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Wine Storage with Style

To be able to fully enjoy wine and bring out all the layers of flavour you need to care for your bottled wines.

That’s what Caple wine refrigerators were designed for.

Not only they ensure perfect storage conditions, their design and decor will enhance any kitchen or dining room furnishing.

The UK-based company’s versatile home appliance products, including the cutting edge wine cabinets are sold by selected retailers throughout the United Kingdom and other EU countries.

Features and Reviews of Caple Wine Refrigerators

Caple wine coolers are well-constructed, sturdy appliances, made with quality materials and care.

The cabinets and the base of the units are stainless steel ensuring durability for many years.

The see-through, stainless steel-framed glass doors are tinted to filter out UV rays but provide a fine view of your wine collection.

To enhance the display you can illuminate the bottles by turning on the white interior light.

Most models display temperature on a blue digital screen that matches nicely with the sleek stainless steel look.

Besides being attractive, Caple wine cabinets are offered at affordable prices so you don’t have to spend a large chunk of money yet you will have a very sleek and modern wine storage cooler.

Detailed Features of Caple Wine Refrigerators

  • Caple wine coolers are available both in freestanding and buil-in models allowing you to choose one that can be conveniently placed in your home. All built-in models have 720 mm high doors and 150 mm high plinths to be able to slot-in in standard kitchen cabinetry dimensions.
  • They are operated with high-quality compressors that are equipped with vibration dampening system to reduce noise and vibration to a very low (42 dbm).
  • With push buttons on the control panel you can set temperature at a glance while the digital display clearly indicates the temperature.
  • Plastic water tanks are provided for each wine cabinet model that you can fill with water to 3/4 to increase humidity inside the unit. Place the tank with the water in it onto the top shelf.
  • The dual zone models have independent compartments with their own temperature controls so that you can adjust different temperatures to store both reds and whites in the same cooler.
  • Beech-wood roll-out shelves with stainless steel trim accommodate wine bottles either in single layer or be stacked up.
  • The interior light provides white, UV-free light that doesn’t generate heat protecting your wines from high temperatures.
  • Caple wine cabinets are equipped with auto-cycle defrost system that automatically removes frost and channels the defrost water into a condensate drain pan located next to the compressor from where it evaporates.
  • Another advanced feature of is that they can be operated within a wide range of ambient temperature: 5°C – 35°C that very few other wine refriegerators are capable of.

Currently two series of wine cellar models are offered from small to high bottle count:

Sense Wine Cabinets-Main Features

  • Wide temperature range: from 5°C to 18°C  allowing you to nicely chill whites or sparkling wine.
  • Smoothly gliding wooden shelves stained dark – hold bottles securely
  • Front ventilation allowing slot-in installation (except model WF1547 which is freestanding)
  • Digital touch pad controls and LEd display

Popular Models in the Caple Sense Line

These wine storage units are designed to operate in the 5°C – 32°C ambient temp. range. Compressor works with CFC/HFC free coolant.

  • 7-Bottle model (1 temp. zone): (Sense Wi154)
  • 19-Bottle model 1-Zone (Sense Wi3118)
  • 22-Bottle Single-Zone unit (Sense Wc6112)
  • 38-bottle Dual-Zone model with double door (Sense Wi6227)
  • 42-Bottle 2-Zone unit(Sense Wc6216)
  • 46-Bottle Single-Zone model (Sense Wi6117)
  • 46-Bottle Dual-Zone model (Sense Wi6128)
  • 132-Bottle unit, Double Zone, Freestanding (Sense WF1547)

Classic Wine Cabinets-Main Features

  • Digital thermostat controls and display, temperature range is same as in he Sense line: 5°C – 18°C
  • Beechwood shelves hat slide out
  • Water tank in both zones to incearse humidity
  • Front ventilation: stainless steel front for attractive look
  • Classic models consume more electricity than the Sense models

Popular Classic Line Models

  • 7-Bottle model (Wi155)
  • 19-Bottle unit(Wi3117)
  • 22-Bottle (WC6111)
  • 38-Bottle Double-Zone(Wi622)
  • 42-Bottle Dual-Zone(WC6215)
  • 42-Bottle Dual-Zone(WF33)
  • 46-Bottle model –  1-Zone(Wi6116)
  • 46-Bottle 2-Zone (Wi6127)
  • 46-Bottle 2-Zone (WC6115)
  • 109-Bottle Two-Zone(WF1104)
  • 132-Bottle Three-Zone (WF1546)
  • 155-Bottle Single-Zone(WF1544)

Review of Caple 33-Bottle WF333 Freestanding Wine Refrigerator


This is a single zone wine cooler that can hold max. 33 ordinary size wine bottles (750 ml).

The black cabinet has a reinforced, smoky glass door that is reversible so that you can find the most fitting placement in your home. The door comes with a stainless steel bar handle for easy opening of the door.

The WF331 Caple wine cooler model has mechanical temperature control, a knob with 4 settings:

  • Min: 15 – 18°C,
  • Normal: 10 – 14°C,
  • Max: 5 – 9°C, and
  • Off

Before adjsutment run the cooler empty on Normal setting for 30 minutes then set the cooler to a tempearture at which you wish to store your wines.

The interior light turns on when you open the door and turns off when the door is closed.

You can place your bottles of wine on 4 beech wood slide-out shelves. The top shelf can accommodate 6 bottles while the other 3 shelves can hold 9 bottles double stacked.


  • Heigth: 840 mm,
  • Width: 493 mm,
  • Depth: 585 mm

The wine refrigerator ventilates at the top and at the sides so leave around 80 mm space for adequate heat dispersion.

Price of the Caple 33-bottle Wine Refrigerator – WF333 Model: cc. GBP 340 – 390 (GBP 10.3 – 11.82 per bottle).

Review of Caple 110-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler


In this unit you can store up to 109 bottles of wine (750 ml) in two independent temperature zones allowing you to store both reds and whites at their recommended storage or serving temperatures.

The top zone has 2 easy-glide wooden shelves, a fixed, double display shelf, The bottom compartment contains 4 sliding shelves and 1 base shelf. Each rack can accommodate 11 regular shape, 750 ml wine bottles.

With the electronic, touch-pad temperature control you can independently set temperature for both zones in the range of 5 – 18°C. The control panel is integrated in the middle section of the cabinet.

Auto-frost compressor cooling system is aided by fans to circulate the cool air evenly within the unit ensuring constant temperature level.

The Caple WF1104 wine refrigerator includes 2 plastic water tanks for each zone so that you can fill tanks with water and place then in the 2 zones to increase humidity.

The black cabinet comes with stainless steel trimmed, UV-protected glass door with lock and key set and a long stainless steel bar handle.

The wine cooler ventilates through the base plinth and it has a flat back so that you can use it either as freestanding or built-in.


  • Height: 1428 mm
  • Width: 595 mm
  • Depth: 680 mm


Price of the Caple 38-Bottle Wine Cooler: cc. GBP 790 – 830 (GBP 7.18 – 7.55 per bottle).

Review of Caple 38-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator


The 38-bottle Caple wine cooler has two side-by-side zones each accommodating 19 -19 bottles of wine.

Both compartments have 5 – 5 easy-glide wooden shelves with stainless steel fronts and 1-1 all-wood base shelf. The gliding shelves can hold 3 bottles while you can store 4 bottles on the base shelf.

With the electronic temperature control and digital display you can adjust and monitor temperature between 5 – 18°C in the 2 zones separately.

You can turn on or off the white interior LED lighting.

The unit comes with 2 plastic water conatiners to be able to regulate humidity in both zones.

The black cabinet has black interior and matching stainless steel-framed, tinted 2-wing glass door with bar handles.

The venting is on the front base of the cabinet so it’s ideal for built-in installation.

Price: cc. GBP 580 – 630 (GBP 15.26 – 16.58 per bottle).

TIP: Other Wine Coolers in the UK: Samsung 31-bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler, Model RW13EBSS

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