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If you’re looking for top of the line wine storage appliance than check out Sub-Zero wine refrigerators. Currently they offer 6 wine refrigerator series allowing you to choose the best to your wine storing needs, budget, kitchen decor and other requirements.

About Sub-Zero

Sub Zero is a leader in manufacturing quality refrigerators so if you search for a durable, quality storing facility for your wine collection you won’t go wrong with products by this company.

The 6 series have storage capacities ranging from

  • medium-sized wine coolers holding 26 bottles, to
  • large wine cellars accommodating maximum147 standard, 750 ml wine bottles. You can opt for a freestanding model or choose a built-in a wine refrigerator.

Sub zero wine fridges are equipped with silent compressors The touch-pad control panels make temperature adjsutment very simple.

Sub zero wine coolers have a Star-K-Kosher certified Sabbath mode which means you can set them to keep the lights, audible alarms, digital display off during religious holidays.

Sub Zero 315 W Wine Refrigerator – 26 Bottle Capacity

In this single-zone undercounter wine cooler you can store and cool 26 bottles of wines on 6 roller-glide shelves with cherry wood front.

The shelves can be pulled out to 3/4 with the door open to 90 degrees providing easy access to the wines. A single temeprature zone wine cooler is ideal when you want to store one type of wine, let’s say whites, at a single temperature or to cool them to drinking temperature.

You can set temperature between the 45 ºF (7 ºC) – 55 ºF (13 ºC) range. This model can be selected in two different finishes:

  • overlay (315W/O), and
  • classic stainless steel (315W/S).

The overlay unit is without panels allowing you to insert front panles to your liking.

It has double pane, tempered glass door for maximum thermal insulation and the glass filters out UV light. The small built (width: 15 1/8 ”) makes the Sub Zero 315 W ideal to place it on a yacht or in a van.

Two-Zone Models

All the other Sub Zero wine coolers have dual temperature zones which means that you can set two different temperatures for the two compartments.

In each zone you can choose and set cooling temperature between 38 ºF (3 ºC) – 65 ºF (18 ºC). Each type of wine – red, white or rose – requires different serving temperature to be able to fully enjoy their taste and aroma.

Unlike some other dual zone wine coolers the ones made by Sub Zero have a physical barrier between the two zones each equipped with two separate temperature controls This ensures consistent temperature and humidity levels in the two separate compartments.

Each zone is equipped with its own fan to circulate the air within it.

Price: cc. US$ 2000 (US$ 76.92 per bottle) The Viking 24-Bottle Undercounter-Freestanding Wine Cellars are also worth taking a look at.

Sub Zero 424 and 424FS Wine Refrigerator Models – 2 Temperature Zones

These dual-zone models store 46 bottles on

  • five sturdy wire shelves (8 bottles on each shelf) with natural cherry wood fronts and 3/4 extension, and
  • 6 bottles on a fixed bottle holder.

The roller-glide shelves accommodate standard 750 ml bottles, half-sized bottles as well as magnums.

The 424 model is a built-in wine refrigerator while the 424FS unit is for freestanding use. The top zone can accommodate 16 bottles while you can pack 30 bottles in the lower zone of the cooler.

The microprocessor controlled temperature setting ensures exact temperature control in both zones in the 38°F (3°C) to 65°F (18°C) range.

The two evaporators provide constant humidity levels for the two compartments.

The lock kit for the double pane, tinted glass door and tie-in the home security system are optional.

The 424 series are available in several different decors:

  • overlay design (424/O),
  • classic stainless steel,
  • platinum stainless steel (424/O), and
  • carbon stainless steel (424/B)

Price: US$ 2500-3400 (US$ 54.35 – 73.91 per bottle).

Similar Products

The U-Line Échelon Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators are similar units with 43 bottle storage capacity.

40-50 Bottle Wine Coolers – selection of the best mid-capacity wine storage units.

Take a look at other Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerators and see more under counter wine coolers.

Sub Zero 427 and 427R models – Dual Zone

The Sub Zero 427 Wine Refrigerators ensure the best storage conditions while offering versatility in design and decor. Read a detailed review of the Sub Zero 427 wine coolers.

Sub-Zero 430 Built-In, Dual-Zone Wine Cellar

Sub zero 430 wine refrigerator, dual-zone, 147-bottle capacity

In the Subzero 430 Wine Cellar you can store and chill 147 bottles of wines. This capacious wine cabinet includes a host of cool features.

You can opt for:

  • framed,
  • stainless steel, or
  • overlay designs.

The unit has two separate compartments with their own tempearture controls for storing reds and chilling white wines. Temperature range: 38°F (3°C) to 65°F (18°C).

The upper zone can hold 50 botles while you can store 97 bottles of wine in the lower compartment.

Durable, rustproof wire shelves can be pulled out to 3/4 extenison with the 90º opening of the door. The cherry wood fronts of the shelves lends a natural elegance to the cellar.

Sub zero 430 wine cooler-shelving

The beautiful display shelf offers the benefit of displaying your prized bottles.

A discreet lighting mounted in the control panel illuminates the bottles on this shelf. (Not available with Models 424 and 424FS.)

The see-through, tempered glass door is tinted to protect wines from UV light. You can order solid door instead of the glass one if you this is your preference.


  • Width: 30″
  • Depth: 24″
  • Height: 84″

The framed unit comes with a louvered grille, the stainless steel model has a “heavy duty” louvered grille and the overlay model has the panel grille which accepts decorative panel inserts.

Additional accessories you can order for the model are:

  • door lock kit approved by UL opion to tie in the home security system
  • door handles in classic, platinum, and carbon stainless steel

Price: cc. US$ 5670 (US$ 38.57 per bottle). Sub zero wine coolers offer 2, 5 and 12-year warranty. The Sub-Zero WS-30 147 bottle wine cooler refrigerator will replace model 427 in the future.

TIP: Read reviews of other large capacity wine refrigerators. For more details visit the official site at Sub Zero Wine Refrigerators.

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