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TYLZA is a new comer on the market of dedicated wine coolers, beverage refrigerators. The Chinese company was founded in 2017 and currently offers wine cooler refrigerators in 4 sizes:

  • 18-bottle slim model (12″ wide), single temperature zone. Price: cc. 460 – 480 USD.
  • A 30-bottle unit with two temperature zones (15″ wide), Price: cc. 500 – 580 USD
  • 46-bottle cellar also with dual zone feature (24″ wide), Price: cc. 750 – 799 USD, and a
  • 154-bottle tall wine cabinet (24″ wide) with dual temperature zone. Price: cc. 1 470 – 1 500 USD.

Besides wine storage units, they offer beverage coolers as well.

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TYLZA is a brand developed by the Guangdong Coomo Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017. It’s a Chinese company located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong 528400, China.

A photo about TYLZA's manufacturing facility. You can see a series of wine fridges on a converyor belt.
TYLZA Production Plant

According to their website: “we formed a research and development team of 10 engineers, dedicated to research and development of high-quality and cheap refrigeration equipment.”

Today they manufacture the appliances at a 50,000 square meter production plant.

double red arrow pointing to the right Built-In Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerators: 18 – 154 Bottles

At present TYLZA offers wine storage in four sizes:

  • The smallest unit is a narrorw, 12″ wide 18-Bottle wine cooler (cc. 460 – 480 USD).
  • Next in size comes a 30-Bottle fridge with 15″ width and two independent zones (cc. 500 – 580 USD).
  • The 46-bottle model also comes with two zones and built-in feature (24″ wide), cc. 760 – 799 USD.
  • The largest option is a 154-bottle wine cabinet: dual-zone, 24″ wide, can be built-in (cc. 1 470 – 1 500 USD).

30-Bottle & 46-Bottle Built-In Models

In this post we discuss the two medium-capacity units.

  • The smaller, 15-inch wide unit has space for max. 30 bottles of wine, while the
  • Larger, 24-inch wide model accommodates up to 46 bottles.

double red arrow pointing to the right TYLZA 30-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

This is an smart-looking home cellar that boasts expert engineering, quiet compressor cooling and sophisticated craftmanship.

All these at a very nice price: around 500 – 550 USD.

Quick Overview

TYLZA 30-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

8 out of 10
a slightly angled shot showing the front of the 30-bottle wine chiller by TYLZA. The glass door is closed.

Brand & Model: TYLZA HJYC-100B
Capacity: 30 bottles (750 ml, Bordeaux-style)
Cooling Type: Compressor with dual fan ventilation
Zones: Dual Temperature: Top: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C), Bottom: 55 – 65°F (12-18°C).
Placement: Buil-In Undercounter/Freestanding
Dimensions: H: 33.3″”, W: 15″, D: 23″
Place Of Manufacture: China (in accordance with U. S. ETL/UL standards).
Price: cc. 500 – 580 USD
Owners’ Ratings on Amazon: 4.6/5

Look & Feel + Build Quality (Cabinet/Shelving)
Noise Level
Ease of Use
Price Per Bottle/Value For Money
Temperature Stability
Warranty Length


Classy look with distinctive design elements

Two individual temperature compartments (allows spearate storage of whites and reds)

Quality built

Effortless set up and use

Quiet, minimal vibration


Just a minor thing: door swing is not reversible.

Look & Style

The TYLZA 30-Bottle wine fridge has a very appealing look with its matte black cabinet and slightly darkened glass door.

The door also features stainless steel edging, a stainless steel straight handle, and safety lock at the bottom.

The tint of the door glass protects wine from UV rays but allows you to perfectly see the bottles inside.

Exclusive Front Grille Design

The stainless steel front grille has unique design with small, X-shaped slits through which the warm air leaves the cabinet interior.

The Various Buttons on The Control Panel

TYLZA 30-Bottle Cellar: Control Panel

The control board is between the top and bottom sections.

The display screen of the two zones is in the middle

  • Lower Zone Display on the Left
  • Upper Zone Display is on the Right.

The Icons Are The Followings

  • Bulb icon – this is the interior light switch. Just touch it to turn on/off the interior LED light.
  • °C/°F icon – press to set the cooler to display temperature either in Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree.
  • an icon showing two black wine bottles stacked“2 Wine Bottles” – press it to select which zone’s temp. you are going to adjust.
  • Lower Zone Display – 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C)
  • Upper Zone Display – 55 – 65°F (12-18°C)
  • Two round lights will show between the two display screens whether the temperature is displayed in °F or °C
  • + & – buttons to raise and lower the temperature by 1 degree increments.
  • Power Button – Tap once to turn on the cooler, press it for cc. 3 seconds to turn it off.

double red arrow pointing to the right How To Set The Temperature?

Before connecting the fridge to a dedicated electric outlet leave it upright for 24 hours. This allows for the cooling chemical to settle properly.

After plugging in, the cooler it will turn on automatically.

The LCD display will show the current temperature inside the cabinet.

Press the an icon showing two black wine bottles stacked icon to select which one’s temperature you are going to adjust. Tap the + /- buttons to set the desired temperature. Remember:

  • Upper Zone Range – ideal for red wine storage: 55 – 65°F (12-18°C),
  • Lower Zone Range – best for whites/sparkling: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C).

Recommended Temperatures For Various Wines

  • Rose & Sparkling Wines: 41 – 46°F (5 – 8°C)
  • Dry White Wines: 48 – 53°F (9 – 12°C)
  • Re Wines: 59 – 65°F (14 – 18°C)

Shelving – TYLZA TYWC100

6 natural beech wood shelves hold the wine bottles. They glide all the way out on a roller assembly. All shelves are fully removable.

Slide-Out Wood Shelves (TYLZA 30-Bottle Model)

You may need to take out one or two shelves to make room for bottles larger than 750 ml or that have odd shape.

Pull shelves approx. 1/3 way out to securely access the bottles.

How To Remove A Shelf?

  1. Remove all bottles from the shelf.
  2. Pull out the shelf as far as it will go.
  3. Move the lever on each side of the shelf: left side: move it UP, right side: move it down at the same time start pulling out the shelf.

How Wide Can You Open the Door?

You can open the door to max. 225° in a freestanding placement and to 180° in case of a built-in installation. The door opens to the right. The direction of pening cannot be reversed.

Interior Light

A low-level LED light illuminates the bottles inside in white. To turn it on press the light bulb icon on the control panel.

The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes or if you press the bulb icon again. TIP: If you want the lighting to stay on constantly press the bulb icon to switch the light on then hold the icon pressed for 5 seconds.

Humidity Level In The TYLZA 30-Bottle Wine Fridge?

According to the manufacturer the humidity level is around 65% inside the cooler. This is ideal for storing corked wine.

What’s To Like?

  • Attractive, well-built wine cooler – looks especially sleek with uniquely designed front ventilation plate
  • Slim size – only 15″ wide -and can be built in with other appliances/cabinets.
  • Quiet operation – according to owners you will barely hear when the compressor is running.
  • Independent dual temperature zones – lets you store both red wines and whites/sparkling, each at suitable temperatures.
  • Simple to set up and adjust temperature.
  • Safety lock on the door with 2 keys.

What’s Not To Like?

  • Direction of door swing can’t be reversed – a minor issue but it’s good to know about.

double red arrow pointing to the right Key Features – TYLZA 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

Capacity: 30 bottles (750 ml, 3.5″ wide, Bordeuax-style bottles)

Cooling Method: Advanced compressor cooling with double fan air circulation.

Look & Style: Black stainless steel cabinet with stainless steel framed glass door.

Door: dual pane, tinted auto-seal glass door. The door is see-through and has stainless steel bordering.

Opening Direction of Door: Door swings to the right, it isn’t reversible.

Safety Lock: Yes, on the bottom of the door.

Handles: Firm-grip stainless steel bar handle.

Number of Zones: Two independent zones.

Temperature Range: Top Zone: good for white wine: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C).

Bottom Zone: For red wines: 55 – 65°F (12-18°C).

Temperature Control: Touch screen control panel built in between the two zones.

Display: LED readout in white.

Temperature Memory: If there is a power failure the fridge automatically resets to the settings before it.

Interior Light: Subtle blue LED illumination.

Shelving: 6 removable, sliding wood shelves (unvarnished).

Auto defrost: Defrost cycle every 12 hours.

Noise Level: cc. 38 dBA

Power: 80 watt

Electricity Consumption: cc. kWh/24hours

Installation Type: Undercounter built-in or freestanding placement.

Adjustable Legs: The 4 legs can be turned to help set a level height. The 1″ high legs can be fully removed.

Clearance: Leave at least 2.5 inches at the back for the plug.

Dimensions & Weight

a photo showing 2 of the TYLZA 30-bottle wine fridge side by side with the external and internal measurements marked

Exterior Size:

  • Height: 33.3″
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth: 23″

Interior Measurements:

  • Height: 26.9
  • Width: 11.6″
  • Depth: 17.2″


  • 77 lbs (35 kg).

double red arrow pointing to the right Installation TIPS – Tylza Wine Coolers

Since it is a fully finished fridge you can choose to build it in under a counter. It will easily slide in a space a size of a trash compactor.

At the same time, if you prefer it placed as freestanding go ahead, the fridge will look absolutely superb without being enclosed with other furnishing.

photo showing the TYLZA 30 bottle fridge with the door open. The wood shelves hold 2-3 bottles of wine (both reds and whites). The white interior light is on.

For optimum cooling efficiency place the cooler in a room where the ambient temperature is between 60 – 90°F (15 – 32°C).

It is also important to find a place where the unit won’t be subjected to sunlight or heat coming from other appliances.

Connect it to an electrical plug that meets the required electrical standards: properly grounded, dedicated plug (115V/60Hz). If possible do not use an extension cord or adapter!

Before plugging the cooler in let it stay upright for 24 hours. The cooling agent will settle properly during this time ensuring proper functioning of the cooling system.

How To Install The Door Handle?

You can opt to use the fridge with or without the handle. If you decide to use the cooler with the stainless steel handle follow these steps to mount it on the door.

It’s easy anyone can do it! You will only need:

  • a screwdriver, and the
  • handle.

Two screws are already pre-installed in the door frame.

  1. Pull out the door gasket. You can easily do it with your hands no extra tool is necessary. It will pealfelc away smoothly.
  2. Align the handle with the 2 pre-installed screws.
  3. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Check if it holds securely.
  4. Rearrange the door gasket back in its place.

If you do not want to use the handle, take the screws out and place 2 decorative plugs into the holes.

How Much Clearance?

Leave around 2.5 inches space at the back for the electric plug. Furthermore, make sure you do not block the exhaust plate in the front.

This is where the warm air comes out of the fridge and if the airway is blocked the compressor will run all the time trying to maintain the set temperature.

Parts, Accessories Included with the Wine Cooler

The fridge will have the following items included in the packaging

  • 6 beechwood shelves (unvarnished)
  • 2 keys for the security door lock
  • Stainless steel handle
  • 2 extra screws for installing the handle
  • Instruction manual.

double red arrow pointing to the right Price & Warranty

  • Price: 500 – 580 USD (16.6 – 19n.3 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 years part and labor. 30 day return period. 3 years warranty if you buy it though TYLZA’s website.

Similar Wine Storage Units

double red arrow pointing to the right TYLZA 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

The 46-bottle model – TYWC150 – has the same main specifics as the 30-bottle unit. It’s wider though – 24 inches – since it has larger capacity.

This one is also suitable for both enclosed and standalone installation.

Look & Style

photo of the 46 bottle dual zone wine cooler by TYLZA. The glass door is closed and we can see that the fridge is stocked full with bottles. The interior light is on.
TYLZA 46-Bottle Wine Fridge (24″)

The larger TYLZA wine cooler has the same sophisticated appearance as the smaller one.

Black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed double pane glass door that is darkened a bit to shield wines against UV rays.

The magnetic door gasket provides tight seal and prevents thermal leak.

The door is fitted with a lock that has 2 keys (included in the packaging).

The same sleek front exhaust plate with the peculiar design completes the elegant look.

Temperature Range in the 2 Zones

close up shot of the door lock, part of the front exhaust grille with the X slots is also visible
Safety Lock On The Door

You can place your wines in two different temperature parts both with quite broad range of settings:

  • Upper Zone: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C) – ideal for dry whites, sparkling wine
  • Lower Zone: 55 – 65°F (12 – 18°C) – keep your Pinots, Cabernets and other reds here.

Adjusting the Temperature

The control panel has the same touch sensors as the 30 bottle model. Follow the same steps as outlined above at the smaller unit to set the temperature.

Shelves in the TYLZA 46-Bottle Wine Cellar

6 quality beechwood racks hold the wine bottles just like in the 30 bottle unit:

  • 2 in the upper zone
  • 4 in the lower part.

Shelves are spaced evenly with 3.5″ space between the them. You can pull the shelves all the way out.

The last shelf in the bottom is slightly shorter than the rest because the compressor is behind it.

How To Remove A Shelf?

Slide it out till it stops then press the lock on the rail on the left side and press down the right lock at the same time. This releases the shelf and you can take it out.


White lighting made up off 12 LED lamp beads provides illumination inside the cabinet. The switch is on the control panel. Press the light bulb button once to turn it on/off!

Do not worry if you forget to to switch the light off it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

The lighting emits very little heat so it won’t heat up the fridge interior and the wine.

a photo showing 2 of the TYLZA 46-bottle wine cellar side by side with the external and internal measurements marked

double red arrow pointing to the right Dimensions & Weight


  • Height: 34.3″
  • Width: 23.4″
  • Depth: 22.6″

Interior Size:

  • Height: 25.7″
  • Width: 20.4″
  • Depth: 17.3″


  • 100.8 lbs. (46 kg).

Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 750 – 799 USD (cc. 16.3 – 17 USD per bottle).
  • Warranty: 1 years limited manufacturer warranty. 30 days no-questions-asked return. 3 years warranty if you buy it though TYLZA’s website. See details.

How To Install?

The same principles apply to the installation of the 46 bottle TYLZA wine fridge as to the smaller 30-bottle unit.

Please read the recommendations for proper setup here.

double red arrow pointing to the right Key Features – TYLZA 46-Bottle Wine Fridge

Capacity: 46 bottles (750 ml, 3.5″ wide, Bordeuax-style bottles)

Cooling Method: Powerful compressor cooling with fan-assisted air circulation.

Look & Style: Black metal cabinet with glass door, and stainless steel front exhaust plate

Door: Double pane tempered glass, tinted, has stainless steel frame.

Opening Direction of Door: Opens to the right, direction is not reversible.

Safety Lock: Yes, on the bottom door frame

Handle: Stainless steel bar handle.

Number of Zones: Two separate temperature zones.

Temperature Range: Top Zone: best for white wine: 40 – 55°F (5 – 13°C).

Bottom Zone: For red wines: 55 – 65°F (12-18°C).

Temperature Control: Touch buttons on the control console that separates the two zones.

Display: Digital LED screen

Temperature Memory: Yes, automatically restores temperatures set before an unexpected power loss.

Interior Light: white LED lighting

Shelving: 6 gliding, beech wood shelves, they slide out smoothly. Shelves are removable.

Auto Defrost: Defrost cycle every 12 hours.

Noise Level: cc. 38 dBA

Power: 100 watt

Electricity Consumption: cc. kWh/24hours

Installation Type: Built-in/freestanding – 24 Inches wide

Leveling Legs: the height of each of the 4 legs are adjustable.

Clearance: Leave at least 2.5 inches at the back for the plug.

Similar Wine Fridges

Summary – Should You Buy A TYLZA Wine Cooler?

If you’re looking for an affordable wine storage to keep your collection at correct temperature, protected from sunlight and vibration then you should seriously consider getting a TYLZA home cellar.

Both the 30-bottle and 46-bottle models boast excellent quality in materials and craftmanship. All the must-have features can be found in these two units.

  • Dual temperature zone with separate digital controls and display as well as wide range of temperature.
  • Neat wood shelving, that slide smoothly on the assembly.
  • Security lock on door – comes handy if you have kids in your household.
  • Optional built-in or freestanding placement.

All in all, TYLZA offers fantastic wine fridges at reasonable price and with good warranty length. So, the answer is YES. You should definitely consider the TYLZA brand as an option when shopping for home wine storage and cooler.

Note: When you buy through links to Amazon placed on our site we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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