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High End Wine Storage

If you’re looking for a combination of quality and style in an appliance than U-Line Wine cooler refrigerators are among the first brands that should come to your mind.

U-line offers two wine refrigerator series the Échelon and the Origins, and each series has several models so that you have many options to choose from.

The Echelon models have black interios and black cabinet, while the U-Line Origins wine coolers come with white interiors.

The swing-door models have 3 temperature zones within the cabinet while in the drawer models two zones were designed.

The triple-temperature zone design allows you to store 3 different types of wine – white, red and sparkling wine – at 3 different temperatures levels within the same cabinet. All U-Line models have automatic defrosting.

If you want to store and cool only one type of wine, a few bottles of your favourite white than you can adjust the most favorable tempererature for that wine within the whole cooler.

This way you’ll never run out of your most cherished wine. Read more about dual zone wine refrigerators.

Most Popular U-line Wine Cooler Refrigerators

All U-line Wine refrigerators are top notch appliances that ensure quality wine storage conditions wrapped in sophisticated elegance.

U-Line Echelon Wine Captain WC 2115 Wine Cooler

This U-Line model can hold maximum 24 0.75-litre bottles. The elegant black cabinet with the maple-front wine racks easily fit into any modern-style kitchen furnishing.

The 14-15 or 16 inch-width under counter wine coolers can be conveniently installed in places tight on space.

The leveling legs fitted-in by the manufacturer allow easy and precise placement under counters.

The 3 temperature zone design and the 50 % humidity level provide stable storage conditions for your wine collection.

Temperature stratification within the wine cabinet:

  • Top: 55 ºF (13 ºC) best for storing red wines
  • Middle: 50 ºF (10 ºC) for whites
  • Bottom: 45 ºF (7 ºC) for sparkling wines

Note that it isn’t a 3 zone wine cooler, it only means that single zone U-line wine fridges are designed in a way that results in 3 temperature stratas inside the cabinet.

The five racks can be pulled out so you can access the bottles easily. The digital control is built in the bottom rack.

With it you can adjust the temperature of the middle zone while it displays temperatures of the other two zones in Fahrenheit and in Celsius degrees.

The slightly slanted (cc. 40 º) lower rack adds a nice display function.

The recessed interior lightning turns on when you open the door but you can turn it on or off acording to your preference. If left it on it shuts off automatically after 4 hours.

If you don’t close the door properly or leave it open accidentally an audible alert will warn you to close it properly.

You can set U-line Wine coolers to „Sabbath” or „Black out Mode” if you want the lightning and display be turned off during a religious holiday.

By the way the door is tempered for proper thermal insulation and tinted to filter out harmful UV rays. An audible alarm warns you if the door is left open.

Power consumption of U-line Echelon Wine Captain 24-bottle wine cooler: when the compreassor runs it draws max. 2.4 amps (110/115 Volt).

The U-Line Echelon Wine Captain 2115WC Wine Cooler is available in two finishes:

  • Black – which is in fact a sturdy stainless steel cabinet clad in black vynil it comes with a black integrated handle and grille. The direction of the door opening can be reversed.
  • Stainless steel model (2115WCS): The Stainless steel cabinet with stainless steel trimmed galss door, stainless steel elegant handle, and stainless-like grille. When ordering this modell you must choose whether you want the door right or left-hand hinged.

TIP: read an overview of other stainless steel wine coolers.


  • Height: 34 1/8″
  • Width: 14 15/16″
  • Depth with door: 23 1/4″, without door: 21″:

Price: cc. 980-1250 $ (40.83 – 52.08 $ per bottle). Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor

U-Line 1175 WC Wine Cooler Refrigerators – Origins Series

This built-in wine cooler can accommodate up to 48 standard sizewine bottles. Similarly to the Echelon series these models also have three temperature zones with zinc-coated pull-out wine racks.

The racks have mapple front decors that you can paint so that they match your kitchen furnishings.

The lower wine rack has an integrated touch button digital control and display. The 1175 WC U Line wine cooler is a bit wider with its cc. 24 inch width than the other model described above.

This model is also offered in black and stainless steel decors with the same features as the U-Line Echelon Models


  • Height: 34 1/8″
  • Width: 23 15/16″
  • Depth with door: 23 1/16″, without door: 20 7/8″”:

Price: the U-Line Origins Series 1175 WC Wine Cooler models are available for around 1100-1200 $ (22.91 – 25 $ per bottle).

U-Line Echelon Dual-Zone Wine Cooler – Model 2275DWRWOL

Read a full review on the U-line Echelon Wine Captain Dual Zone Wine cooler, model 2275DWRW.

Official website: U-Line Wine Storage Products

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