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If you are in need of a wine cooler then you can opt for one of the many models offered by Danby wine cooler refrigerators.

There are many styles and various capacities from which you can take your pick.

Danby is a popular wine cooler brand though owners of their wine storage models often complaint on quality problems and inefficiency of the company’s customer service.

Danby wine coolers have a range of features that you are going to find very convenient.

The coolers come with glass doors, electronic temperature controls, auto-cycle defrost, interior lights, a scratch-resistant worktop and wire shelves.

The company offers single zone, dual temperature zone, built-in and freestanding units.

Main Features of Danby Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Storage capacity of Danby wine coolers starts from 1-20 bottles, but there are large models that have space for 65-200 bottles of wine.

If you’re a beginner wine lover then a small size wine cooler will be perfect for you to keep a couple of bottles of your favourite wines cooled to the desired drinking temperature.

Danby 27bottle wine cooler

Many Danby wine cellars have two temperature zones offering separate compartments for holding white and red wines.

Recommended Temperatures:

  • storing white wines: from 48ºF to 52ºF is ideal,
  • for red wines: 55 to 57 ºF,
  • for sparkling wines it’s 48ºF, and
  • for rose wines it’s 55ºF.

Regarding decor most Danby wine storage units have black cabinet with black interior, black or silver framed glass door.

The door glass is dual pane for good thermal insulation and slightly tinted to protect wines from UV light damage.

Some models include lock & key set to keep wines scerurely locked.Chrome-plated wire racks or in case of more elegant models wood shelves hold the bottles.

Danby offers different types of wine cooler refrigerators:

Danby created 2 series, each has its own brand name:

  • Freestanding models under the Danby name, and
  • The Danby Silhouette line which  includes built-in models.

Recommended Models – Reviews

Danby offers home cellars in a wide range of sizes from small wine coolers holding 6 bottles, up to larger wine cellars with 65 – 200 wine bottle capacity.

Price of Danby wine coolers vary according to capacity, finish and additional integrated features enhacing the unit’s look or operation. Price range: cc. $ 100 – $1800.

6-bottle, Countertop Danby Wine Cooler- Model DWC620PL-SC

This thermoelectric wine cooler can store 6 bottles on 3 pull-out chromed wire racks.

With the digital thermostat you can set the unit to cool the cabinet interior to a temperature anywhere in the 39°F – 72°F range. A small LCD screen on the top displays temperature in red.

danby 6bottle wine cooler-DWC620 PL-SC

This is a nice compact cooler with dimensions (width: 11″, height: 17″, depth. 22″) ensuring convenient placement even in a small room or kitchen.

Added benefits are the silent and vibration free operation due to thermoelectric cooling technology.

The blue interior light matches well with the platinum cabinet color and the platinum-trimmed glass door.

Price: US$ 90 – 110 (US$ 15.0 – 18.33 per bottle) which is a reasonable price regarding capacity, cooling efficiency and built.

The Danby 6-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler carries a 12-month warranty on parts and labor.

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Mid-Sized Models

Danby Silhouette 27-Bottle Wine Cooler, Single Zone

This slim wine cabinet provides excellent storage solution for those who are limited on space. The black cabinet with stainless steel-framed, tinted and tempered glass door looks very attractive.

Danby DWC276BLS 27-Bottle Slim Wine Cooler

The door comes with a lock kit and the direction of the door opening is reversible. A semi-recessed door handle adds a clean look to the cabinet.

The magnetic door gasket ensures tight fitting keeping the interior temperature and the humidity level constant.

It has digital thermostat for precise temperature setting within the range of 39°F – 64°F (4°C – 18°C).

On the digital display on the top part of the cabinet you can monitor the interior temperature either in °F or in °C.

The 7 wire shelves with stainless steel fronts enhance the modern decor even more and they can hold 27 bottles: 4 750 ml standard bottles on each of the upper 6 shelves and 3 bottles on the bottom shelf.

The shelves can be partially pulled out.

The Danby DWC276BLS wine cooler comes with a humidor that you can fill with water and place on the bottom of the fridge in case the humidity level is low (less than 50 %).

Note, however, that the humidor reduces the storage capacity of the bottom rack by 1 bottle.

The front venting allows built-in placement.

The interior blue LED light displays the wine bottles elegantly.


  • Width: 12 2/16″
  • Height: 34 1/16″
  • Depth: 23 11/16″

Price: US$ 700 – 850 (US$ 25.92 – 31.48 per bottle). Warranty: 5-year limited warranty, 24-month parts and labor

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Danby Designer 38-Bottle Wine Refrigerator-Three Models with Dual Zone

Danby 38 bottle wine cooler DWC113BLS

Three models are available of this compressor-operated, freestanding  wine refrigerators:

  • Model DWC040A1 – dual-zone with with stainless steel fronted beech wood shelving
  • Model DWC114,  – a two-zone unit, stainless steel fronted beech wood racks, white LED interior lighting and display
  • Model DWC113 – which has natural beech wood shelves and a stainless steel towel bar handle

The three units have almost the same look:  black cabinet-stainless steel trimmed glass door combination with 6 wood shelves (in Model DWC113 shelves have natural wood front while the other two comes with stainless steel fronted racking).

5 of the shelves can be pulled out, while the 6th smaller one on the bottom is fixed.

All three models have two temperature zones for individual storage of whites and reds.

You can store different reds at their ideal serving temps, and at the same time store whites on the bottom where it’s a few degrees cooler (it is around 52°F if you set the overall internal temperature to 55°F.

With the digital controls you can easily set the interior temperature in the 39°F – 64°F (6 – 14°C) range.

Temperature range of the top zone: 41°F – 50°F  (5°C – 10°C ), in the lower zone: 50°F – 64°F (10°C – 18°C).

The unit also has an attractive display (in cool blue LED) screen on the middle section of the cabinet.

The shatter-proof, reversible glass door is tempered and tightly sealed for maximum thermal insulation.

The glass is also tinted to protec wine from UV light. The direction of door opening can be changed allowing you to find the best spot for placement.

Dimensions Models DWC113 & DWC040A1BDB:

  • Height: 33 1/16″
  • Width: 19 7/16″
  • Depth: 24 1/8″

Weight: 105.8 lbs. (48 kg).

Dimensions of Model DWC114:

  • Height: 33 2/16″
  • Width: 19 7/16″
  • Depth: 24 15/16″

Weight: 99.7 lbs. (45 kg).

User opinions: some users of this model complained that you cannot place 38 bottles because of the tight position of shelves, also some people said that it is rather a noisy appliance.

Price: US$ 350 – 500 (US$ 9.2 – 13.16 per bottle – not bad price if you manage to squeeze in the advertised 38 bottles).

Warranty: Models DWC113 & DWC040A1BDB: 12 months part and labor, DWC114Model: 18 months part and labor.

Danby Silhouette 54-Bottle Built-In Wine Cellar with French Door

danby 54-bottle, Dual-Zone wine cooler with double door

This dual temperature zone elegant wine cellar allows you to store and cool both red and white wines at constant, proper temperature level.

The black cabinet looks stylish with the beech wood shelves and the stainless steel trimmed double glass door.

The blue digital screen further enhances the sleek design and it displays temperature in the two compatments in easily read numbers.

You can store up to 54 regular size bottles on the 7 shelves that can be pulled out to 3/4.

The blue interior light adds to the captivating design of this Danby wine cellar and lets you showcase your wine in a truly stunning way that will amaze your friends and guests.

The cellar has been designed for built-in use. You can set temperature for the two zones with digital thermostats in the range of 39°F – 64°F.

Instead of an auto defrost system the Danby DWC2727BLS wine cellar uses fan forced cooling that results in a more constant interior temperature.

The double door is tempered for good thermal insulation and tinted for protection against UV light.

You can open the doors conveniently with the semi-flush stainless steel handles mounted on the upper part of the door wings.

The integrated door lock is practical if you want to prevent anyone from accessing your precious wines.


  • Width: 23 13/16″
  • Height: 24 13/16″
  • Depth: 34 7/16″

Price: $950 – $1000 ($17.59 – $18.52 per bottle).

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Maintenance Tips

There are certain things you must keep in mind regarding a wine refrigerator. You have to store your drinks in sealed bottles and take care not to overload the cabinet. It is also best to keep the door closed as much as possible.

When it comes to cleaning the wine fridge, you are advised to take a soft cloth, and some detergent or mild soap for wiping the shelves of the cooler; afterwards you can wipe the shelves with a dry cloth.

Clean the exterior with a soft damp cloth and any mild detergent.

There is another thing for you to maintain and that is the wine cooler must be placed on even floor with about five inches of space between the wall and the cooler itself.

Official Website: Danby Wine Coolers

Danby 75 bottle wine refrigerator, DWC106A1BPDDLarge Capacity Danby Wine Cabinets

The company offers some wine refrigerators with higher bottle count should you have 50+ bottles to keep at serving temperature.

  • Danby DWC612BLP or a newer version the DWC106A1BPDD  – 75 bottles
  • Danby DWC110BLSRH  – 110 bottles
  • Danby DWC408BLSST – 146 bottles