cool” on the kitchen counter or the dining table.

See some of the best dual-bottle wine chillers that we reviewed based on users’ experiences.

Perfect 2-bottle Wine Chiller

Dual Bottle wine cooler

The Perfect dual bottle wine cooler comes with two wireless temperature probes that you insert in the uncorked bottles.

The probes measure the temperature of wine unlike other wine bottle coolers that measure the temperature of the chamber.

The probes forward the temperature data to the two LCDs on the front of the chiller.

The wine chiller offers you preprogrammed cooling temperatures for reds, whites, roses and champagne, but you can also adjust the temperature manually.

No need to worry whether the wine reached the desired temeparture the LED on the dual bottle wine cooler will signal you when the beverages cooled down to the preset temperature. The dual bottle wine cooler occupies around 1 sq. feet place

The price of the Perfect dual bottle wine cooler is cc. US$ 129.95, which includes the two replacebale batteries inside both temperature probes. Hammacher & Schlemmer offers a lifetime guarantee for the Perfect dual bottle wine chiller.

TIP: the Chambrer 2-bottle dual zone wine chiller is a similar unit.

Kalorik Dual Bottle Wine Cooler

Kalorik Dual bottle wine cooler

The Kalorik Dual Bottle Wine Cooler is a bit pricier (cc. US$ 250) though it has the same features as the Perfect wine chiller described above. It also has two chambers for two bottles of beverages.

The Kalorik twin wine cooler also offers preprogrammed consumption temperatures (4 for each chamber) for reds, whites and champagne but you can set the required temperature manually, too.

The WCL 19241 model of Kalorik Dual Bottle wine cooler comes in an elegant black-chrome finish which makes it a stylish part of any modern kitchen. This model has a 1-year warranty.

Other 2-Bottle Wine Chillers

Hinari Cellar Vie Twin bottle wine chiller

Another recommended dual bottle wine chiller is the Hinari Cellar Vie Dual Bottle Wine Chiller and Warmer which comes with the same features as the two other coolers mentioned previously but it has a more friendlier price: sells for about US$ 70 -100 .

According to the manufacturer the Hinari wine cooler can chill your wine at the rate of 6 degrees per hour or warm it to the required serving temperature at 10 degrees/hour.

Waring-Pro dual bottle wine cooler has a Wine Library database which contains information on about 33 types of wines. The LCD displays both the current and the set temperature and it signals with a beep when it reached the target value.

Price: cc. US$ 130-150.

Whether you’re a budding wine connoisseur or just love cool gadgets a 2-bottle wine cooler is a nice gift either for yourself or for your wine enthusiast friends.

TIP: check out the EuroCave Sowine Home Wine bar an exclusive wine chiller and preservation system.

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